Please note that the following was not my original work. It was originally owned by...someone else, I don't know who. This person kept it on his/her web site, and it was, I thought, a very useful piece of work that I was looking forward to mining for an upcoming project of mine. I thought it would be handy and available for quite some time.

I was wrong. It disappeared after a month or two or four of life.

But through a piece of Net.legerdemain I was able to rescue it, and now I'm going to host it, at least until the original owner comes along to rescue it or my project, which will blow this one away and make it look like the amateur (though interesting) work that it is, is complete.

So enjoy it for now, but realize that I wrote none of this.

- Jess Nevins



This site is dedicated to the lesser-known characters from the golden age of comics. Being a DC fan, I have sought out every character from a DC owned property that has either never been revived, or has only been revived in a minor appearance (such as one Who's Who entry).

This site started on a DC message board. I had run across a character called Mr. Alpha from an old issue of All Star Comics. Basically, he was a good guy turned temporarily evil who fought the Justice Society of America. I did a post called "the only Golden Age character never revived" and boy was I proved wrong. I got hundreds of responses, which eventually evolved into the listing below.

If you have access to any of these books and a scanner, please send me a picture of any of the character(s) below. If you know of any deserving characters that were left off, I would love to post it. You can reach me by going to the Guest Book link at the top.

The unrevived, obscure, and too-long forgotten...

`2001 Super Police - NEW FUN # 1 to MORE FUN # 14, featured Rex Cosmos. . They traveled via an all-purpose vehicle called the hi-lo that could go into space, underwater, etc. Also featured were Professor Shanley, his daughter Joan and the wimpy Axel Yoke. Their first foe was Captain Kiddlaw, “the wizard-pirate.” Though sci-fi devices showed up (like a force-field), it was not a terribly futuristic strip, particularly in terms of clothing. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

`711 – POLICE, Dan Dyce. His gimmick was as follows: He was put in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Finding an escape route, he escaped every issue(!), donning slouch hat, cape and domino mask (think the Crimson Avenger's first garb) fight crime, and be back in jail at the end. #711 was his prison number. He was killed in POLICE #15 and replaced by Destiny. * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by Mikishawm and John Moores

Alan Kane - ALL-AMERICAN COMICS # 1 * submitted by Mikishawm

Albert Zero - GREEN LANTERN # 15, as bookkeeper Albert Zero pulled down a ledger, all the contents of the shelf rained on his head. "Within his living brain, one tiny cell has been jarred by the accident...turned like a switch." Zero discovered that his every thought became reality. If he craved a glass of water, one appeared. Delivered to his home by an astonished Doiby Dickles, Albert dreamed that night of a city wracked by catastrophes -- skyscrapers collapsed, volcanos erupted in Central Park, trains derailed. Awakened by Green Lantern, Zero found that much of the city was in ruins and under martial law. Over Green Lantern's objections, the army targeted Albert for death but were dispersed by his power. In despair, Zero turned against the world and offered himself to a gang of thugs. Confronted by Green Lantern, Zero was unable to break through the hero's emerald barrier. Finally, GL took "the most drastic step of my career" and implanted all of his "knowledge and understa!
nding...the wisdom of Green Lantern" within Albert's brain. Finally capable of using his abilities constructively, Zero restored the city and left with the woman he loved. "Now I must go...I understand the work I have to prepare for!!" * submitted by Mikishawm

Allan Debeaufort - NEW COMICS # 1, WARRIOR COMICS # 1, The Iron Man, veteran of the Fourth Crusade and Knight Templar. * submitted by Mikishawm

Antelope Boy - ADVENTURE # 123 a jungle kid, coerced into running track for crooks. He referred to himself as 'Feets', and only appeared once in this Johnny Quick story * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Archers International - ADVENTURE COMICS #250, Green Arrows of the World, created by Jack “King” Kirby. They included the Archer of Arabia, the Ace Archer of Japan, the Bowman of Britain, the Emerald Bowman of India, the Marksman of Poland, the Phantom of France, the Troubador of Spain, Verde Fleche of Mexico, and more* submitted by Von-El, enhanced by Mikel Midnight

Astra - SENSATION COMICS, a female newscaster of the future * submitted by Xanadude, enhanced by Rich Morrissey

Atom Blake * submitted by Hellstone

Balbo the Boy Magician - * submitted by Hellstone

Barry O'Neill - ADVENTURE COMICS * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Bart Regan AKA Spy - THE COMICS MAGAZINE FUNNY PAGES # 2, originally a Federal Man, Seigel and Shuster strip, was moved to DETECTIVE COMICS #1 as a spy. He's a two fisted bluff kind of guy a la Slam Bradley and the Original Superman. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Betty Bates, Lady At Law. * submitted by John Moores

