The 1930s and 1940s were a time of great upheaval, from the despair of the Depression to the jubilation of the War's victory. The Forties had anger and the war; the Thirties had madness and energy. Many stories have been told and continue to be told about the major heroes and villains of the 1930s and 1940s, their triumphs and tragedies, and how they saved the world and helped end the war.

But more went on in America and around the world than can be seen by a perusal of the adventures of the Justice Society and the All-Star Squadron. Before the big names, there were costumed heroes, active and fighting against evil and dying for good. While the big names grabbed the attention, the obscure and hidden heroes went about their business, helping America and the world.

New Fun is about them, the unknown heroes, the ones forgotten about and never known about. It's about doing good and keeping quiet about it. It's about sacrificing for everyone. It's about fighting and dying for a cause. It's not new, and it's not fun, but it is heroic, and that's the best thing anyone can be.

Issue #7: Fate and Destiny

Issue #8: Conversations and Arguments

Issue #9: Wild Life

Issue #10: Complications

Issue #11: Contact

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