Cast List to Liberators Annual #1

by Jess Nevins

The Imperial Guard

Overman (Praetor)
the Blur
Johnny Swift
Star Knight
Paladin 321
Mr. Wonderful
Mighty Mite
Dream King
Blind Justice
Red Shirt
Will Scarlett
Crimson Fury
Dark Lady
Living Doll
Belle of Freedom
Night Watchman
Dream Lad
Silver Streak
Night Guard
Sound Wave
Crimson Missile
X the Unknown
Lady Liberator


This is the Golden Age Shi'ar Imperial Guard of Earth-616 (that is, the Earth of MV1). I've used them before, in Liberators #9 and #10, Liberators: Another World, Not My Own #3, and in various parts of the Kree-Shi'ar War. They are, in case you didn't get it from this issue or their previous appearances, analogues for the Justice Society of America, just as the modern Shi'ar Imperial Guard are analogues for the Legion of Super-Heroes. I've said pretty much everything I have to say about them in their previous three appearances. I have more stories I'd like to tell about them, especially what happened to them between World War Two & the modern era and what they did after the Kree-Shi'ar War, when they went to Fornax with one of the sentient ships, but those stories will have to wait to be told. So if anyone out there has any story ideas that require the Imperial Guard, feel free to use them! Just let me know first.

The Golden Agency

The Kabbalist
Trompe L'Oeil
Scarlet Streak
Paladin 1408
American Eagle
Mr. Amazing
The Dreamer
The Sefiroth
The Cat
Power Princess
Professor Imam


This is the superteam active on Earth-S (Earth-618) during World War Two there. They aren't my invention, but are a part of Marvel continuity, having been mentioned in various Squadron Supreme stories. However, most of the Golden Agency's membership has never been determined, nor has their history been told at all, so I decided that I'd do it. I've already done one story with them, in Liberators: Another World, Not My Own #2, and I may have another story or two in mind for them, at some point down the road, but I may never get to those stories, so if you have something in mind for them, feel free to use them! Just let me know and then talk to Bob Gansler, who has mapped out the history of Earth-S.

Earth-N Avengers

    Spider-Woman. Gwen Stacy went with Peter Parker to the science exhibit and was the one who got bit by the spider.
    Barricade. Tony Stark, in an effort to beat the Soviets to the moon, put together a rocket and went into space with Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, and Jim Rhodes. The shielding on the rocket was faulty, however, and they were exposed to cosmic radiation, Tony getting the powers of Earth-616's Invisible Woman.
    The Thing. Poor Pepper Potts got the powers and form of the Thing.
    Black Fire. Jim Rhodes got the powers of the Human Torch.
    The Tangler. Happy Hogan got the powers of Mr. Fantastic.
    Sneaky Pete. Pete Petruski never went bad, but instead used his talents to help people.
    Baron Mordo, the Sorcerer Supreme. Stephen Strange died in the car accident which on Earth-616 only took away his ability to perform surgery. The Ancient One, died his fated disciple, instead gave much more attention to Mordo, who was eventually reformed and lived up to his potential, becoming the Sorcerer Supreme.
    The Android. Hank Pym designed an android body for himself that he could cybernetically remote control. When his real body got killed, he was left in the android body, which looks like Earth-616's Ultron and is almost as well-armed; the weapons are kept miniaturised until he needs them, at which time he uses Pym Particles to grow them to full size.
    Mr. Hyde. Don Blake never made the trip to Norway. Despairing of his crippled leg and his inability to attract the lovely but distant Jane Foster, he attempted to use a very experimental therapy on himself: gamma radiation. Overestimating just how much radiation he'd need, he exposed himself to a massive dose, giving him the powers and temperament of Earth-616's Hulk.
    Marathon Man. Young Philip Masters wandered too far afield one day and ended up in the citadel of the High Evolutionary. The Evolutionary decided to try out an experiment on this new subject, and the experiment was successful; Philip Masters gained the ability to move at superspeeds.
    Circe. The Earth-N version of Sersi, Circe was the last surviving Eternal after the Deviants-Eternal war exterminated both races.
    Wolverine. Poor Victor Creed was abused most horribly as a young child, but he managed to run away one day when he was nine. He joined a circus and was quickly adopted by all the performers, who raised him as their son and gave him all the love he ever wanted. Thus nurtured, he grew up to use his powers for good.
    Agent Murdock. Matt Murdock, after being blinded in a traffic accident, followed the wishes of his father and went to law school. Finding himself outraged by the ways in which unscrupulous lawyers circumvented the spirit of the law, he went into law enforcement and began using his powers to catch criminals, which brought him to the attention of SHIELD, which quickly recruited him.
    Thor. Father Odin, after banishing Thor to Earth to teach him humility, put his son's anima into Prince T'Challa of Wakanda. When T'Challa visited Norway following his graduation from college, he witnessed an alien invasion and found a walking stick, which when struck turned him into Thor, the God of Thunder.
    The Puppet Master. Growing up on Wundagore Mountain among the Romany, Wanda Maximoff was very happy until one day she found a strange clay, which she used to make her dollies. This clay, along with her hex powers, helped give her the powers of Earth-616's Puppet Master, but Wanda, raised to be a moral woman by her Romany family, uses her powers for good.
    The Magnetic Man. A survivor of the Holocaust, Magnus Lensherr could have gone down the path of evil, but after the heroes of World War Two helped build and protect a homeland for the Jews, Magnus decided to emulate them and use his powers for good.


This group of heroes debuted in Liberators: Another World, Not My Own #1, a story I'm still rather happy with. I quite enjoyed riffing on the familiar origins of the standard Marvel figures and coming up with something different but still (to me) appealing. Nor am I done with them yet; this group will reappear in Liberators #40. I'm rather fond of this group of heroes and want to do right by them. So they're off-limits, sorry.

The All-Aces Squad

Kid Comet
Pussy Cat
Night Terror
Dr. Watt
The Bullet
Miss Bullet
Future Man
Future Boy
Future Woman
Night Flyer
The Cat
Yankee Doodle
Heat Wave
The Green Fog
Magnetic Man
Special Agent America
Red Death & the Crimson Kid
Protector & Kid Protector


These are the World War Two heroes I debuted in Liberators: Another World, Not My Own #4. As I said there, they are analogues for all the major non-Timely/DC/Quality heroes of the Golden Age; their Earth is Earth-M. I'm content enough with Liberators: Another World, Not My Own #4 that I don't feel the need to tell any more stories involving this group of All-Aces, so if anyone out there wants to use them, feel free.


The Mighty Elements. They got their power when the famous alchemist and scholar Reed Richards sailed his brigantine into the magical vortex in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Exposed to the wild and untamed magicks of the vortex, Reed and his wife, best friend and brother-in-law were changed, becoming masters of the four elements. Each took their name from the element they controlled: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. When Reed and Sue finally married, and Sue gave birth to Franklin, the magicks of air and water combined to make their son the master of the fifth and most powerful element: manna. The Elements use their powers for good and to fight against the many evil beings on Earth-309.

The White Coven. Formed when the evil Asgardian trickster Loki, along with the brutal god of war Thor, led an Asgardian invasion of Earth. They were driven off when the Paladin, the greatest hero of the Mage Wars, brought together a number of Earth's foremost heroes. Many years later the Coven is still going strong, with new members but still the greatest heroes in the world. They are:
    The Paladin, an ordinary man who was given a magical shield and magical suit of chainmail during the darkest days of the Mage Wars and used them to rally a nation and lead them to victory.
    The Green Knight, in reality Anthony Stark, a wealthy merchant and armorer who created the ultimate suit of magical plate mail and decided to do more than just make money.
    The Justiciar, a young man from the future of Earth-309 who uses his magical ability to control matter for the side of good.
    Phlogiston, a spirited young woman who is the Justiciar's lover and who controls the element of fire.
    The Golem, a statue that the alchemist Hank Pym imbued with a spirit not unlike his own.
    The Red Witch of Transia, the second-most potent sorceress of Earth-309. Originally an enemy of all that is good, she eventually came around to the side of good; for a long time she and the Golem were lovers, but she has moved on to another teammate, something that has caused a minor rift within the ranks of the Coven.
    The Were, a mysterious woman from South America who can transform into a number of animals, both real and magical. Little is known about her past, however.
    The Ghost, a former enemy of the White Coven who was brought back by his brother, the Grim Reaper, who used a potent necromantic ceremony to resurrect him. The Ghost rejected his brother's scheme, however, and joined the White Coven. Currently he is with them because of his new affair with the Red Witch.
    Robin Hood, a boastful and yet somehow charming archer.

The Changelings. The Fey are a persistent problem on Earth-309; because their own babies inevitably die before they grow old, the Fey steal human babies to raise as their own. In exchange the Fey leave their own newborns. Most of these infants are killed at birth by a fearful populace, who believe that no changeling child could possibly turn out to be anything but evil, but some few of the changelings are found and raised by the Alchemist, Charles Xavier, who has sworn to make society embrace the poor changelings, who are after all not to blame for their parents' evils. Although some of the Changelings have died over the years at the hands of the Hunters, most of the original Changelings continue to fight for a society that hates them. They are:
    Wolverine, a half-man, half-wolverine.
    Second Sight, whose glowing eyes give him Second Sight as well as the ability to project forceful magicks from them.
    Succubus, a mind-reader whose extreme beauty bewitches mortal men. She is the lover and wife of Second Sight.
    The Angel, a handsome winged man who looks otherwise human but whose powers are close to his namesake.
    The Beast, a blue furry brute whose animalistic exterior hides the soul of a poet.
    The Demon, whose body is demonic--forked tail, flaming eyes, blue fur--but who uses his ability to instantaneously move from one place to another to help the same people who would kill him.
    The Phantom, a young woman from Chicago who can move through solid objects. She is the lover of the Demon.
    The Incubus, a trickster and thief from the voodoo-haunted city of New Orleans. He is the greatest thief in the world, but uses his skills and his magical good looks, which enthrall mortal woman, to help Xavier, who saved his life and so incurred the Incubus' eternal loyalty.

The Master, an American named Strange who learned at the foot of the legendary Chinese mage the Eldest One and who became the Supreme Sorcerer of Earth-309's dimension.


