By this time only the green, humanoid robot at the base of the Crystal was paying any attention to the beings in the sky over planet of the M'krann. (The robot, surrounded by a nearly impenetrable forcefield, was not affected by the majority of the energies and attacks used by the beings on the plain, and since it was clearly not trying to gain access to the Crystal, but was instead merely observing and recording all events, nearly all the other beings on the plain left it alone and focussed instead on the Crystal).

Those beings were continuing to send their energies into the Crystal, or so it seemed to the robot, and he made a note, in his recording, to that effect, admitting that while his senses were more advanced than any the race that had created him had encountered, he was unable to do more than assume intent on the part of the cosmic-level beings that were observing the events from on high. But, for whatever reason, those energies were somehow not able to maintain the shield as effectively as they should have. The efforts of the beings down below, on the plain, were having much more of an effect than they should have, and this puzzled the robot, and he spent an entire half-second recording his speculations regarding this; the energies of the Celestial alone should have been sufficient to maintain a centuries-long shield around the M'krann, and combined with the energies of the other beings nothing short of a god should have been able to affect the Crystal.

And yet somehow even the efforts of the Celestials and the other beings were proving insufficient, and the mortals and other beings on the plain were overcoming the shield that the Celestial and the others above the plain had erected around the Crystal. This, despite the redoubled efforts of the Celestial and the others. This was a thing unheard of in the long history of the race which created the green robot, and the robot felt privileged (inasmuch as an emotionless machine can feel anything) to have been present for the moment.

The robot continued recording and observing, noting the way in which the beings above the plain were beginning, very gradually, to edge away from the giant, white-winged, white-haloed humanoid, who was a match in size for the Celestial and whose hand was starting to draw or pull something from its waist, something which was unbearably bright and gave of an impression of unstoppable power.

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