Secret Wars Cheatsheet
Where'd that character come from?
Admiral Fudge. From the Admiral Fudge comic strip.
Alden, Dr. Amanda. From the Connie comic strip.
Anthony, James "Jim." From Robert Leslie Bellem's "Jim Anthony" stories.
Axel. From Villiers de l'Isle Adam's Axel.
Ayres, Dusty. From the Dusty Ayres stories.
Barris. From Robert Chambers' "The Maker of Moons." (see the Yue-Laou entry)
Bell, Garnett. From Cecil H. Bullivant's Garnett Bell stories.
Charnel Ship. From Warren Ellis' Planetary.
Cigarette. From Ouida's Between Two Flags.
Companions of Silence. From Paul Feval's work.
Corrigan, Philip. The Secret Agent X, Secret Agent X-9, and Secret Agent K-7 stories.
Dedalus, Alyssa. From James Joyce's Ulysses.
de Gueran, Baron. From Adolphe Belot's A Parisian Sultana.
Doc Brass. From Warren Ellis' Planetary.
Doctor Centaur. From the Don Winslow stories.
Dr. Lao. From Charles Finney's The Circus of Dr. Lao.
Doctor Mabuse, aka "Albert." From the Doctor Mabuse movies.
Dodge, Elaine. From The Exploits of Elaine.
Duclos, Marcel. From "Neck and Neck," Golden Hours.
The Emperors of America. From Warren Ellis' Planetary.
Gervaise, Jules. From various Sexton Blake stories.
Gibberne, Professor. From HG Wells' "A New Accelerator."
Hackensaw, Dr. From Clement Fezandie's Dr. Hackensaw stories.
Hardy, John. From MP Shiel's The Yellow Danger.
Hark. From Warren Ellis' Planetary.
Hellenes. From the GGA Murray's Gobi or Shamo.
Horrors of Nelia-Sai. From Warren Ellis' Planetary.
How, Dr. Yen. From MP Shiel's The Yellow Danger.
Irma Vep, aka "Jeanne." From Les Vampires.
Ka-Zar, aka David Rand, "The Jungle Lord." From the Ka-Zar stories.
Kildare, Val. From Robert Hogan's The Mysterious Wu Fang issues.
Kioga, aka Lincoln Rand. From the Kioga stories.
Lesage, Gaston. From Cyrus Cole's The Auroraphone.
Li Shoon. From H. Irving Hancock's Li Shoon stories.
Mandarin, Rance. From the Doctor Death stories.
Master Janus. From Villiers de l'Isle Adam's Axel.
The "Master Wave." From The Radio King.
Mister Chang. From AE Apple's Mr. Chang stories.
Mocquino, Rodil. From various Shadow stories.
Murder Colonels. From Warren Ellis' Planetary.
Norroy, Yorke. From George Bronson-Howard's Yorke Norroy stories.
O'Leary, Terence X, aka "The Aviator." From the Terence X. O'Leary stories.
Operator #5, aka "The Agent." From the Operator #5 stories.
Orange Lantern. From the Orange Lantern radio show.
Osterman, Alsop. From Muriel Pollexfen's Alsop Osterman stories.
Ozar the Aztec. From the Ozar the Aztec stories.
Quinn, Tony, aka "The Scorpion," aka the "Black Bat." From the various Black Bat series.
Quong Lung. From CW Doyle's The Shadow of Quong Lung.
Rand, Barry. From the Red Falcon stories.
Rand, John. From The Screaming Shadow.
Rand, Miller, aka "The Electrical Man." From the "Electrical Man" stories.
Rand, Rex. From the Yankee Rangers stories.
Rocambole. From Ponson du Terrail's Rocambole stories.
Roch, Thomas. From Jules Verne's For the Flag.
Sharpe, Major Richard. From the Bernard Cornwell "Richard Sharpe" novels.
The Spider. From Johnston McCulley's Spider stories. (Spider (I) on my site)
Spindrift Island. From the Rick Brant stories.
Swift, Tom, aka "Edison." From the Tom Swift stories.
Traile, Michael. From Donald Keyhoe's Dr. Yen Sin stories.
Tuevoleur, Louis. From The Dance of Death.
UnderEngland Junta. From Warren Ellis' Planetary.
Wonmug, Professor. From Alley Oop.
Wu Fang. From the Exploits of Elaine. (See the Elaine Dodge entry)
Dr. Yen How. From MP Shiel's The Yellow Danger.
Zapt, Dr. Xenophon. From JU Giesy's Dr. Zapt stories.
Zolok. From The Lost City.

If you're curious about the other characters--I've just run out of steam, having gone up through the middle of the "Spindrift Island" section--just search my Victoriana and Pulps sites.

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