With this group we begin to get into the variant super-groups who I did not create or use before Liberators #24, 25, and the Annual. In other words, from here on in all of these heroes and groups are new.

The basic idea is that Earth-309, otherwise known as "Earth-Magic," is like our own Earth-Marvel, but with magic rather than science being the motivating factor behind civilisation. I went into this a bit in one of the hypertext pages to Liberators #25, so I won't repeat here what I wrote there.

I really like the idea of a world full of superheroes that is essentially Earth-616, but is full of heroes and villains whose powers come from magic instead of technology. There'd be room for dwarves and elves and dragons, but also for heroes. If anyone wants to use this group, please do. I may get back to them myself sometime, but don't let that stop you.

Earth-Funny Animal

Cat-man America
The Hog
Giant Croc
Hawk Eye
Scarlet Warthog
Iron Ham
Mighty Mouse
Super Rabbit


I know, I know--funny animals? But, hey, they're a part of comics history, and anthropomorphised animals have a long tradition in superhero comics, going back to the Golden Age. And they're fun. I had to include them--I had to!

For the record, they're from Earth-997, and they are analogues for Captain America, Thor (see,'s kind of a complicated pun), the Hulk, the Wasp, Giant Man, Hawkeye, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, Qucksilver, and Iron Man. Mighty Mouse and Super Rabbit were actual characters in Timely books, way back in the 1940s, with Super Rabbit being a best-seller for Timely.

I very much doubt anyone's going to want to use this group, but if you do, feel free!

Earth-Villain Avengers

    Batroc. The leader of the Avengers, having sworn to carry on the work of his old friend and enemy,  Captain America, after the good Captain's death.
    Kraven. Pursuing the path of honor, which here means doing as his honored foe Spider-Man would have done...had he not died.
    Mole Man. Embittered by his former allies, the villains of Earth, the Mole Man uses what's left of his Subterranean empire as the Avengers' hq; the tunnels allow them to travel everywhere in secret
    Puppet Master. His daughter Alicia Masters died during the assault which killed the Fantastic Four, and this infuriated the Puppet Master so much that he swore vengeance not only on her killers but on all those who would hurt innocent souls like her's. And so he joined the Avengers and began using his powers for good.
    Pyro. The Australian mutant was not a kind soul, but his former boss Mystique had treated him well, and her brutal death at the hands of Sabretooth enraged him enough to make him switch sides.
    Sandman. The Thing had been the only superhero to treat him with any respect or to even attempt to befriend him. Which made the Thing's death all the more painful for the Sandman. That, and the new criminal-ridden and dominated society, made the Sandman hate what had happened, and vow to make it stop or die trying.
    Sidewinder. Although some ways a coward, deep down the Sidewinder knew the difference between right and wrong, and there were some things even he could not do. The rest of the Serpent Society could, however, and some of their acts turned his stomach, and forced him to rebel. He joined the Avengers mostly for protection from the Society, but has since found that acting the hero is contagious.
    Ulik. He was exiled from Asgard after Loki killed Odin and conquered it. Wandering the Earth, he found the many supervillains to be an invigorating challenge, and joined the Avengers because they offered him the greatest opportunity for rousing battle.
    Will O'The Wisp. One of the few well-inclined Marvels to survive Acts of Vengeance, he was moved enough by what he saw during the Acts to finally get down and dirty and use his powers to help others.


These are the Avengers from Earth-621, my riff on "What if Acts of Vengeance succeeded?" In Liberators #24 I wrote this about them:

Acts Of Vengeance, as organized by Loki, succeeded. The heroes died - all of them, Loki being quite...thorough. The villains and criminals then ran rampant, provoking a backlash from the normals, and leading to a state of war, literally and figuratively, between humans and metahumans, with tens of thousands of ordinary humans dying and atrocities committed on both sides. And, after a time, certain criminals, guilt-ridden over what they and/or their companions have done, banded together to form a group dedicated to stopping the warfare by hunting down and stopping - by whatever means necessary - their former comrades. Taking the name of their most admired and respected opponents of old, they are...the Avengers.
I may have a story in me about this group, but I won't be writing it for a long while, so if you've got a hankering to write about these Avengers or about this world, go right ahead!

Earth-Prime Avengers

    Captain America. The leader (of course) of the Earth-Prime Avengers. Very athletic and a good fighter. He was Smart Chain Mail (nano-tech chainmail that is usually soft but stiffens in proportion to the pressure put on it) and a Smart Metal shield. He also uses a pair of electroshock buzzknucks.
    Thor. A muscleman wearing jetboots and an electricity-generating hammer with a taser attachment. He has Smart material nanotech globes that increase his strength.
    Hawkeye. Ann archer who wears Smart Chain-Mail and uses realistic arrows with some nano-attachments, including a taser. He also has a whirling, computerized glove whip which can be deadly in hand-to-hand combat.
    The Wasp. A woman in a special jetpack flightsuit who uses glove tasers as her "sting."
    Iron Man. Basically a huge Apache helicopter. He's bulky and not good at all at hand to hand--he's much too large and slow. He does have a variety of weapons and computer attachments, though, and when he keeps to the air he can be devastating.
    Hulk. A steroid queen with a nanotechnology skin sheath for skin and muscle repair as well as nerve control. Can lift 800 pounds.
    Tigra. A very athletic woman using razor-sharp claws and wearing a striped body suit.


These are the Avengers of Earth-11, one of DC's original creations, but which they destroyed during Crisis. This is what I wrote about them:

On a scientifically-advanced, but still real, Earth of 2010, a group of teenagers and young adults - Gen-Z - decide that they are going to fight crime in their neighborhoods by modelling themselves on comic book heroes and naming themselves after them. They use real science and achieve real gains. They are the Avengers.
I like the idea of a bunch of real people dressing up and playing superhero, although in the real world they'd probably get slaughtered. And, again, if any of you have ideas for them that you want to write, feel free.

I tried to keep their weapons within the realm of possibility, by the way. Successful experiments with "smart" clothing have already been made, and it's only a matter of time before Smart Metal is achievable.

Earth-Elseworlds Avengers

    Captain America. Bruce Wayne's parents didn't die, and they raised him to be a good man. He became that, turning into an icon of liberty, using his millions to build himself a very special shield and modelling himself on the heroic figures of the 1940s: Mister America, the Guardian, and Uncle Sam.
    The Wasp. Dinah Lance, modelling herself on her mom, the GA Wasp.
    Giant-Man. Oliver Queen, who when stranded on a desert island discovered secret  herbs that allowed him to grow to giant size.
    Iron Woman. Diana Prince, sent to man's world to bring peace, using magical Greek-styled power armor forged by Hephaestus himself.
    Scarlet Witch. Barbara Gordon, who when crippled by the Joker turned to magic to  heal herself and discovered that she had the Talent within herself.
    Thor. Kal-El of Krypton, who decides to hide behind the guise of magic and myth to  alleviate the potential fear that humans might have for a superpowered alien. The hammer is a Kryptonian computer/weapon.
    Black Panther. J'Onn J'Onzz, trapped in a Panther-Man form after a particularly damaging battle with Vandal Savage.


These heroes are from a DC Universe in which things went much differently for a number of people in whom the heroic spirit still burned, but ended up being channeled differently. Inspired by the Golden Age heroics of the Justice Society of America, but determined to make their own way, seven individuals came together to form their own team. They are...the Avengers. (They're from Earth-14)

Earth-Myth Avengers

Captain America. King Arthur, given a special shield by Merlin but still using Excalibur.
Thor. The loud-mouthed, crude Thor of myth.
Iron Man. Hephaestus, inside and piloting an enormous armored Talus android.
Scarlet Witch. Isis in her warrior avatar form.
Vision. Ahura Mazda.
Wasp. Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, in a female form.
Giant-Man. Tiki ("first man") of the Maori
Swordsman. Shiva, who uses many weapons but especially his swords


In the realm of Myth Space, where all myths are real, there spins a world like Earth, but much, much larger, and encompassing all myths and legends and magic lands. On this world, where different pantheons co-exist - some peacefully, some not so peacefully - the Presence (the One Above All, who created the multiverse and who reigns eternally over Heaven) let it be known to the heads of all pantheons that evil existed even on the Earth of the pantheons, and that that evil must be fought. So the various gods and figures of myth chose a figure from each pantheon to come together and fight evil and vanquish fear. Taking on new avatars and names (for names have power on the Earth of the pantheons), these gods and mortals came together to stop the evil deeds of other, evil beings of myth and legend. These immortal crimefighters are...the Avengers.

Earth-World of Marvels

    Ahura. The son of Black Bolt and Medusa of the Inhumans.
    Appalla. The living star.
    The Bengal.
    Black Goliath II.
    Blue Bowman. The child of Hawkeye and Mockingbird.
    Chance. The child of Rogue & Gambit.
    Falling Cherry Blossoms. The child of Human Torch & Lady Lotus
    Cheshire Cat. A striking woman with flowing black hair, who shifts in and out of visibility and whose hands seem to glow bright yellow; she is the child of Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom.
    Le Coual. "The raven's cry." The new Peregrine, with sonic powers.
    Daemon. A blue-skinned, furry, demonic-looking being with yellow eyes and fangs; he is the child of Nightcrawler and Amanda Sefton.
    Dragonfly. The child of Hank Pym & Janet van Dyne.
    Eidolon. The child of the Vision and Scarlet Witch.
    Electro-Magnetic Man. The child of Havoc & Polaris.
    Hurricane. The daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal, Hurricane seems to always be in motion, and leaves contrails of thunder and lightning and rain in her wake.
    M'iko. She is in an outfit with a plunging-v-neckline, one which goes to her waist, and a hood  that covers her eyes and nose but leaves her mouth free; long-time Marvel fans recognize this outfit as originally belonging to Iron Fist; her skin color shows that her mother was Misty Knight.
    Nuklo. The son of the Golden Age heroes the Whizzer and Miss America
    Rei. The child of Daredevil and Elektra.
    Revenant. The child of Cloak and Dagger.
    Franklin Richards. Reed and Sue's son, all grown up and (between his blond hair, boyish face,  and muscular physique) a heartbreaker, as well as being perhaps the most powerful psychic on Earth now that Xavier is gone.
    The Sorceress. The daughter of Dr. Strange and Clea; an orphan - her father died soon after her  birth and her mother had to rule another dimension as the Sorcerer Supreme - the Sorceress mastered magic with far greater ease than she did morals and ethics.
    Spider Boy. The child of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker
    Tokko. "Thunderbolt" in Japanese.
    Warrior. The son of Captain Mar-vell and Ganymede.
    Woman-Thing -  the unfortunate child of the Thing and Alicia Masters-Grimm.