Black X. – SMASH COMICS, monocled spy, drawn by Eisner * submitted by John Moores

Blaze Barton * submitted by John Moores

The Blue Tracer * submitted by Eurostar

Bobby & Scotty - MORE FUN COMICS #9 and 20, * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

The Bombardiers - POLICE # 21, the Human Bomb's stooges, comedy relief, replacing Heustace Throckmorton, who also had the Bomb's powers, but in his feet. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Boyville Brigadiers - FEATURE COMICS # 46-101, they were partners of Rusty Ryan, dressed in Captain America-esque uniforms. The members included Ed, Pierpont, Lee and Alababa. Pierpont and Alababa continued to hang out with Rusty after the Brigadiers disappeared. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Bozo the Iron Man – SMASH COMICS #1, Hugh Hazard, robot superhero. The robot was created by a mad scientist, who sent the robot on a rampage through the city. Hugh Hazard, who seems to be some kind of playboy detective with scientific knowledge, is contacted by the police to help stop the robot. Hugh temporarily deactivates the robot, then crawled inside of its massive hollow chest and rides back to the mad doctor's lair. The scientist commits suicide when he realizes his plot was foiled. The robot is placed on a garbage scow by the authorities to be disposed of at sea. Hugh Hazard has a better idea. He retrieves the doctor's radio control device, and takes control of the robot to use it as a crime-fighting tool. In later stories, the robot is modified to fly using a propeller on its head. Eventually Hugh Hazard wears the hollow robot like a suit of armor. (in some stories the robot is called an "iron man “). Hugh Hazard and Bozo were the first robot superhero, the first "mech!
" hero, and the first robot on a comic book cover. He had a cameo in STARMAN # 64 * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by Dr. Van Thorp

Brad Hardy - NEW FUN, MORE FUN # 3-6, 8-28, 30-31, adventurer, his companion Lorraine Lewis and Prince Kardos were in a succession of conflicts in alien kingdoms against foes such as King Naga, leader of the Dre (evil beings that included humanoid Rat Men and Golden Bats), the Black Magician, the Spider Queen and the Grey People. A swipe of Alex Raymond’s “Flash Gordon.” * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Bruce Nelson - DETECTIVE COMICS * submitted by John Moores

Buckskin Jim - NEW FUN, MORE FUN # 1-18, a frontier strip featuring young Jim (looking like Tomahawk’s Dan Hunter) and the grizzled Trapper Pete as part of a wagon train. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Buddy Smith - NATIONAL # 1, though he was in SECRET ORIGINS # 19, Uncle Sam's gosh-geewhiz feisty kid sidekick, not to be confused with the Ray's pal Bud. You can see the former in an 80s SECRET ORIGINS. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Bulldog Martin - ADVENTURE COMICS # 40 * submitted by Mikishawm

Bulletdog - AMERICA'S GREATEST COMICS, slug, he could fly due to his Gravity Collar. * submitted by Superstone, enhanced by Mikel Midnight

Burp The Twerp * submitted by John Moores

Cap´n Erik - MORE FUN COMICS * submitted by Hellstone

Captain Compass - STAR-SPANGLED COMICS, naval detective * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by John Moores

Captain Fortune - FEATURE COMICS, adventurer * submitted by John Moores

Captain Grim - NEW FUN, MORE FUN #3-15, * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Captain Quick - NEW COMICS, adventurer * submitted by John Moores

Captain Venture - Flash Gordon-alike * submitted by John Moores

Captain X - Richard Dare, American aviator for the RAF, revived as Firestorm's grandfather around 15 years ago, plus his lightweight plane Jenny. He had a page in old Who's Who and a cameo in STARMAN #66 * submitted by John Moores

Charlie Fish - NEW FUN # 4-6 and MORE FUN # 7-9, a nice-looking humor one-pager by Vin Sullivan * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Chuck Dawson – ACTION COMICS #1 * submitted by John Moores

Cliff Cornwall - FLASH COMICS, a pilot, a Gardner Fox creation * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Cliff Crosby - DETECTIVE COMICS * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Clip Carson - ACTION COMICS, MORE FUN COMICS, a private eye created by Bob Kane, he swapped strips with Congo Bill * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Clip Chance - FEATURE FUNNIES # 7-16 and SMASH COMICS # 1-15, * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

The Clock – killed in text piece in Starman #19. * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by Mikishawm

Clown, the - TNT villain * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by John Moores

