By now those beings over the plain had gathered into a circle around the Crystal, their outlines growing ever more translucent and ethereal. The hooded, triple-faced, yellow figure who had previously been merged with the ground was now beside the others above the Crystal. From each being beams and rays of different colors and shapes and energies flowed, into the Crystal, and as time passed and more energy went from them into the Crystal, a thin sheath of glowing white light began to surround and cover the Crystal.

As the figures poured more and more energy into the M'krann, their appearances began to alter and shift, changing from being vague and translucent to being more clearly visible and more defined. So too did their size change; the triple-faced yellow figure grew in size as the human-looking woman in robes and a headband shrank, the many beings arrayed in ranks, seeming to stretch off, behind them, into infinity, remaining the same. The armored red giant grew in size, as did the balding being in white robes and the purple-skinned being with the strange green symbol on its front. When the Vision joined them, and began sending energies, via his eyebeams, into the Crystal, he shrank in size, finally becoming smaller than nearly all of the others, his features growing increasingly alien.

Looming over all of them, however, was the winged, human figure with the white robes, whose white halo suddenly became visible. He grew and grew and grew, until those who saw him (this group being a scant handful of the beings on the plain, nearly all of whom were occupied in battle, charging for the Crystal, or lying wounded or dying on the plain) felt that they could not take in the totality of his being. His eyes, too, began to glow, a brightness and color which hurt to look upon. From him alone no energies moved into the Crystal; to look at him it seemed he was motionless. But somehow he moved, slowly and incrementally, between eye-blinks or when the viewer looked away; he seemed almost, to some of the humans looking at him, to be a stop-motion photography effect. As best the humans on the plain could tell (for focussing on the winged being was almost painfully difficult), his arm was, quite slowly, moving across his body, to something hanging from his side.

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