Saved from the nuclear devastation of SHIELD's atom bomb - saved by the hand of a mysterious, unknown benefactor, who swapped skeletons with their bodies at the moment of detonation, the children and heirs of current Marvel heroes were shown (again, by this unknown benefactor) what their behavior and actions had finally led them, and the world, too, and were sobered into changing their ways. Now devoted to doing good and fighting crime, they have taken on the name of the greatest team of heroes to ever walk their Earth: the Avengers.

These Avengers are my own creation, from my "World of Marvels" story here; it was my first fanfic, an attempt to write a Kingdom Come for Marvel. I'm still rather happy with the story. They are from Earth-607.

Earth-Soviet Avengers

Red Guardian
Titanium Man
Ursa Major


Following the successful Moscow putsch of 1992, the new, totalitarian Soviet Union pursued a hardline and aggressive foreign policy, one that incorporated and used metahumans to an unprecedented (for Soviet history) degree. A severe depression in the mid- and late-1990s in the United States, and the lack of any unified will or response on the part of the United Nations, led to only minor and futile actions to stop the Soviet Union; crime and misery shot up in the United States, and those heroes who once could have stopped the new People's Heroes and the Red Army were busy at home. Then came The Flash, the fusion bombing which destroyed Washington DC and everything around it in a 300-mile radius; of unknown origin, The Flash was never claimed by any terrorist group, and rumors (forever unproven) persist that the USSR was responsible.

The USSR moved in almost instantly, taking control of a shocked and paralyzed US. Bloody rebellion and repression followed, but in five years, with the help of the People's Heroes, the USSR had taken control of North America in toto.

Then the People's Heroes, seeking to make a new reputation and image for themselves, reformed, naming themselves after a group of dead heroes who they'd always respected. Now they fight crime in the Americas and in Asia, representing a government whose other functionaries they often come in conflict with, as...the Avengers.

Earth-Substitute Avengers

Daredevil. The leader of the new Avengers.
Spider-Man. The most light-hearted of the Avengers, because nobody he knew  died during the invasion
Power Man.
Iron Fist.
Black Cat. Still has her bad-luck powers.
Prowler. Putting his new armor to good use.
Jack Flag. Has the gee-whiz attitude of the Earth-Marvel Justice.
Punisher. Still grim, most especially because he's now held in check &  not allowed to kill by the other Avengers.
El Aguila. Still lighthearted, in part because Mexico got off much better  than the rest of the world.
Justice. Determined to do right by the new Avengers and to live up to the  name.


Ragnarok nearly arrived - it was a thing unheard of, in the history of either Asgard or Earth. Surtur, Ruler of the the infernal realm of Muspelheim, and eternal enemy of Asgard, had triggered an invasion of Earth by allying himself with an evil Dark Elf, destroying the Casket Of Eternal Winters, and mustering all the Fire Demons in his command. Loki, the Father of Lies, had brought all the Trolls and Giants that he could summon, and they, too, invaded the small blue planet, intent on destroying everything while Surtur set Asgard on fire with the Midgard Sword.

And they nearly succeeded. It was only through the brave sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of mortals, hundreds of Asgardians, and the deaths of the most powerful of the heroes of Earth and Asgard that they were stopped. In the aftermath of the invasion, while Asgard picked up the pieces and set about electing a new ruler, the remaining heroes of Earth buried their dead and decided that, in the new world, with so much reduced to rubble, there would always be a need for a shining group of heroes to give people hope. So these heroes banded together, determined to help the world and to honor the memories of their dead friends and companions. They are...the Avengers. (They are from Earth-309)

Earth-S High Evolutionary's Forces

Borhyaena - marsupial bears with long, heavy tail
Thylacosmilus - leopard-sized sabretooth-like cat, with rodent-like incisors
Thylacoleo - leopard-sized, sabres form from incisor teeth & with outsized claws
Procoptodon - ten-foot tall kangaroos
Megatherium - 20-foot-long (including tail), 3-ton ground sloth; claws, arms, bone-studded flesh
Glyptodon - turtle/bone-shelled mammal, 5' tall, 11' long, with powerful armored tail
Osteoborus - dogs with big, bearlike bodies, short faces & huge, bonecrushing teeth
Canis dirus - dire wolf (bigger than normal wolf)
Arctodus simus - giant short-faced bear - twice as heavy & half again as large as a modern grizzly; long legs for running and short jaws for gripping
Homotherium - scimitar-tooth Smilodon-sized cat
Burroughsian four-armed giant carnivorous primates
Phorusrhacids - giant flightless birds (heads big as horses) with huge eagle beaks, and hunt in packs


Yes, all these creatures existed. Well, except for the four-armed E.R. Burroughs carnivorous apes. I've long enjoyed reading about dinosaurs, and when I discovered Colin Tudge's The Time Before History, with a long list of extinct species who existed after the dinosaurs but before humanity, I really grooved on it. So I thought it would make some sense for an otherworld High Evolutionary to make use of these species.

Proctor's Team

Arkon. Enslaved by Proctor after his forces conquered Polemachus
Blastaar. Enslaved by Proctor after his forces conquered 704's Negative Zone
Dr. Doom. Leader of Proctor's assault team
Gambit. A willing traitor.
Green Goblin.
Wolverine. In rabid/mutated form, enslaved by Eternal brain-spike
Ultron. Reprogrammed by Proctor himself


This is from early in Proctor's career, after he's conquered only a few worlds. His eventual defeat at the hands of Sersi and the Avengers will come much later. They are from Earth-704.

Earth-Canada Avengers

Jacky Canuck. The patriotic leader of the Avengers, and acrobatic fighter without equal.
Nelvana. An Inuit goddess with Storm's powers.
The Royal Mountie. An Iron Man type, with robot horse and power-armor.
The Peacekeeper. A weapons-master; a cross between Hawkeye & Swordsman.
The Plainsman. A cowboy type with magical weapons.
The Schoonerman. Namor with Aquaman origin.
The Iceman. A Jack Frost-type spirit.


In 1837 a constitutional conflict between governors & legislative councils of the Canada of Earth-599 on one side and the popularly elected assemblies on the other leads to the Canadian Rebellion. The revolt is worst in Lower Canada, where there is an enormous amount of animosity between the British minority, represented by the governor and council, and the French majority & the assembly; as well, attempts in the preceding 15 years at merging Upper & Lower Canada have led to much protest in Lower Canada towards upper Canada. The rebellion in Lower Canada is initially confined to Montreal and environs, but quickly spreads to much of the rest of Lower Canada when the rioters begin a series of atrocities against supporters of the government, and then the troops, sent by the government to suppress the revolt, respond in kind. Street fighting spreads to every major city, and the government troops find that the will of the populace is surprisingly strong, and that their opponents are quite well-armed. The leader of the rebels, along with his advisors, seize Navy Island in the Niagara River, declaring it a provisional government; this leads to a strong force of Canadian army troops crossing the river and storming the island, capturing the rebel leader & all his advisors but one; the Canadian troops also burn three American steamers which had been supplying the rebels.

This does not, however, spell the end of the rebellion, and guerrilla warfare breaks out; for the next 18 months an insurrection continues. Moreover, strongly armed bands - rebels who fled into America and American sympathizers raid into Canada from America. Finally, in late 1838, they provoke a heavily-armed response by the Canadian army, who venture into American territory and search out and destroy terrorist camps in upper New York state and in Vermont. The United States, in a bad way because of the Panic of 1837, and already irritated with Canada over the burning of the steamers and because of the Aroostook County War in Maine, is outraged, and Martin Van Buren orders an armed American response.

War breaks out between the United States and Canada, and the United Kingdom has no choice but to aid its Dominion member. After a short-but-vigorous war, in which New York and Washington are burnt after American troops are defeated in pitched fighting, the United States surrenders, and is once again made a vassal state of the United Kingdom, being forcibly merged with Canada and its name taken away.

Almost 100 years later, emboldened by both the presence of so many metahumans and paranormals and its success in almost single-handedly bringing the second World War to an end, Canada declares independence from the United Kingdom, and manages to make it permanent. This leads to many other countries and peoples trying, and in large part succeeding, in breaking away from both the United Kingdom and the other colonial powers. A group of Canadian paranormals, seeing the world-wide chaos that has resulted from the end of the War and from the pains of independence, join together to form the first superteam. They are...the Avengers!

Earth-Mexico Avengers

Major Mexico. The patriotic leader of the Avengers.
The Feathered Serpent. Tony Stark in a long, Chinese-dragon-style suit of power armor.
The Jaguar. Hank McCoy turned into a man-jaguar.
Firebird. A Navajo woman who found a meteor and gained flame powers.
Huitzilopochtli. Don Blake finds the hammer but becomes eagle-feathered Mixtec war-god
The Hulk. The same.
El Llamarada. Pietro Maximoff.
El Aguila. Of course.
Tezcatlipoca. Darkstar
El Bruja Rojo. The Scarlet Witch, el bruja suprema of Earth-573


Following the Mixtec (Aztec) destruction of the Spanish invasion, the Aztec empire spread both north and south, conquering everything before it. But after less than a century the empire collapsed from within, as empires often do. But the Mixtec culture had spread across the americas, so that when the whites did encounter the Americas again, they found equals, not slaves.

Five hundred years later, in the mighty city of New Aztlan, a group of super-powered humans - the mixed-blood descendants of Mixtec, Apache, Spaniards, and whites - decided that the world was in need of their abilities. Although the United States of Mexico was the world's foremost superpower, many countries were not so fortunate, nor were many of the cities in both the northern and southern continents of the United Countries of Mexico completely safe. These humans, seeing this, vowed to avenge the evils done to the poor, both the current ones and the historical ones. Together, they are...the Avengers!

