The two teams of Avengers at the base of the M'krann, next to the Liberators, found themselves under heavy attack as well. But unlike the Liberators, their numbers were much fewer and they had lost many more friends and allies over the years, and so the attacks were much more damaging and the Avengers' responses far more desperate.

Major Mexico and the Avengers of Earth-573 found themselves bracketed, and pressed hard. On their left were Esteban Desconocido, the former Brujo Supremo, and his group Defensors, the valiant men and women of the southern continent of the United States of Mexico who, based out of Rio de Janeiro, had fought for over a decade to protect both the common people and the world itself from threats as various as the Deviants, Capitán Ultra and Satannish himself. They had finally fallen in battle while killing the El Dragón del Luna--hero's death. But now they had returned, and were pressing hard, the strength of Namor and the spells of Esteban Desconocido and the sword of Ángel threatening to kill the Avengers. On their right were the Estupendo Cuatro, the first true superhero team of Earth-573. Although Major Mexico had led the Battalón Libertad, a team of metahumans in World War Two, the Estupendo Cuatro had come together of their own volition, rather than by direct order of El Presidente Balladares. When Reed Richards had, with his wife, his sister, and his younger brother, taken his rocket to the moon, they had found the Ciudad Azul and stumbled on a series of Kree devices. Richards used them to give himself and the others who'd come with him superpowers. And for two decades Richards had explored alien worlds and challenged the unknown from New Aztlan, his intellect and science creating wonders that helped to transform the city into the best and most advanced city in the world. But the Estupendo Cuatro had died in battle against their arch-enemy, the armored Hungarian dictator El Doctor Muerte, and now they, too, were throwing themselves at the Avengers.

Jacky Canuck and the Avengers of Earth-599 were similarly in trouble, the attacks of their former friends pressing them back against the base of the M'krann. All of their attackers were joined together into one mass, rather than keeping themselves separate, in the teams they'd been in before they'd died. Mohawks--the mutant heroes who, led by Doctor Xavier, had fought against anti-mutant prejudice until they had finally been killed in action by the villainous Armageddon (who, to Jacky Canuck, looked unnervingly like the creature which had taken control of the M'krann)--stood side by side with the Highlanders, the Scots heroes who'd been protectors of Europe from their hq in the castle in Edinburgh following the destruction of London by the evil magician Fannin. The Clowns, the Hopi, Navajo, and white heroes of the midlands of Canada, used their powers against the Avengers as the Brahmins, the brave sextet of adventurers who had launched Silver Age with their daring trip to the moon, recovered from what the Avengers had done to them. The battle was a desperate one, and neither side held back.

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