Clown, the - Hawkman villain * submitted by John Moores

Commando Yank

Cosmo, the Phantom of Disguise - DETECTIVE COMICS * submitted by John Moores

Cotton Carver - ADVENTURE # 35-65, An adventurer in a land beneath the Earth (like Skartaris). Mark Lansing ventured into the same region, explicitly named Mikishawm, in ADVENTURE # 53-62. And Steve Conrad paid a final visit in ADVENTURE # 69. * submitted by Mikishawm

The Cowboy Marshal - WESTERN COMICS * submitted by Hellstone

Cyclone - National Comics #1-4, his adventures take place in the year 3000 AD. Cyclone is a space aviator, and upon the discovery of a tenth planet in Earth’s solar system, the Grand Solar Council decides to grant this new planet to the planet whose champion aviator can reach it first. Cyclone is chosen to represent Earth, and the other planet’s (apparently all being colonized sometime ago) choose their own representatives. The space race begins, and Cyclone learns that Joy Daye, a young woman who wants to be a planetary pioneer, has sneaked aboard his rocket ship. After refueling on an asteroid, Cyclone’s ship is attacked by King Murdo, the pilot of Mars’ ship. The other contestants help Cyclone defeat not only Murdo’s ship, but a fleet of Martian destroyers called in to help. The first to land on the new planet, Cyclone names it “Vito” (really!), and radios the Solar Council to stake his claim. A fleet of rockets full of pioneers from Earth soon departs for Vito, and upon se!
eing her new planet/home, Joy remarks “Oh, Cyclone, it’s going to be perfect here with you!” * submitted by D. R. Black

Dale Evans - DALE EVANS # 1; exists in current continuity as Sally Sanders -- see EL DIABLO # 12 * submitted by Mikishawm

The Dark Angel - sultry Spy Smasher foe * submitted by John Moores

Death Patrol – MILITARY COMICS #1-12, 27-30, MODERN COMICS # 52, a Dirty-Dozen style psuedo-Blackhawks made up of criminals. Jack Cole’s Death Patrol began in 1941 with fired airline exec Del Van Dyne, who decided to leave the U.S. on the spur of the moment and head to England to help fight in the war. Discovering several escaped convicts aboard (Butch O'Keefe, Gramps, Hank, Peewee and Slick Ward), Del appealed to their patriotism in joining him in his mission. After watching the plane mow down several Nazi planes, the R.A.F. agreed to sponsor the men. Peewee died during their first adventure and Del sadly observed that "something tells me this is gonna be a death patrol... Say! That’d be a good name for us: The Death Patrol!” Garbed in matching striped outfits (recalling most of the group’s prison origins), the Patrol saw more members die in later episodes, sometimes new recruits, sometimes originals. Quality used the Death Patrol name one final time in BLACKHAWK # 46 when th!
e men in black fought a squadron by that name. * submitted by John Moores, enhanced by Mikishawm

Destiny - POLICE COMICS # 15, he took over 711's strip when the latter was surprisingly killed in POLICE COMICS # 15. Destiny was a suit character who had supernormal powers re: discovering and ferreting out crime and violence. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Destroying Demon – FEATURE # 39-40 was Bruce Blackburn, who also appeared in FEATURE # 32-56. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by John Moores and Mikishawm

Detective Sergeant Carey of the Chinatown Squad - NEW ADVENTURE # 14, 16-17, 19-20, 23-24, 26-28, MORE FUN # 35-72, detective, along with partner Sleepy Smith, debuted with a long serial involving a kidnapper named Sin Fu. The detectives were forced to pursue the villain to China, where he planned to overthrow the government. The final episode returned Carey to the locale, where he helped a Chinese diplomat bring down a ring of saboteurs. Carey fired a bullet into a gas tank next to villains, the resulting explosion destroying the villains and leaving him hospitalized. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Devil's Dagger - MASTER COMICS * submitted by Eurostar

Diamond Jack - SLAM-BANG COMICS #1 TO 7, a plain clothes guy with a magic gem. * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by Hellstone

Doc Wackey and his monkey Gabby * submitted by John Moores

Don Drake on the Planet Saro - NEW FUN COMICS, DC's first space explorers, they were other characters whose strip ending on a cliffhanger. Cornered by revolutionaries in their final appearance in MORE FUN # 17, they haven't been heard from since. It was kind of a cheesy strip, visually somewhat reminiscent of Buck Rogers. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Don Glory - boxing champ * submitted by John Moores

Don Q - diplomat and International Man Of Mystery * submitted by John Moores

Doris West - ALL-AMERICAN # 1, a federal agent who worked with Red, White and Blue. * submitted by Mikishawm

Dover & Clover - MORE FUN COMICS, bumbling twin detectives created by Whitney Ellsworth and Henry Boltinoff * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Dr Pat - SENSATION COMICS# 94-95, a woman physician. * submitted by Xanadude, enhanced by Mbert and Mikishawm