Earth-Kingdom Come

     Ace - The KC version of the now-out-of-continuity DC canine hero. In KC, companion to Batwoman. Part of Batman's group.
     Alloy - A new character. The KC version of the DC heroes the Metal Men. A member of the Justice Battalion and the Justice League.
     Aquaman II - A DC hero (as Garth, aka Aqualad - a member of the Teen Titans - and aka Tempest). In DC, Garth is Aquaman's adopted son; presumably this is also the case in KC. In KC, he is a member of the Justice League.
     Atlas - A DC hero, originally created by Jack Kirby in _First Issue Special_ #1 and has never appeared since then until now. In KC, a hero and member of the Justice League.
     Atom-Smasher - The KC version of the DC hero Nuklon. The son of the Golden Age Atom's goddaughter. A member of the Justice League.
     Avia - A new character. The daughter of the DC heroes and Fourth World Gods Mister Miracle and Big Barda. A member of the Justice League.
     Batman - A DC hero. In KC, the leader of the opposition. In DC and KC, father to Ibn Al Xu'ffasch by Talia al Ghul.
     Batwoman II - A new version of a now-out-of-continuity DC heroine. Companion to Ace the Bathound. Part of The Batman's group.
     Big Barda - A DC heroine; the New God, wife of Scott Free and in KC the mother to Avia. A member of the Justice League.
     Black Canary III - A new character. Daughter of Black Canary II and Oliver Queen. Part of Batman's group.
     Blue Beetle - Ted Kord. A DC hero. In KC, a member of Batman's group.
     Brainiac's Daughter - A new character. The daughter of the Superman villain and living computer Brainiac. Member of the Justice League.
     Bulletman - A DC hero (formerly a Fawcett character). In KC, a member of the Justice League.
     Bulletgirl - A DC hero (formerly a Fawcett character). In KC, a member of the Justice League.
     Condor - The KC version of the DC hero Black Condor (originally a Quality character). Part of Batman's group.
     Cossack - A new character. Part of Batman's group.
     Darkstar - Robert Long. In DC, the child of the DC heroine Donna Troy and her ex-husband Terry Long. In KC, their grown son and a member of the Batman's group
     Dibny, Ralph - A DC hero. In KC, a member of Batman's group.
     Dragon - A new character. Part of Batman's group.
     Fate - A DC hero. In KC, a member of Batman's group.
     Flash III - Wally West. A DC hero. In KC, a member of the Justice League. Father of Kid Flash.
     Flash IV - A new character. Daughter of Flash III (and presumably Linda Park). Member of Batman's group.
     Golden Guardian - The KC version of the DC hero the Guardian (later known as the Golden Guardian). A member of the Justice League.
     Green Lantern I - A DC hero. In KC, a member of the Justice League.
     Hawkman - A DC hero. In KC, a member of the Justice League.
     Hourman II - A new character. The son of Hourman II (?) and grandson of the Golden Age Hourman (?). A member of the Justice League.
     Human Bomb - The KC version of the DC hero (originally a Quality character). A hero and member of the Justice League.
     Huntress III - A new character. A member of Batman's group.
     Jade - A DC heroine; in KC, a member of Batman's group. Brother to Obsidian and daughter of Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, and the Golden Age villain Thorn.
     King Marvel (Freddy Freeman) - The KC version of the DC hero (and former Fawcett character) Captain Marvel, Jr. In KC, a member of the Justice League. Husband of Lady Marvel and father of Whiz.
     Lady Marvel - Mary Batson. The KC version of the DC heroine (and former Fawcett character)
     Living Doll - The KC version of the DC heroine (and formerly Quality character) Doll Girl. In KC, a member of the Justice League.
     Magog - A new character. A rogue metahuman and leader of the Justice Battalion. Imprisoned in the Gulag.
     Menagerie - Garfield Logan. The DC hero and Teen Titan Changeling. In KC, a member of Batman's group.
     Midnight II - The KC version of the DC hero Dr. Mid-nite. A member of the Justice League.
     Mr. Scarlet - The KC version of the DC hero (formerly a Fawcett character) Mr. Scarlet. A member of Batman's group.
     Nightstar - A new character. The daughter of Red Robin and (the presumably deceased) heroine Starfire. A member of Batman's group.
     Obsidian - A DC hero; in KC, a member of Batman's group. Son of Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, and the Golden Age villain Thorn.
     Phantom Lady III - A new character. The KC version of the DC heroine (and originally Quality character) Phantom Lady I; possibly the adult version of the DC heroine Phantom Lady II who is currently a teenager in DC continuity. A member of Batman's group.
     Phoebus - A new character. The KC version of the DC hero Sunburst. A member of the Justice League.
     Powerman - A DC hero (and robot duplicate of Superman). In KC, a member of the Justice League.
     Power Woman - A DC heroine (under the name of Power Girl). In KC, a member of the Justice League.
     Queen, Oliver - A DC hero. In KC, a member of Batman's group; lover of Dinah Queen and father of Black Canary III.
     Ray II - A DC hero (and originally a Quality character). In KC, a member of the Justice League
     Red Arrow - Roy Harper. The KC version of the DC hero Arsenal (formerly Speedy, a member of the Teen Titans, and pre-Crisis adopted son of Oliver Queen). In DC and KC, the father of Lian Harper (KC Red Hood) by the villain Cheshire. A member of the Justice League.
     Red Hood - Lian Harper. In DC, the child daughter of Roy Harper (Arsenal) and the villain Cheshire. In KC, the adult daughter of Roy Harper (Red Arrow) and the (possibly deceased) Cheshire. A member of the Batman's group.
     Red Robin - Dick Grayson. The KC version of the DC hero Nightwing II, formerly Robin, the sidekick and adopted son of the Batman, Bruce Wayne; lover of the heroine and fellow Teen Titan Starfire. In KC, the father of Nightstar by his wife, (possibly deceased) Koriand'r, the heroine Starfire. A member of the Justice League.
     Red Tornado I - The KC version of the Golden Age DC heroine Red Tornado. A member of the Justice League.
     Red Tornado III - The KC version of the DC heroine Maxima(?). The protege' of the Tornado. A member of the Justice League.
     Robotman III - The KC version of the DC hero and Teen Titan member Cyborg. A member of the Justice League.
     Samurai - A new character. A member of Batman's group.
     Sandman IV - The KC version of the DC hero Sandman II (Garrett Sanford). In KC, Sandman IV is the grown-up Sandy, the Golden Boy (the sidekick to the DC Sandman I). A member of the Justice League.
     Spy Smasher - The KC version of the DC hero (formerly a Fawcett character). A member of the Batman's group.
     Starman VII - The KC version of the DC hero Starman. In KC, Starman is Thom Kallor (formerly the hero Star Boy of the Legion of Superheroes). A member of the Justice League.
     Strange, Aleea - A new character; the daughter of the DC hero Adam Strange and his wife Alanna Strange. A member of the Justice League.
     Steel - The KC version of the DC hero Steel. A member of Batman's group.
     Superman - A DC hero. In KC, leader of the Justice League.
     Tornado - The KC version of the DC hero Red Tornado II. Mentor to Red Tornado III. A member of the Justice League.
     Troy, Donna - A DC heroine (as Wonder Girl, Troia, and Darkstar, a member of the Teen Titans, and later a member of the Darkstars). Mother of Darkstar (Robert Long) and ex-wife of (the presumably deceased) Terry Long. A member of the Justice League.
     Tula - A new character. The daughter of the KC Aquaman II (DC Garth/Aqualad/Tempest) and the DC heroine Deep Blue; Tula is the granddaughter of the DC heroine Tsunami, Deep Blue's mother. A member of Batman's group.
     Wildcat III - The KC version of the DC hero Wildcat. A member of Batman's group.
     Wonder Woman - A DC heroine. Member of the Justice League.
     Zatara II - A new character. Son of Zatanna, the DC heroine, and grandson of Zatara I, the now-deceased DC magician hero. Member of Batman's group.


Taken from Kansas by the Intervention of a mysterious force (Captain Future arriving at the last moment to svae the day), Superman's and Batman's forces were made aware of a great threat to their reality (as well as many other realities, of course). So they set aside their differences (Captain Future letting them know that he and the rest of the Forgotten Heroes 2 would deal with the rioting prisoners) and ventured forth to take care of the threat. (Their Earth is Earth-23)

Albion's Crusaders

Atomic Man
The Blur
Captain Hero
Captain Wonder
The Cat
The Crimson Mask
Doctor Wonder
Ben Durham
The Hood
Human Marvel
Human Turbine
Mr. Justice
Karim the Mighty
Kung-Fu Kid
Lady Lightning
Mighty Man
Overman, Jr
Mr. Power
J. Speed, Esquire
The Strong Man
Time Tripper
Universal Man
The Volt
Miss Wonderful


"Perfidious Albion," Napoleon called it, and after 1940 all of Earth-593 found how true this description of England was. Pressed hard by the Nazi armies, the English troops fleeing for Dunkirk were rescued by a miracle: the intervention of 41 British super-men, all previously unknown to the public. They went on to crush Germany and the other Axis forces in a matter of days. Then, deciding that they and their superiors in the British military knew best, they went on to conquer the rest of the world, making the Empire the one true power in the world - a sprawling United Kingdom on whom the sun truly never set - and reinstituting the Pax Britannia. From there they spread through the galaxies and across the dimensions, bringing the "enlightened rule of the Crown" to world after world and universe after universe, despite the resistance of the natives. Unstoppable, and feared in the dozens of dimensions and thousands of worlds in and on which they have established the "United Kingdom of Worlds," they are the pride of the Empire; they are Albion's Crusaders.

I'm rather fond of Albion's Crusaders. I created them as analogues for all of the superheroes of British comics during the 1940s, but I did it before Warren Ellis wrote about Sliding Albion in The Authority, so don't anybody get the idea that I was ripping off Ellis. I came up with the idea of an expansionist, aggressive England (not that it's that original) and its superpowered shock troops all by myself.

Albion's Crusaders will reappear in Liberators.

