The seconds were ticking by, and the plain and the crowds of beings on it were growing increasingly strange. In the first few minutes of the battle most of the figures on the plain had been humanoid, and although they all either dashed towards the Crystal or fell into combat with each other, their actions were easily comprehensible to the others (those very, very few others who were not occupied with gaining access to the Crystal or attacking others on the plain). Now, however, things had become quite strange. The fundament of the plain began to buck and heave, as if something powerful and chained beneath its surface was straining to be free. Strange plants and trees and other flora, some obviously closely related to animal life forms and some which could only remotely be related to any kind of conceivable fauna, surged up through the rough, stony soil of the plain, some whipping across the plain and then shriveling and deliquescing, some growing and then suddenly halting at a certain size, and some performing strange, nearly-intelligent movements. Bizarre creatures, many of which were clearly not carbon-based beings, appeared and began moving across the plain and through the air, some rampaging and attacking everything in their path, others avoiding the other beings and fleeing for the outer edges of the plain. Odd colors and surges of light and airy matter flashed through the air, and exotic and bizarre sounds echoed across the plain. Many beings which were scarcely comprehensible to the others appeared and performed similarly incomprehensible actions, or attacked the others, or simply stood and seemed to observe the events.

The green, man-shaped robot at the base of the Crystal, dictating to itself at a high speed, was now quite clearly splitting its attention between the events on the plain and those beings in the skies over the plain. Its eyes were rotating, from looking out at the plain to looking up into the air, at a rate of once per micro-second. Except for its manipulation of the machinery on its chest, it was motionless, but as the seconds and minutes passed there was that about its posture and its speaking voice (though an unwavering monotone, its cadence betrayed something that in a human might be called emotion) that displayed an increasing unease, and even something approaching fear.

The beings over the plain, too, were acting differently. The beams of light and darkness and energy which were flowing from their bodies into the Crystal were splitting and flowing into each other and off into space, flaring briefly as they seemed to touch something in the skies over the world of the M'krann and then winking out. As with the green robot, had there been any with the time and opportunity to concentrate clearly on them, and with the superhuman senses and perception to see them as they truly were, they would have noticed that, like the green robot, their body language and expressions, though seemingly benign, unconcerned, and/or neutral, began to express a disquiet, focussed on the large, white-winged, white-haloed human-looking figure, whose face was chillingly placid and whose arm continued to move, glacially slow and glacially unstoppable, towards the thing (which could not be focussed on, for whatever it was eluded the eye) hanging from its waist.

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