The Dragon - DOLL MAN # 2-6, secretly Red McGraw. * submitted by Mikishawm

El Carim – magician * submitted by voyage17

The Fargo Kid – western hero * submitted by John Moores

Flying Fox – MORE FUN COMICS, Rex Darrell * submitted by John Moores

Full-Steam Foley - WORLD'S FINEST COMICS, riverboat captain * submitted by Rich Morrissey

G-2 - NATIONAL # 27, Don Leash * submitted by Mikishawm

G-5, Super Agent - HIT # 1, originally X5 * submitted by Mikishawm

Gargantua T. Potts – ACTION COMICS, stereotyped black sidekick to Tex Thompson, he joined the French army as a cook in ACTION COMICS #26 * submitted by Mikishawm

Gary Hawkes – MORE FUN COMICS * submitted by John Moores

The Gas House Gang - ADVENTURE # 35, MORE FUN # 108-126, The Gang was a bunch of bullies who tried to shakedown a mild-mannered new kid, unaware that he was a midget boxing champ. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Gay Ghost, the (later Grim Ghost) * submitted by John Moores

Genius Jones - ADVENTURE # 77, Johnny Jones, In 1930, young Johnny Jones was shipwrecked on an island with all of the books that his drowned Uncle Joe had accumulated on a three year cruise -- 734 volumes! Johnny read them all over the course of ten years -- and then burned them to attract a passing ship. Using the knowledge he had acquired, Johnny went into business as Genius Jones (a.k.a. the Answerman). A mishap soiled Johnny's clothes and several "impoverished actors" loaned him parts of their costumes. Answerman ended up in a grey shirt and pants, red tights and cape and a yellow hood and goggles. In his first adventure, Genius Jones rescued Mary Brown from the evil Gaunt and Mary became his girlfriend. One cute episode ADVENTURE # 88 had a crime convention ("Best crook o' da year ... da Joker!"). Nominations for "da biggest menace ta crime what's gotta be bumped off" are Batman & Robin, "da Kid and Stripesy," and Answerman. Naturally, Johnny "won." A very cute strip, ori!
ginally written by Alfred Bester and drawn by Stan Kaye. It ran in ADVENTURE # 77-102, ALL-FUNNY # 1-16 and MORE FUN # 108-126. A character named Genius Jones (in a story inked by Kaye) later appeared in JIMMY OLSEN # 36. * submitted by Mikishawm

George Tanaka, American

Ghost of Flanders * submitted by Eurostar

The Ghost Patrol - FLASH COMICS, three pilots who came back from the dead to continue the fight against the Axis * submitted by dpeattie, enhanced by Rich Morrissey

Golden Arrow * submitted by Eurostar

The Great Defender – cameo in THE GOLDEN AGE # 4 * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by Mikishawm

Guerilla - ADVENTURE # 84, Mike Gibbs * submitted by Mikishawm

Hack O'Hara - tough New York cabbie * submitted by John Moores

Hayfoot Henry - ACTION COMICS, a comedy strip about a poetic cop written entirely in rhyme, by Alvin Schwartz and Stan Kaye * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Hercules – cameo in THE GOLDEN AGE # 4, revealed to suffer from Alzheimer's in STARMAN * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by Mikishawm & Hellstone

Hop Harrigan - ALL-AMERICAN COMICS, aviator. With pal Tank Tinker, he battled bad guys in the air. Hop was a costumed hero for three issues of ALL-AMERICAN COMICS as the Guardian Angel, but soon gave that up, and the identity has never been revived. He was popular enough to warrant his own radio show from 1942 to 2948, voiced by Cester Stratton, peaking during the war, and his own movie serial in 1946, with William Blakewell playing Hop. * submitted by John Moores, enhanced by Bomber

Human Target * submitted by Von-El

Hunchback – Allan Lanier, a wealthy man about town. He decided to fight crime as an "...ugly dwarfed menace...{which} should strike sheer horror into the hearts of bad men...the terrible Hunchback, spine-chilling figure of the night!" He battered crooks with a crutch, and strangled a corrupt D.A. to death. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by John Moores

Hurricane Hanson - sea adventurer * submitted by John Moores


Invisible Hood, the

Jack and Jill - married detectives a la The Thin Man movies * submitted by John Moores

Jack Andrews, All American Boy - MORE FUN COMICS * submitted by Hellstone

Jack Steele - DETECTIVE # 28 * submitted by Mikishawm

Jack Williams - ALL-AMERICAN # 20 * submitted by Mikishawm

Jaguar Boy - ADVENTURE # 115 * submitted by Mikishawm

Jane Arden - CRACK COMICS * submitted by John Moores

Jim Dolan - magazine editor * submitted by John Moores

Jimminy and His Magic Book - MORE FUN COMICS, fantasy strip by Howard Post * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Joanie Swift – ACTION COMICS #196, speedster * submitted by Von-El