Earth-Reagan Avengers

USAgent - team leader
Johnny Storm
Moon Knight
Major Liberty
Marvel Boy. An adult version of the GA hero.
men in Guardian & Iron Man suits
Black Knight
Maha Yogi


On Earth-670 the reign of Ronald Reagan never ended. Backed by a resurgent Christian Right, who had flexed their muscles during the 1986 elections and put a GOP majority in both the House and Senate, the conservative Republicans ramrodded through a measure repealing the 22nd Amendment and allowing Reagan to run for a third term in 1988. With the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition showing unexpected strength in almost every local and state primary, and the liberal and moderate electorate too apathetic to vote and showing a feckless belief that Reagan and the conservatives wouldn't really get elected again, and so not making much of an effort to forestall his re-election, Reagan and the GOP won in a landslide, with only Massachusetts voting for Michael Dukakis. Armed with a solid majority in Congress, and backed by the will of the American people, Reagan began in 1989 to follow his true beliefs and to institute what he and his followers called the "True Americans" campaign.

Spending on defense increased by almost 300% as social programs were slashed. Random drug testing, loyalty oaths, and spot checks on the personal lives of federal employees became the norm as names like "Falwell" and "Robertson" became regulars at the White House and on the evening news. Acquiring radio and television licenses suddenly became increasingly difficult, and radio and television stations and magazines and newspapers found themselves under increasing legal fire as the Reagan administration, with the eager acquiescence of a willing and loyal Congress, passed a number of laws broadening the concept of "National Security," so that much that had been previously broadcastable suddenly became illegal. The Supreme Court, which many looked to challenge these and other new laws (the repealing of the Miranda Rights act - a legal maneuver greeted with much  rejoicing by the police; the institution of the "Seven Days Waiting Period," which allowed the police to hold subjects for up to seven days incommunicado, even to their lawyers - another act which the police were publically overjoyed over [charges that this allowed the police to beat and in effect torture prisoners were laughingly dismissed by spokesmen for the police, who said that it merely helped them more effectively find out who was guilty]; requiring any institution which accepted any form of state or federal funding to give their employees random drug tests, perform background investigations and investigate the personal lives of those employees, and force them to sign loyalty oaths; and moves allowing the police to seize and hold the property and wealth of any arrested suspect before their trial took place), instead upheld their legality, the new members - Scalia and Thomas - strongly voicing their approval.

Then the freshmen Representative from Georgia, Newt Gingrich, suggested to the Administration that it begin looking into controlling what he called the "depraved agents of the sick liberal imagination" - superheroes. Spearheaded by Vice President Bush, whose days as head of the CIA had taught him that vigilante heroes could not be relied upon to support either overt or covert missions by the government, but would instead follow their consciences regardless of the effect that their actions would have on the goals of the Agency or the Administration, the Reagan Administration formed a covert action committee, headed by Peter Gyrich. They began contacting metahumans whose loyalty could be guaranteed, and in a matter of weeks had assembled a select group of metahumans, who, funded under the Pentagon's "black budget," began training together.
 Within a month's time the purges began. All metahumans were approached to see whether they'd be willing to join the new, government-operated group. Nearly all were not. The government had anticipated this and had provided the new group of metahumans (called the "3250s," after the Pentagon room number from which Gyrich and Bush and the others ran the group) with several squads of Navy SEALs, trained in handling metahumans and armed with the most advanced technology possible, including variants of the Guardian and Mandroid armors. (SHIELD having been forbidden from operating inside the United States; Reagan had passed a Presidential Order barring their "interference in the internal affairs" of the United States. Nick Fury, Dum-Dum Dugan, Jasper Sitwell, and Gabe Jones, among others, had resigned their US citizenships in disgust) The 3250s, with the help of the SEALs, then attacked and captured almost all of the active metahumans inside the United States, a suspiciously high number dying "accidentally" during the arrest or "attempting to escape.")
 The Fantastic Four, betrayed from within, were the first to fall. Although Mr. Fantastic, along with his wife, quickly escaped, the 3250s had already taken control of the Baxter Building and began turning its scientific devices, so far in advance of what the government had, to its own ends. (Although rumors quickly spread that Reed Richards and Sue Storm had somehow escaped to the Negative Zone, and were plotting a return, most thought that the pair wer so saddened by what had become of America and by the death of their old friend Ben Grimmm that they had given up on America and were permanently in exile, whether in the Negative Zone or in Wakanda with their old friend T'Challa.)

Emboldened by their success, and making use of the science in the Baxter Building, the 3250s began going after the independent heroes. Spider-Man was taken while on patrol, his mangled body being returned to a heart-broken May & Mary-Jane Parker with the curt comment that he'd been shot while trying to escape arrest for his un-American activities. Daredevil was captured while practicing law in Brooklyn; although his radar sense gave him some warning, he was unable to escape from the courthouse. Dr. Strange erected magical shields and stayed inside his mansion, but had not sufficiently prepared for an invasion from within, and a 3250 squad, backed by CIA mages, used one of the gateways in the Hall of Extrospection to gain access to the mansion, and killed Strange's servant and his lover and captured him.

After two months the 3250s moved on to bigger game. By subterfuge (a combination of shapeshifting and illusion and telepathic trickery) two of the 3250s were able to enter Xavier's School and switch off the School's defenses, enabling the entire 3250 team, backed by a squad of SEALs, to attack the X-Men, who fell quickly, outnumbered, overwhelmed, and disheartened by the betrayal of one of their own.

Finally the 3250s attacked Avengers Mansion. The Avengers, no fools, had strengthened their own defenses and made ready for an assault, seeing what had happened to the FF and to the other heroes and villains, and knowing in their sickened hearts that they were next. But they were not ready for the overwhelming force the 3250s brought, nor had they known of their traitor within. Their force shields breached, the Avengers were forced to retreat to the cellar, fighting every step of the way. There they were overwhelmed and captured, the mysterious door in the cellar which had provided so many surprises in the past suddenly giving them no help at all.

The 3250s then changed their name, with the help of a government-funded publicity campaign, and became the "New Avengers." The Reagan Administration, having finally taken care of what it regarded as its "metahuman problem," and with its approval ratings at an all-time high [1] [The police having used their vastly-broadened legal powers to crack down on crime of all kinds as well as the homeless, the streets were suddenly safe and clean and empty of people who might somehow bother "True Americans." Likewise, with the government pumping huge amounts of money into the Pentagon's budget, the American economy was essentially on a war footing, with defense firms hiring everyone in sight. Despite the protests of a vocal minority, and the revelation, in Selene Walter's autobiography, that President Reagan had raped her during the 1950s, the American public continually voiced its approval of him], the Reagan Administration began the second stage of its "True Americans" movement.

Further new laws were enacted over a year's time, and changes were made to the Constitution, putting into enforceable legal reality the beleif of President Reagan and the members of the Christian Right in Congress that America was a Christian nation and that beliefs and practices that went against Biblical scripture and Christian family values were un-American.

This led to a vast wave of arrests, jailings, and eventual deportations, as Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, atheists, and single mothers were deemed by the police and the Reagan administration to be committing illegal acts just through their various lifestyles. Their properties and life savings seized, those arrested under the so-called Family Values Laws were given the choice of conversion to Christianity and paying hefty fines, or being deported. Many chose deportation, forfeiting their savings.

Following that, laws regulating the presence of non-Americans in the United States were tightened, leading to the expulsion of many immigrants and the requirement that aliens in the country be accompanied at all times by an American citizen. Blasphemy laws were re-introduced, sodomy and adultery laws were greatly strengthened and enforced, and miscegenation was made illegal again, leading to another wave of arrests and seizures. The police began testing for the X-gene, and those found to be mutants were taken into custody.

By 1991 the Reagan Administration, with the help of the GOP-controlled Congress and the eager agreement of the American public (those who weren't in agreement with the True Americans campaign almost all having been arrested on various charges) had created the America they had long dreamed of. The Reagan Revolution was over; the Right had won.

It was at this time that the revolt in the Metahuman Holding Facility took place. The Facility, on the grounds of Area 51 in Nevada, had kept all of the surviving, captured metahumans confined, but somehow Captain America managed to organize and spread the word of an insurrection. The human prisoners somehow overcame their guards and reached their superpowered brethren, defeated their guards and succeeded in removing their inhibitor collars.

The rebels managed to reach the Breeding Labs before the New Avengers arrived. [2] [The scientists of the 3250s, eager to learn the secrets of the X-Factor so as to better produce metahumans for the Reagan Administration, had requested and been given every female metahuman, and breeding experiments had been performed on them, with metahuman members of the New Avengers being allowed unlimited access to them. In the two years of their captivity the Scarlet Witch, the Wasp, Jean Grey, Psylocke, and Betsy Braddock had all reproduced twice; Gypsy Moth, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Kitty Pryde, and Paige Guthrie had reproduced once (Kitty Pryde and Wolfsbane each managing to commit suicide following the birth of their children); and Volcana, Katie Powers (who'd been subjected to accelerated aging after her family had been killed, as a way to make her more birth-ready), Thumbelina, Arclight, Nekra, Captain Marvel II, and several other female metahumans had so far proven barren, despite daily penetrations by the members of the New Avengers While some of the scientists in the Breeding Labs felt that it would be much more efficient to remove the eggs from the women and artificially inseminate them with the sperm of the New Avengers members, the New Avengers themselves objected, with the USAgent vehemently insisting that artificial insemination was "un-Christian" and against Scripture, and Johnny Storm protesting that it was much more enjoyable when the women put up a struggle. The New Avengers eventually had their way]. The rebels put up a strong fight, but were massively outgunned and were eventually slaughtered.

