Grzny, a traveller and adventurer from one of the Conceptual Dimensions, had been attracted to the M'Krann by the lure of unlimited power, as most of the other beings on the plain had been. However, on arriving at the world of the M'krann Grzny had discovered that the M'krann was completely impervious to his attacks, and so shrugged, inasmuch as a mathematical progression is capable of shrugging, and sat back to watch the show. Grzny, after leaving his homeworld [1], had spent two centuries wandering through the Conceptual Dimensions, helping smaller and weaker concepts avoid the deadly snares of the Paralogia and the tentacles of the Ad Hominem Tu Quoque while enriching himself by venturing into the lower solid dimensions and leaving copies of himself in the minds of material mortals. While he cared about helping others, and had even teamed up, on one memorable occasion, with the Logicals, to stop the Trojan meme Schadenfreude, what Grzny RRR most cared about was having a good time and being entertained. But when he'd seen the "Apocalypse" solid seize control of the M'krann he realised that he--and all of the Conceptual Dimensions--were in danger, and resolved to do what he could to save them, regardless of the danger to himself.

[1] Of course, the Conceptual Dimensions exist on the boundaries of Myth Space, where the four dimensions of Earth's Cosmos--length, width, depth, and time--are but four of many different dimensions. In the Conceptual Dimensions there are no planets or suns, or even black holes; such things are products of and natives to the "solid dimensions" [2]. In the Conceptual Dimensions the natives are warmed by the ideas of love and compassion and Pi and where the "space" of the Dimensions are warped and gradually eaten by the singularity concepts of hate and logical paradoxes. Concept Space contains ideas and archetypes and icons, which affect other ideas in the same way that stars and planets affect human beings and meteors.

Which is why Grzny had no real "homeworld," but instead a cluster of thought concepts, which spawned Grzny and many other quite similar progressions, like Grzny's spawning partner Dkrtzy RRR who had gone on to fame as a Green Lantern on Earth-1 of the solid dimensions.

[2] A somewhat derogatory phrase for universes and dimensions such as Earth's Cosmos, usually uttered by a resident of one of the other kinds of universes and containing the implication that said dimension lacks intelligence, imagination, and the other qualities (most inexpressible in human languages) that those of the Conceptual Dimension value the most. Solidity, to races such as the one that birthed Grzny RRR, was a flaw, and a "solid" was someone who was inferior.

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