Johnny Everyman - COMIC CAVALCADE # 8-14; WORLD’S FINEST # 15-26, 28, 30, star of a strip that examined predudice and bigotry. * submitted by Mikishawm

Johnny Peril - COMIC CAVALCADE, ALL-STAR COMICS, SENSATION COMICS, THE UNEXPECTED, adventurer, he had a brief revival in the 70’s * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Jungle Boy - NEW COMICS # 4, a white youth raised in the jungle. He was called Sandor in the next issue * submitted by Mikishawm

Jungle King – Tarzan type with a talking lion * submitted by John Moores

The Jungle Twins - * submitted by John Moores

Just'n right * submitted by Eurostar

Kid Dixon - boxing champ * submitted by John Moores

Kid Patrol - HIT # 1, Quality's answer to the Boy Commandos * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

The King - King Standish, master of disguise * submitted by mbert

King Carter - MORE FUN # 49-54, a globe-trotting adventurerer accompanied by his buddy, pilot Red Rogers * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Lady Danger - SENSATION COMICS# 84-93, Valerie Vaughn, crusading reporter. Her boyfriend was a private eye with the unfortunate-in-retrospect name of Gary Grath!) * submitted by Rich Morrissey, enhanced by Mikishawm

Lady Luck - * submitted by voyage17

Lance O'Casey - Whiz #2 * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by John Moores

Lando, Man of Magic - WORLD'S BEST # 1 * submitted by Mikishawm

Lee Preston of the Red Cross * submitted by John Moores

Lion Boy - HIT # 6, a Tarzan-a-like, wild child raised by lions (who else?) in the jungle. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Little Linda - NEW FUN, MORE FUN # 2-30, a Little Orphan Annie riff drawn in Ellsworth’s humorous style. Orphan Linda was eventually adopted by the wealthy Silas Flint. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Little Miss Redhead - SENSATION # 72, a later member of Little Boy Blue and The Blue Boys * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Little People - MORE FUN # 8, a one-pager in MORE FUN # 8 that featured a woman with an Irish brogue telling her son the story of Corby O’Glin, “king o’ the Little People. Befriending “a poor O’Toole” who was deeply in debt, Corby rounded up his subjects and “called a special meetin’ to see if they could help the O’Toole. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Lt. Bob Neal - MORE FUN # 36-63, sailor. With his buddy, Tubby Potts, they found adventure in seaports around the world in Sub. 662. The sub was commandeered by Admiral Grant, whose daughter, Patricia, dated Bob. As other Americans evacuated war-torn Moravia in late 1940, Bob and Tubby remained behind to help the beleaguered country's King Peter * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Lucky Lawton - a cowboy gunslinger * submitted by John Moores

Madame Fatal - Madame Fatal died off-panel, revealed in JSA #1. * submitted by Apollo, enhanced by Hellstone

Magic Crystal of History - NEW FUN, MORE FUN # 1-10, 12-50, Bobby and Binks were looking into the Magic Crystal when suddenly -- they found themselves in ancient Egypt! The Great Pyramid is being built!! It is 4000 B.C.!!” As the strip passed through a succession of artists, the kids played an active role in the adventure that included King Tut. The serial stopped at the end of MORE FUN # 10. When the series resumed in under Homer Fleming’s hand, Bobby and Binks were now passive observers in the present, watching history unfold in the Magic Crystal. The series had worked its way to the late 1600s and “The Youth of Peter the Great” by the final episode. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Magno (The Magnetic man)

Margo the Magician - UNCLE SAM QUARTERLY * submitted by Hellstone

Mark Lansing - ADVENTURE # 53 * submitted by Mikishawm

Mark Swift and his Time Retarder - SLAM-BANG COMICS #1 TO 7 * submitted by John Moores

Marksman * submitted by Eurostar

Master-Man - MASTER COMICS # 1-7, Fawcett's first "Superhero" who possessed the power of strength and speed. He appeared in MASTER COMICS when it was oversized, and was replaced with Bulletman as the lead from NICKLE COMICS when MASTER COMICS merged with SLAM-BANG. * submitted by nitekatt