Following this the Reagan Administration began the third stage of its True American campaign, making its foreign policy a "Christian" one. Atlantis was destroyed via nuclear torpedoes, its inhabitants - "devils from the deep," in the words of Senator Helms - massacred to the last being. Columbia and Mexico were invaded "to put an end to the scourge of drugs." New Attilan was invaded and razed, the "inhuman emissaries of Satan" (Senator Hatch) killed. Teams of 3250 troops regularly invaded Canada looking for Americans who had fled there to evade the Family Values laws, and when the Canadian government objected and Alpha Flight attempted to stop the 3250 troops, the New Avengers were called in, and Alpha Flight was killed ("Any people or government that attempts to hid fugitives from American justice should pay heed to the Canadian example; the Canadian people themselves should learn from this that their irresponsibility will no longer be tolerated" - Senator DeLay), Snowbird, Talisman, and Aurora being sent to the Breeding Labs and downtown Toronto razed. Fusion bombs destroyed almost all of Cuba ("Communism is Satan's tool on Earth - Scripture is clear on this. Therefore anything done to the Communists is justified - it is God's will. If there were somehow any innocents on the island - something I doubt - then God will save their souls and bring them to Heaven" - Senator Thurmond). 3250 teams scoured Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, looking for American POWs (not finding any, but killing tens of thousands of the natives - "About time the gooks found out that payback's a bitch" - Rep. Dan Burton). Following a statement by John Paul II condemning the bombing of Cuba - a statement that came as a shock to the Reagan Administration, given the Pope's previously vocal support of the Administration's actions against the Jews, Muslims, and gays - the Vatican was destroyed in a midnight raid ("Who do you think the Bible was talking about when it described the Whore of Babylon and the False Church? The Papists know!" - Rep. Dornan).  The bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon led to retaliatory raids which killed over a hundred thousand ("It's too bad some civilians died, but they were harboring terrorist; they had it coming to them" - Rep. Dana Rohrbacher). The rebel movement in El Salvador was destroyed, and the Sandinista government in Nicaragua was overthrown ("I don't see why we have to let a country go Commie just because its people are irresponsible" - Secretary of Defense Buchanan).

In all these actions the New Avengers were active and at the forefront. And when the U.S.A. declared war on the Soviet Union ("Communism is the greatest evil in the history of mankind" - Rep. Smith of New Hampshire) the New Avengers led the way, assassinating Gorbachev and massacring the Kremlin ("The fires of Hell are burning brighter tonight" - Pat Robertson), klling the Soviet Super Soldiers ("Would you have mercy for Satan's henchmen? They deserved what they got" - Rep. D'Amato) and destroying the Russian missiles as they left their silos.

7 years later, in 1999, the U.S. is the dominant superpower, with colonies on every continent and on the Moon and Mars. Americans are content, with a high standard of living, clean cities, and a nation full of white Christians and absent of those who were evil or stupid enough not to be born white or to follow the Bible. The ranks of the New Avengers are swelling with children from the Breeding Labs. President Reagan, given rejuvenation drugs, is young and vigorous and enjoying his President For Life status. And when word reaches the New Avengers of a threat to the M'krann Crystal, a powerful team is assembled and dispatched....

Earth 879


The world of Earth-879 was an almost ideal one, up through the mid-1960s. The superheroes of its Golden Age were still active, and a new breed of heroes were appearing on the scene--everyone from a new Green Lantern to Captain Comet, a mutant born 100,000 years ahead of his time. Although there were the ordinary human pains and tragedies, all the supervillains were caught before they could ever do much damage, and life went on with an almost charmed tone, so that human civilization was developing for the benefit of everyone.

Then the Kryptonian revealed himself, and in few months everything was overturned, and the alien had conquered Earth. In the years since then Humanity has changed almost completely, becoming a warrior race focused on conquering first the systems around it, and then the rest of the galaxy.

Kal-El was drilling his shock troops in preparation for the invasion of Thanagar when the call came: a disruption far out in space was being picked up by his long-range detection satellites. The disruption posed a danger to spacetime, and could (theoretically) destroy the entire universe. Kal-El reacted quickly, using his Kryptonian technology to investigate, and discovered that the source of the danger was a device, in another dimension, that was (at least in theory) powerful enough to rearrange the Multiverse. Kal-El knew he must have a weapon of that power, and so summoned the three most powerful teams of his world and ventured off to the planet of the M'Krann, to do what he and Kryptonians always did: conquer or die.

League of Conquerors

Kal-El, Emperor of Earth - Sent by the galaxy-conquering race of Krypton to master Earth, Kal-El instead was raised by Earthmen. Kal-El was supposed to be educated in his birth-capsule on its way to his new planet, the rocket's data-crystals filling his head with the learning of his birthworld and educating him in the ways of the expansionist Kryptonians. However, a Daxamite bomb planted on the rocket (as a way to punish the Kryptonians for their conquest of Daxam) went off, sabotaging its flight and damaging the computer banks. And so Kal-El landed on Earth not in its prehistory, but in its 1960s.
    Kal-El was raised by humans, and taught their values. His adoptive parents, however, were the Kents, who were survivalists hiding inside their kansas commune, and Kal-El was raised with their values. Then, at age 21, he discovered the wreckage of his rocket in his parents' attic, and he found the remnants of the data crystals, and learned how to use them, and discovered his true purpose in life: conquest, for the glory of Krypton.
    And so he did just that. He conquered Earth. Violently, and with much loss of life, and in the decade since then has presided over a dominated earth ruled by a warrior despot and filled with armies of warriors

Diana, Queen Of The Amazons - Raised in a martial culture that valued war, skill at arms, and conquest above all other things, Diana murdered her mother, Hippolyta, to take the throne of Themyscira, and then led her amazons on multiple invasions of Earth, culminating in the conquest of much of southern and Eastern Europe and of North Africa and the Middle East. The Amazons were a greatly feared people, not only for their fierce and bloodthirsty ways but also for their slave-taking parties. And so they were one of the first of Kal-El's targets.
     He destroyed much of their army and captured Diana herself, making her into his personal handmaid. But, strangely enough, between the two grew first a mutual respect, and then affection, and then love, and finally he freed her and made her his wife. She freed the Amazons and persuaded them that Kal-El was truly a fit ruler for the Amazons, and now they are his most faithful and vicious warriors. She rules by his side, second in command over the worlds-spanning empire of Kal-El, and their love is a mighty and fear-inspiring thing; although their affection for each other is real, they give each other presents like tens of thousands of slaves.

The Batman - Driven insane with hate and anger by the early death of his parents, Bruce Wayne decided that the world would suffer as he had suffered. So he set out, with the help of his faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth (a former S.A.S. Colonel responsible for the deaths of dozens of IRA sympathizers), to turn himself into a living weapon--the ultimate warrior. Trained in every form of combat, and overseer of the world's largest corporation (Lex Luthor having met an unfortunate accident early on in Wayne's career), Bruce Wayne was, until the arrival of Kal-El, the world's deadliest and most powerful man. He quickly realized that he could not defeat Kal-El--not in single combat--and so joined the Kryptonian, to serve him as a lieutenant, and to bide his time until the Kryptonian's empire is at its maximum point and Kal-El himself has been lulled into carelessness. Then Bruce Wayne will strike, killing the Kryptonian and his wife, and take command of the empire. Kal-El suspects Bruce Wayne, and there is a mutual fear and loathing between them, but Kal-El sees the usefulness of a living weapon like the Batman, and so keep him close by, the better to watch over him...

J'onn J'onzz - The dictator of Mars, and the tyrant and enslaver of his fellow Martians, J'onn J'onzz was plucked from his homeworld by an accident; the human Professor Erdel, attempting to find an extradimensional energy source with which he could fuel his imaginative weapons designs, created instead a teleportation device capable of working across interplanetary distances. J'onn J'onzz, finding himself irrevocably torn from the homeworld he'd spent so much time conquering, went on a rampage, slaughtering Erdel and his devices, before finally calming down and deciding to conquer his new world, instead. Knowing that he would be trapped on this planet for many years, J'onzz decided to put off conquering it--for there would be little opposition from the humans, who were so much weaker than he, and from the planet's metahumans, whose powers were so much less than the Martian's own--and decided to have some fun.
     So for decades J'onzz had walked the earth, indulging his sick and twisted fantasies and cruelly torturing and murdering hundreds of men and women, often after reshaping them into the forms of Martians and then viciously using them in a depraved sexual fashion. Although hunted by various superheroes, including the members of the Justice Society of America, none of them ever caught him. J'onzz found that the Amazons, and their queen Diana, were kindred spirits, and so he did not make any attempt to stop them, and even, on occasion, surreptitiously helped them, deciding that taking over the Earth would be simpler if it had already been conquered by someone else.
    Then Kal-El showed up and conquered the Earth. The speed of the Kryptonian's destruction of the Earth's armed forces, and of his slaughter of Earth's metahumans, surprised J'onzz, and almost before he could take any action he found that Kal-El was the undisputed ruler of the Earth. J'onzz, ever the cunning general, decided to ally with the Kryptonian, and to bide his time until he could eliminate Kal-El and replace him atop the Throne. J'onzz revealed himself to Kal-El and offered his services to the Kryptonian, who gladly accepted the Martian and used him to enforce his rule and root out rebels (all the while keeping close tabs on the Martian and preparing for the inevitable day on which the alien attempted to kill him).
      And so J'onzz, for several years, has been one of Kal-El's most faithful lieutenants and deadliest weapons. J'onzz's telepathy has proven useful time and again. But unknown to Kal-El, J'onzz's fascination with Diana has grown into an obsession, and for over a year J'onzz has, whenever Kal-El was absent, changed himself to appear exactly like the Kryptonian, slipped into Diana's quarters, and made energetic and passionate love to Diana--who, thinking she was with her husband, responded. J'onzz has used his powers to ensure that Diana would not mention these trysts to the real Kal-El, and has slowly and very gradually began altering Diana's mind, so that her feelings for J'onzz have also changed, growing to friendship and, eventually (or so J'onzz plans) into something more. And so far Kal-El has not noticed...

King Orin of Atlantis - When Kal-El began his conquest of the Earth, Orin was still consolidating his rule over the creatures of the sea and of Poseidonis and the other cities beneath the waves. Kal-El, seeing the advanced technology that Atlantis possessed, and understanding that Orin was a cruel and vicious tyrant to his subjects, quickly forged an alliance with the Atlantean King, and helped him finish off his enemies. Orin then loaned Kal-El an elite corps of Atlantean shock troops, who today make up a valued part of the Kryptonian's army.