Maximillian O'Leary – Sargon sidekick * submitted by John Moores

Merlin - NATIONAL COMICS #1 to #45, Jock Kellog, a not so rich playboy, he’s spent the last of his fortune when he learns that his uncle is dying. Hoping to get a sizeable inheritance, Jock speeds to his uncle’s house. His uncle tells Jock that they both are descendents of Merlin the Magician from King Arthur’s time, and instead of money, the uncle bequeaths Jock a hooded robe that has been handed down through the family for generations. Returning to his home flat broke, Jock dons the old robe rather than carry it. A minute later, he sees a woman jumping out of a window, and impulsively shouts “STOP!” To Jock’s amazement, the woman freezes in mid air. After ordering her to slowly descend to the ground, Jock realizes that wearing the cloak grants him the magical powers of his ancestor Merlin. Now calling himself Merlin, Jock swears to fight evil, and pledges his life “to freeing peace from the shackles of war. Both Merlin and fellow Quality magician Tor are killed by Stalker in!
 their first and only DC appearance in 1999's ALL STAR COMICS #1. * submitted by D. R. Black

Midnight Jones * submitted by Hellstone

Midshipman Jack Dewey & the Pirates – FUN, MORE FUN # 3-19, sailor. Serving on the Hornet, Jack became embroiled in a mutiny aboard and eventually was imprisoned by African slavers. In his last recorded appearance, Jack was plotting his escape. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Minute Man

Minute-Man Martin - ADVENTURE # 53, Jimmy Martin. Hourman's sidekick. He was part of a sponsored/patronized gang of sidekicks called The Minute Men Of America. He was the main guy who represented them at first then Thorndyke took over, with his cap and jersey over his mouth. You can see him as 'Second Sweep' in Young Justice currently. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Miss America

Miss X - ACTION # 26-27 & 29-30, Janice "Peggy" Maloney, mystery woman whose
disguise consisted solely of black glasses. Daughter of District Attorney Maloney * submitted by Mikishawm

Mister Weed - NEW COMICS # 1, Oliver Weed, the first DC time-traveler, by Sheldon Mayer * submitted by Mikishawm

Mouthpiece - appeared in SMASH COMICS. He's Bill Perkins, a disgruntled D.A. He's a Midnight/Spirit clone in suit and hat. He appears also to be a borderline psychopath, having fired A HARPOON through a criminal in one forties story. He last appeared in the Dr. Mid-Nite mini-series. * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by John Moores and superboymddjr

Mr. Alpha - Mr.Alpha was Fred Kincaid, an old college bud of Jay Garrick's from All-Star #50. He went straight after serving his time, according to Jay in AMERICA VS THE JUSTICE SOCIETY * submitted by Bomber, enhanced by John Moores


Mysto the magician * submitted by Von-El

Nadir - NEW ADVENTURE # 17, strangled into unconsciousness and abducted in the cliffhanger of his LAST appearance in # 30! * submitted by Mikishawm

Ned Brant - CRACK COMICS * submitted by John Moores

Neon the Unknown

Peachy Pet Thunder - FLASH COMICS # 21, Johnny Thunder’s adopted daughter, who replaced him for one issue -- FLASH COMICS # 55 -- but has only made a cameo -- JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA (second series) # 5 -- in current continuity * submitted by Mikishawm

Pelion & Ogga - NEW FUN # 1-6 and MORE FUN # 7-18, 20, a humor strip by John Lindermayr (and later Al Stahl and Bill Carney) featuring the anthromorphic adventures of a penguin and an orange polar bear * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Penniless Palmer - STAR-SPANGLED COMICS, impoverished private eye * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Pep Morgan – ACTION COMICS #1 * submitted by John Moores

The Phantom Clipper - skippered by Tiger Shark * submitted by John Moores

Phantom Eagle - Wow Comics #6, Mickey Malone, a Fawcett aviator. He flew planes as a kid, but was too young to fight in the war, so he took matters into his own hands, wearing blue and gray. He lasted till 1948. * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by John Moores

Pinky/Mr.Scarlet II

Plain Clothes Pete - DETECTIVE COMICS * submitted by Hellstone

Private Dogtag, the World's Dumbest Soldier - MILITARY COMICS * submitted by Hellstone

Prop Powers - NATIONAL COMICS, another aviator, this time for the Coast Guard * submitted by John Moores

The Purple Trio – crime fighting vaudevillians, ventriloquist Warren, strongman Rocky and midget Tiny * submitted by John Moores

Radar - CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES # 35 (debut) appeared in MASTER COMICS # 50-87. His name was Pep Pepper. A mind reader and the son of carny folk. He was a Fawcett character, and the Big Red Cheese introduced him. * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by Mikishawm

Radio Squad – a Gangbusters-style cop strip * submitted by John Moores

Ralph Jackson

Ralph Ventor NEW COMICS # 8, enhanced by Mikishawm

Rambler Jim - NEW FUN # 1-6 and MORE FUN # 7, a young homeless boy who ran afoul of thugs. His capture of the three gangsters led to the youngster being befriended by reporter "Click" Allen . After learning that Jim's missing father was well-known explorer Admiral Craig Hunter, Allen accompanied the boy to the shack he shared with Ol' Scratch and watched as Jim received a five hundred dollar reward for his earlier actions. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Rance Keane * submitted by John Moores