Yellow Lantern - a bitter and abusive loser, alcoholic, and failed freelance artist, this utter putz was contacted by the Weaponers of Qward and given the deadly Yellow Power Ring, which he used to kill Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Earth-879, and to go on a rampage of rape and torture. Kal-El and J'onn J'onzz tracked him down and forced him to swear allegiance to the League of Conquerors, who he now serves willingly, for they allow him to go on his weekly hunting expedition, where he selects one poor woman, who resembles his dead girlfriend, and uses her sexually until she dies.

The Flash - Barry Allen, the foremost police scientist of Central City, had a dirty secret: he was a dirty cop. He took bribes, he altered and destroyed evidence, he corrupted younger cops by making them perform deliveries and take payoffs and kickbacks along with him, and he used his badge to sexually harass and assault women. And when a freak lightning bolt combined with an unusual group of chemicals to give him superspeed, he thought he could just expand the scope of his activities, and get that much richer. Unfortunately for him, Kal-El had other ideas, and with the help of J'onn J'onzz those ideas became the Flash's.

Zauriel - the Fallen Angel has joined the League of Conquerors at the orders of Lucifer, as a way to corrupt the world and cause the mortal, mundane universe to suffer. The other members of the League find him somewhat creepy, for his otherworldly manner seems to conceal a soul so evil that it makes most of the others feel uncomfortable--but they all know his skill and power, and so work with him. For his part he finds being surrounded by so many evil mortals to be invigorating, and he manipulates them for his own ends, ends which neither Lucifer nor Kal-El know about...

The Weaponer - Dr. John Henry Irons, perhaps the quintessential Angry Black Man, pulled himself up from the ghetto to make himself into a powerful man, with the help of a deadly suit of power armor. As soon as he saw the power and intent of Kal-El, he joined the League, and has quite willingly helped the Kryptonian to establish and consolidate his rule, with never any complaint about anything and with many flourishes. Irons' secret goal is to be given charge over the United States, at which point he will, finally and at long, long last, begin to exact retribution from white Americans for the indignities and evils he and his ancestors suffered.

The Green Arrow - Connor Hawke's father was Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow. Queen was a millionaire playboy who was stranded on a deserted jungle island and learned to feed himself by using bow and arrow. When he was finally rescued from the island, he'd learned two very important lessons: how to shoot an arrow as accurately as the best Zen monks; and that life was a Darwinian nightmare of the strong slaying and feeding on the weak, and that only by destroying the weak could he survive. And so Queen's financial empire became rapacious as he stalked the streets, slaying both criminals and civilians. The Amazonian armies tracked him down and, after a memorable battle in Seattle, killed him. But Hawke, Queen's child by a former mistress, left his monastery on Mt. Fuji to learn about his biological father, and when he did he decided to outdo Queen in feats of archery, as a way to prove himself against the imagined ghost of his father. Kal-El, finding out about Hawke, had J'onzz mentally nudge him in the direction of the League of Conquerors, and now the Green Arrow is one of the most recognizably human members of the League--from the outside. From the inside Hawke is a Monk, with no passion except that of Zen, as manifested in his martial arts and his archery--which he often practices on live, moving targets.


Blackwing - A young circus acrobat of extremely high physical and intellectual capability drew the notice of the Batman, who was looking to create a successor. Bruce Wayne then murdered the acrobat's parents and used his position as a businessman to adopt the grief-stricken child. Using a combination of brutality and persuasion, Wayne turned the acrobat into a vicious and lethal "sidekick" - a truly worthy successor to the Batman in every way. But then the acrobat discovered that his mentor, who he had truly grown to love (in his own twisted way) was responsible for the deaths of his biological parents, and the acrobat then broke with the Batman and started his own team, as a weapons to use against his former mentor. But the Batman's position on the League of Conquerors was secure by this time, and so Blackwing has not been able to carry out the vengeance he so desperately longs for. So Blackwing and the Titans lurk on the edges of society, hindering the League of Conquerors and their various vassal armies whenever possible, and carving out a position of power for themselves. Batman wishes to crush these upstarts and to pay Blackwing back for abandoning him, but Kal-El finds the presence of the Titans amusing and sees Blackwing as a living weapon that he can eventually turn against the Batman.

Arsenal - The mirror image of Dick Grayson, the Blackwing, in several ways. Like Grayson, Roy Harper was adopted by Oliver Queen and groomed to be his successor, being taught the ins and outs of the business world as well as how to use a bow and arrow. But Harper gave in to the lure of drugs and Queen disowned him. Harper, ridden hard by the heroin monkey, turned himself into an assassin and mercenary, and was angling to assassinate Queen when the Amazons did it for him. Then Harper was contacted and hired by Blackwing, who finds him very useful as a backup and living weapon, and who keeps him supplied with heroin, X, and ice as a way to guarantee his loyalty. Arsenal hates Connor Hawke, but knows that Hawke is a member of the League of Conquerors, and therefore untouchable. But Arsenal is willing to wait...

Donna Troy - Cousin to Diana, she is a true Amazon who figures that she could do a Much better job of ruling the Amazons. She also hates Diana for having slain her mother, Donna's aunt. And so Troy, like Grayson and Harper, is filled with malice towards her older relative. And as with those two, Troy is looked upon by that relative as an amusing and unthreatening fact of life. Donna knows that, too, and hates Donna all the more.

The Flash - Wally West, cousin of Barry Allen's wife, was putting up with a boring tour of Allen's police lab when he got the same powers as Allen. For the teenaged Flash, this meant that he had every woman in the world to molest at high speed--and they'd never know about it. And every bank in the world to rob. And every annoying person in the world to murder--and no one need ever know about it, since he'd be moving so fast that no one would detect him. Imagine West's surprise, then, when he discovered that Barry Allen also had superspeed, and that he wanted West to control himself, lest he give the game away. They quarreled and then fought, physically, and now West, a sullen and abusive man, hangs out with the Titans as a way to get back at the one man who kept stopping him from living out every evil fantasy he ever had.

Prince Garth - The adopted son of King Orin, Garth was set to be the crown prince of Atlantis when Orin, for reasons of state, and to quell certain of his political enemies in Atlantis, who found Garth's "hobbies" somewhat... disconcerting...abandoned Garth and forced him from Atlantis. Garth came to the surface and after various misadventures was found by Blackwing, who saw in Garth someone to send after Orin. Garth is happy to live up to this role.


Kal-El is mostly amused by the Titans and their desire to supplant the League of Conquerors, but he is neither stupid nor complacent, and knows that the five Titans do have a significant amount of power and skill on their side. So Kal-El encouraged the members of the League of Conquerors to begin grooming and training a new group of successors, Kal-El's ultimate aim being, of course, to create a team that will eventually kill the Titans.

They are:

Jason Todd - Bruce Wayne, seeing that he was almost completely successful with Dick Grayson--except for not being careful enough in disguising who killed his parents--tried again, this time hiring an assassin to do the job rather than doing it himself. He succeeded, and created another living weapon, one as angry and vicious and skilled as Blackwing, but who is completely faithful to the Batman.

Flamebird - The child of Kal-El and Diana, Kal-El impregnated Diana and then removed the egg from her womb and had its growth and aging accelerated, using Kryptonian technology. The end result is a very powerful creature with an amoral personality, who only cares for physical pleasure, no matter the cost to anyone else, but who serves his father because he knows that to do otherwise is to court instant and painful death.

Cassandra Sandsmark - Diana, hearing her beloved Kal-El order the League to make successors to the League and rivals to the Titans, recalled a teenage girl she'd once seen gaping with jealousy and lust at the Amazons as they marched down the streets of Boston. So Diana ordered her located, and then left little clues that would enable Cassandra to "accidentally" discover certain Amazonian artifacts. The artifacts--winged shoes, a shield, a cestus, and a spear--seemed to have been hidden when Cassandra found them. When she put them on her brain was flooded with information, and her personality--vicious, angry, power-hungry, and willing to kill to get what she wanted--augmented slightly, so that she is now loyal to the Young Masters and especially to the League of Conquerors. To further her ends, and those of Diana and Kal-El, she is going out with Jason Todd and sleeping with Flamebird, as a way to manipulate both. Flamebird thinks that he's cuckolding Todd, and enjoys that knowledge; Todd thinks that his girlfriend is trying to manipulate Flamebird, and approves of that; and Cassandra knows that she's maneuvering the both of them, and enjoys that.

Arrowette - pushed from infancy to become a hero, Cissie King-Jones finally snapped and killed her mother when she was interrupted while in bed with her boyfriend. King-Jones decided to use her archery skills (for her mother had drilled her to become an outstanding archer) to enrich herself, and began a life of crime. Then the Amazonian police force apprehended her, although not without taking some casualties. Then came a surprise: a DNA test (a standard procedure in Kal-El's world, where the discovery of Metahumans was the highest priority) revealed that Cissie was in fact the child of Oliver Queen. Kal-El immediately decided that Cissie would be perfect for the Young Masters, and had her released from jail and made a member of the Masters. For her part, Arrowette is overjoyed; she gets to do what she wants, she Hangs around with cute guys, and she's making lots of money. Connor Hawke is angered, although his Zen training suppresses it; he wants to be the one to overcome his father's reputation, not a woman. But he can't do anything about her--yet.

Impulse - Barry Allen, knowing resistance to Kal-El's idea would be futile, and not really wanting to resist, offered himself up as a source for cloning. Like Flamebird, Impulse was subjected to accelerated aging and growth, and was given special training by a Kryptonian VR hook-up. So Impulse is only a few years old, but has the body of a 9-year-old and the mind of a hyperactive Kryptonian--when serious, cold and amoral, but when not applying himself, out for kicks--which unfortunately often come through the pain and/or deaths of others.

Earth-Astro City

Black Rapier
Cleopatra II
Quarrel II
Hanged Man
Old Soldier

The residents of Earth-880 somehow know that their lives, although occasionally threatened by monsters, aliens, and supervillains, are nonetheless full of meaning--somehow moreso than in other places. Those who know of other worlds, and even those heroes and villains who have spoken to beings from other worlds and universes, or have read about them or watched them, know that life on Earth-880 is more...real, somehow; beings from other universes and worlds lack the emotional richness that those of Earth-880 possess. Somehow nearly everyone from those other worlds seem a bit more...flat, more two-dimensional, than those of Earth-880. And those few who know of this phenomenon appreciate it.

It's one of many things they appreciate about their world. Most of all, they appreciate that it's a world of wonder and marvel--of rare spectacles and great beauty, of noble and beautiful men and women. And in many ways the centerpiece of this world, of Earth-880, is the marvelous--literally "marvelous," full of marvels--city that sits beneath Mount Kirby: Astro City.

Protected and watched over by the Honor Guard, those of Astro City go about their daily business secure in the knowledge that, though often threatened by various evils, they will almost surely be saved, and life will go on.

But when, one day, enormous rents appear in the sky, and an awful, all-devouring whiteness seems to spread from horizon to horizon, the citizens of Astro City, and all of Earth-880 itself, are suddenly rendered both helpless and hopeless; for while they turned, as usual, to the Honor Guard to save them, they were told, by the Samaritan, that there was a threat to the entire universe, and that the Honor Guard was leaving to fight it. And then the Honor Guard left. And while there were other heroes and groups of heroes--everyone from the Fist Family to the Irregulars--they none of them were the Honor Guard. And Earth-880, without the Honor Guard, would be a diminished and somehow sad thing. So many prayers were offered up, wishing for their safe return, and as a side note that the threat to the universe be averted...


Professor Night
Mighty Man
Super Patriot
Janet Planet

Allied Supermen of America
Super Patriot
Doc Rocket
Alley Cat
Black Hand
Storybook Smith
Jack O'Lantern
Mighty Man
Professor Night

Big Brother
Johnny Panic
Doc Rocket II


Earth-881 is a very familiar universe, in many ways; familiar both to those who travel the multiverse, observing, cataloguing, and interacting with the various worlds and alternate universes, and familiar to those whose knowledge of universes is limited only to the core universes from which so many other alternates sprang: Earth-1, Earth-2, and Earth-616.

Much of Earth-881--the planet--is familiar to the Earths of those three universes. Suspiciously so; in some quarters it was conjectured that Earth-881, like Earth-443, was a designed universe, and so, as with Earth-443, there was a common fear among multiversal cataloguers of entering the universe of Earth-881, and the Time Variance Authority had slapped an "Extreme Hazard Potential" warning on the entire dimension.

Of course, nothing had ever been proven about Earth-881, and the incursions of the inhabitants of Earth-881 into the multiverse were no more (or less) threatening and dangerous than those of Earth-1 or -2 or -616...but suspicions nonetheless lingered. The history of the planet itself was too closely matched to those other three Earths; the most prominent individuals, both human and superhuman, were too close to those other three Earths, to the point where some suspected that the creator of Earth-881 might have been no more than a no-talent hack who thought it would be awesome to create a awesome, duplicate universe made up of awesome, duplicate, analogous heroes.

All that being said, it is admitted by all that the heroes of Earth-881, though seemingly absurdly-closely-derived from those of Earths-1, -2, and -616, are nonetheless heroic, of great power and great nobility, and quite willing to sacrifice themselves if the cause is good. So when Blake Baron (Occult Agent) gets word that a threat in another universe poses a great danger to the universe of Earth-881, he passes on this information to the Allies, the foremost superteam of Earth-881, who are (perhaps coincidentally) having one of their annual cross-time meetings with their friends and allies, the WW2 heroes the Allied Supermen of America, and both groups, along with 15 of Supreme's Suprematons, set out to pierce the dimensional barriers and stop the threat by whatever means possible; in the Fourth Dimensional timestream they encounter the superteam Youngblood, from their own future, and after a quick explanation the trio of teams move on...


Earth-878 should have been like so many other worlds: full of heroes who came together, despite their diverse backgrounds, personalities, and powers, to fight evil and help the weal and welfare of mankind at large. It should have been a world (and universe) of wonders and marvels, where little boys and girls, growing up, would have had any number of positive role models on which to base themselves and to strive to emulate. It should have been a world where muggers and rapists were foiled at the last minute by a just-arriving superhero, and in which world-conquering supervillains were foiled and their plans squashed by cunning and resourceful teams of heroes.

But something went wrong, a few decades ago, and now everything is wrong. Those beings and groups and organizations that travel through the multiverse, for pleasure or for more serious purposes, know to avoid the universe of Earth-878, for their is something wrong in the very atoms of this dimension: something evil. No one knows for sure whether the cause of this wrongness is magical in nature, or whether the universe is simply a demonstration of the Third Law of Dimensional Evolution (that dimensions not only can evolve in ways incomprehensible to mortal minds, but that they often do). But where other dimensions and Earths create a "normal" balance of good, evil, and indifferent metahumans, Earth-878 (and the uncountable other worlds of the universe of Earth-878) is dominated almost wholly by evil superbeings. And those beings from other universes and dimensions who enter the universe of Earth-878 find themselves acting evil, just like the natives. A new recruit to the Time Variance Authority, assigned, several years ago (TVA-relative time) to track the Kang of Earth-878, found himself thoroughly repulsed by the universe and the Earth and dubbed it "Earth-Evil," and the name has stuck.

When Captain America, the leader of the Overlords, was informed that there was a major power source in another universe, and that it was in danger of being acquired by someone else, he gathered all the villains of Earth-878 and led them to that source, never dreaming that others would have the same idea....

Overlords (Avengers): Formed a few decades ago by various metahumans, the Overlords are the foremost superteam of Earth-878--and the ones who unofficially rule the Earth. Each of the founding members was brought together by the Norse god of evil, Loki, who desired to use them as a weapon against Asgard. Instead, the five founding members joined together to kill Loki. Discovering that they worked well as a team, and figuring out that they could do so much more together than they could individually, they joined together as the Overlords, and over the years, with the help of various other members, proceeded to establish themselves as the dominant power in the world, which they unofficially rule from their massive fortress in New York City's Central Park.

Captain America - A war hero renowned for his ruthless treatment of the enemy, including their P.O.W.s and civilians, he was frozen in ice and his sidekick killed. When he was revived, he seemed to have suffered from some brain damage, because he saw modern America as somehow having betrayed his ideals, and his own patriotism being the best and purest. Leads the Overlords because of his dominating personality, fearless approach to combat, and complete mastery of hand-to-hand combat. Runs Earth-878 through puppet Presidents.

Iron Man - Noted industrialist Tony Stark was shot down over South Vietnam during the war as he was inspecting South Vietnamese positions; as the largest supplier of weapons to the South Vietnamese government (in exchange for being cut in on their lucrative drug trade) he had an interest in how the war progressed. Stark was captured by the NVA and tortured, but a kindly South Vietnamese POW scientist helped Stark by creating a transistor that would regulate his weak heart. Stark thanked the scientist and used the transistors to build a set of power armor--and then wiped out the POW camp, and the scientist along with it, so that no one would know that Stark hadn't been the one to create the transistor-based technology. Since then Stark Industries has grown to be a world leader, and Stark's Iron Man persona is one of the most powerful and feared beings in the world.

Thor - The brother of Loki, and a true barbarian Viking, indulging his love of reaving, wenching, and boozing whenever possible. A brute God restrained only by his enjoyment of his comrades; he finds them suitably Viking-like.

Wonder Man - Originally a corrupt businessman who threw in with a Nazi war criminal, Wonder Man was subjected to a special treatment that gave him ionic powers. He has used them to establish a career as a movie star (producers and actors who were his rivals or somehow opposed or hindered him ended up dead) and to take whatever woman he wants.

Vision - Created from the deactivated corpse of a WWII war hero, the Vision is coldly logical, as only an emotionless android can be; his logic, ruthless in its efficiency, has long told him that the best and most efficient way for a world of humans to be run is for metahumans to be ruling it from the very top, and so the Vision helps the Overlords in every way, controlling the world's computers and its Internet as well as the militaries of various major countries.

The Scarlet Witch - Although an immigrant to America, she learned all too quickly the American ideals of greed, ruthlessness, and selfishness, and is now a paradigm for those virtues. As well, because of her upbringing, she has always had a weakness for cold men who would treat her badly, which is why she has married the Vision, who enjoys her physically (the Vision was constructed to be anatomically correct) but otherwise sees her as just another human--an attitude that Wanda Maximoff finds enjoyable in its unique abusiveness. More recently, however, she has decided to punish the Vision by sleeping with Wonder Man--a mistaken approach to take towards an android that can feel no guilt.

Justice and Firestar - the two survivors of the Warriors, they were recruited into the Overlords after the Warriors were crushed by the Overlords. Both of them are resentful, but appreciate that they were saved and so go along with the Overlords' plans and do as they are told.

Fantastic Four: The first post-WW2 team, they were formed when Reed Richards stole a government rocket and tried to be the first on to the moon, where Richards' instruments told him there were rich veins of uranium, adamantium, vibranium, and gold, which Richards and his wife, brother-in-law, and best friend all hoped to claim for themselves and mine. But Richards' calculations were flawed, and the rocket was exposed to a shower of cosmic rays, which transformed the four into superpowered metahumans. Knowing that if they separated they would be tracked down and killed by a fearful public, they banded together and began using their powers, and Richards' advanced technology, to impose their will on the world and to enrich themselves. Richards began exploring and exploiting other worlds, dimensions, and pocket universes, finding and taking alien technologies and weapons and using them for himself. His wife used her powers to establish a fashion design company and to kill her rivals, while her brother and her husbands' best friend went on sexual rampages.

Eventually, when the Overlords formed, there was an initial and very understandable rivalry between them. But Richards and Captain America eventually reached an amiable accord, where the Overlords were granted rulership of the Earth as long as the Fantastic Four were allowed free reign. This satisfied both sides; Richards knew that the FF would eventually lose if they faced off against the Overlords, while Captain America knew that the FF, with their highly-advanced weaponry and diverse powers, would slay many of the Overlords before they were killed.

Reavers (Defenders): the Doctor (Dr. Strange), Namor, Hulk, Nighthawk, Valkyrie, Silver Surfer, Son of Satan, Hellcat


Earth-357 is an Earth that is, in many ways, much like the other familiar Earths of superheroes and supervillains - the Earth-1s and 2s and 616s and 618s and so on.

Jenny Sparks
The Doctor
The Engineer
Jack Hawksmoor



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