The Raven - FEATURE # 60, He wore wings and a big raven's head mask. With Spider Widow, they were the Golden Age’s answer to Green Arrow and Black Canary. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores and Mikishawm

Ray and Gail - NEW ADVENTURE COMICS, a brother and sister on a world tour * submitted by Rich Morrissey

The Red Gaucho - * submitted by John Moores

The Red Torpedo

Red, White and Blue - ALL-AMERICAN # 1, a soldier, a sailor and a marine. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Redcoat Patrol - MORE FUN # 39-42, 45-72, Mounties. Featuring Sergeant O’Malley as a a Canadian Mountie frequently joined by his Indian partner Black Hawk and his dog, Flame. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Rick O'Shay - soldier of fortune * submitted by John Moores

Robotgirl – DETECTIVE COMICS # 177, one time partner of Robotman * submitted by Von-El, enhanced by Hellstone and Mikishawm

Rodeo Rick - WESTERN COMICS * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Roh Kar * submitted by Von-El

Rusty and His Pals - an early Bob Kane riff on Milton Caniff's "Terry and the Pirates," and the first collaboration between Kane and writer Bill Finger, soon to co-create Batman * submitted by Rich Morrissey

Sally Norris - DETECTIVE # 1 * submitted by Mikishawm

Sally O´Neill, Police Woman - Quality * submitted by Hellstone

Sam the Porter - MORE FUN # 12, 14-21, 25-27, 29, 30, NEW COMICS # 5, NEW ADVENTURE # 12, 17-19, 26-28 and ADVENTURE # 33, 53, black hotel porter, stereotyped humor strip. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Samar - FEATURE # 32, a Tarzan clone. * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Sandra of the Secret Service - NEW FUN # 1 to MORE FUN # 35, a short-haired
brunette, whose first adventure involved spies from the country of Gavonia. Sandra was also fairly accomplished in disguising. In some episodes, Sandra seemed positively
cowardly, in others unnervingly decisive. In MORE FUN # 25, for instance, after being rescued by the Marines from the Brain’s island fortress, she was emphatic that the entire landmass be destroyed by a torpedo -- and the captain complied. “Rough way to administer justice but it was their destruction or the world’s.” * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Sandy Kean of "Radio Squad" - MORE FUN # 11 * submitted by Mikishawm

Shipwreck Roberts, Undersea Diver * submitted by John Moores

Sir Butch - ADVENTURE # 124, the Shining Knight's sidekick. He was a 'Dead-End Kid' 'knighted' by King Arthur on one of Sir Justin's periodic (and unexplained) trips back to his own time. Sir Butch could be the lamest character drawn by Frank Frazetta! * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Skipper Hicks - NEW FUN, MORE FUN # 6-8, THE COMICS MAGAZINE (FUNNY PAGES) # 1-11, humor strip ala ‘Thimble Theatre. A supporting character, Popbottles, is a pretty obvious amalgamation of Popeye and Wimpy. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Slim Pickins - NEW FUN # 5, humor strip. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

The Sniper * submitted by John Moores

Space Legion * submitted by John Moores

Spider Widow - FEATURE #57-72, Dianne Grayton, a beautiful heiress who could control spiders and who dressed like a witch. Teamed up with The Raven, but she was the boss. She crossed-over with the Phantom Lady at one point. The Raven visited the Phantom Lady in POLICE # 20 but ended up getting captured along with Sandra Knight’s father. He flirted with Phantom Lady relentlessly, setting the stage for POLICE # 21, where the Spider Widow (minus crone-like mask) came calling. The two women were manipulated by crooks into having a fencing duel but it was Raven who took the most punishment when the thugs were brought to justice. On opposite sides of his hospital bed, Sandra and Dianne continued to squabble over who Raven likes best. All had been forgiven by the time Phantom Lady bid them farewell at the beginning of POLICE # 22. * submitted by Eurostar, enhanced by John Moores and Mikishawm

Spike Spalding - NEW FUN, MORE FUN # 3-20, 27, a cross between “Wash Tubbs” and“Terry and the Pirates. * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

Spin Shaw - aviator * submitted by John Moores

Spitfire - Tex Adams, Eagle Squadron pilot * submitted by John Moores

Spy Smasher

Steve Carson - NEW COMICS # 2, of Federal Men was another Seigel and Shuster thang, and curiously in an early issue (1936) Steve met a Federal Man of the future- called Jor-L! * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Steve Kerrigan - HIT COMICS, another guy like #711 * submitted by John Moores

Steve Malone, District Attorney - DETECTIVE COMICS, mainly known as the first comic book character Gardner Fox ever created or wrote * submitted by Rich Morrissey

The Strange Twins - HIT COMICS # 1-24, one was good (Scotland Yard detective
Douglas) and one was evil (Tong leader Rodney). * submitted by John Moores

Streak Sloan, boy newsreel explorer * submitted by John Moores

Stretch Skinner - SENSATION # 4, Hiram Skinner, Wildcat sidekick, first encountered Wildcat when ol' Ted was on the trail of some crooks; the tall, skinny country boy with the hick accent was later ripped off by chiselers who claimed they could make him ' detecatiff'. Wildcat busted 'em up and Skinner tagged along for good. He took on a costumed alias in one Wildcat story, becoming Tomcat in SENSATION # 49 * submitted by Mikishawm, enhanced by John Moores

Swing Sisson - FEATURE # 124, a band leader and adventurer from Quality's FEATURE COMICS. He was joined by vocalist Bonnie Baxter and sax player Toby Tucker. Swing fought at least one masked crook, the Maestro * submitted by Hellstone, enhanced by Mikishawm

The Sword * submitted by Eurostar

Taia - Ibis The Invincible's lovely consort * submitted by John Moores


Ted Dolliver - ALL-AMERICAN # 1 * submitted by Mikishawm

The Third Archer - ADVENTURE # 162 * submitted by Mikishawm

Three Aces * submitted by John Moores

Tiger Boy I - ADVENTURE # 74, Tarsi * submitted by Mikishawm

Tiger-Boy II - STAR-SPANGLED # 106, Kamba * submitted by Mikishawm

Tod Hunter, Jungle Master - ADVENTURE COMICS * submitted by Hellstone

Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor - WORLD'S FINEST COMICS * submitted by Hellstone

Tong – Zatara sidekick, strongman * submitted by Dr. Van Thorp, enhanced by Mikishawm

Tor – Magician, killed with fellow Quality magician Merlin by Stalker in their first and only DC appearance in 1999's All Star Comics #1. * submitted by D. R. Black

Ultra Man - ALL-AMERICAN COMICS # 8-19 and ALL-STAR COMICS #1, adventurer in the future. Born on the battlefields of France in
, GARY CONCORD lost his parents during World War One and vowed "to wipe out war." In an underground bunker, Concord was on the verge of creating a chemical so powerful that he would use "its very frightfulness to force man to peace." In early July of 1950, a catastrophic world war struck the United States and bombing raids struck Concord's lab, knocking scores of chemicals to the floor. The volatile mixture created a foam that threatened to engulf the trapped Concord. Moments before he sank into the mixture, Gary at last hit upon and recorded his "formula for peace." Gary awakened to find the chemicals draining from his bunker thanks to an earthquake (ALL-AMERICAN # 8). To his astonishment, the year was now 2174! With mankind still racked by war, Concord (now enhanced with greater height and muscle due to the foam) returned to his formula for peace. Using derivatives of the foam, bombs struck war-mongering cities and placed their inhabitants in suspended animation. Hailed as a!
 man of peace, Concord married a woman named Leanadra and they had a son, Gary II, in 2214. Concord died at the age of 100 (or 324) in 2239 (ALL-AMERICAN # 9). Gary II continued his father's good works as Ultra-Man (ALL-AMERICAN # 9-18). He was revived in LEGIONNAIRES ANNUAL # 3 * submitted by voyage17, enhanced by Mikishawm

The Unknown * submitted by Eurostar

USA * submitted by Eurostar

The Voice - FEATURE # 32 * submitted by Mikishawm

Volto – martian * submitted by Von-El

The War Bird - a pilot/airplane strip * submitted by John Moores

Warlock the Wizard - magic strip * submitted by John Moores

The Whip – FLASH COMICS # 1-55, SENSATION # 43, BIG ALL-AMERICAN # 1 and ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 31, basically DC’s take on Zorro. In 19th century Mexico, Don Fernando Suarez protected the poor as El Castigo (“the Whip”). His story was related in FLASH COMICS # 1, which quickly segued one hundred years ahead to 1940, where wealthy young Rodney Elwood Gaynor and his driver, Wing Tai, drove into Seguro, Texas while on a leisurely trip across America. They met Marissa Dillon of the Seguro Sentinel and discovered that poor Mexicans were still facing abuse at the hands of the corrupt legal system. Rod learned of the legend of El Castigo from Padre Demo and decided to assume the role himself to give the people hope. He freed the embattled Carlos from jail and left the witnesses wondering.