A Wold Newton Universe Timeline

by Jess Nevins

This timeline is based on my Wold Newton articles. This is not a full Wold Newton Universe Chronology; that has been done by Win Eckert, at his Wold Newton Universe site, and I have no desire to duplicate his excellent work. Nor am I going to incorporate his work into mine, because that would be far too much work. Instead, this is meant as a supplement, incorporating those events of my own version of the Wold Newton Universe into one overall timeline for others to make use of enjoy, if they should so desire. For greatest enjoyment and edification, switch back and forth between Win's chronology and my own.

35 million B.C.E. The Plateau of Leng survives the impact of the Indian sub-continent with Asia.

14,000 B.C.E. Mr. Am, possibly a member of the Q Continuum, comes back in time from 2070 C.E.
(From Time's Last Gift by Philip Jose Farmer)

circa 2000 B.C.E. A tribe of Jews encounter the Suwahib meteor in what is now the Rub al-Khali in Saudi Arabia. The Jews are genetically enhanced by the meteor's radiation.

1193. Isaac and Rebecca B-----, of the line of Ammon, first son of King David of Israel, travel to England and befriend Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe.
(From Walter Scott's Ivanhoe)

1201. Lady Rowena, wife of Sir Wilfred, dies. Sir Wilfred seeks out Rebecca B-----, converts to Judaism, and the pair return to his fief of Ivanhoe and live Happily Ever After. Their children become marranos.
(From W.M. Thackeray's Rebecca and Rowena)

1233. The Mongols of Ogadei Khan conquer the Chin Empire capital of Pien Liang. One of the last individuals out of the city is the child later known as Monsieur Ming.
(From the "Bob Morane" stories by Henri Vernes)

circa 1245. Monsieur Ming begins studying at the Nine Unknown-sponsored Monastery of the Third Hand in Tibet. He is here recruited by the Nine Unknown.

circa 1250. Monsieur Ming travels to India, where he is brought by a mysterious immortal to the city of Agartha. There he learns the secret of immortality before leaving Agartha and heading into seclusion for the next 700 years.

1327. Brother William of Baskerville is involved in a murder case in Italy.
(From The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco)

circa 1333. Chu Yüan-chang, of the same family as "Monsieur Ming" (see 1233), founds the Ming Dynasty.

1348. Alleyne B----- Edricson serves with Sir Nigel Loring in the White Company in France.
(From Arthur Conan Doyle's The White Company)

circa 1570. The Afghan warrior Abdul Dost destroys an Afghan branch of the Nine Unknown-backed Assassins and the Old Man of the Mountains.
(From the "Abdul Dost" stories by Harold Lamb)

circa 1575. Abdul Dost first meets the legendary Cossack warrior Khlit.
(From the "Abdul Dost" and "Khlit" stories by Harold Lamb)

1588. Gavriel B-----, better known as "Lord Flash Heart," sees action against the Spanish Armada.
(From Blackadder)

circa 1595. Gavriel B---- moves to the Netherlands and establishes a family there. His brother Bechor B-----, sometimes known as "Adam Heart," stays in England.

17th century. James Trout helps Thomas Stegg establish a trading post at the fall of the James River.

1607. 28 Jews, several of which from the B----- family, establish a colony in Maine.

1608. Most of the Maine colony is evacuated. The Jews of the colony moved inland.

1625. Francois Vitelli is murdered by his cousin Ercole Vitelli in the Sicilian region of Monteleone. Francois' son Andrea escapes death.
(From Bel Demonio by Paul Feval)

1637. Orlando is appointed "Ambassador Extraordinary" to the Ottoman Empire. He impregnates Penelope Hartopp and then undergoes an involuntary sex change.
(From Orlando by Virginia Woolf)

1640. Andrea Vitelli, son of the murdered Francois Vitelli, returns to Monteleone posing as the "Beautiful Demon," the leader of a gang of bandits.
(From Bel Demonio by Paul Feval)

Hanshichi, a policeman in Edo, Japan, is influenced by the writings of Brother William of Baskerville's apprentice and models himself after Brother William, becoming a very successful detective.
(From the "Hanshichi" stories by Okamoto Kido)

1643. Shlomo Simpson, the son of Rabbi Rottstein of the Maine colony and a child of the B----- line, sees something in what is later known as Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Shlomo goes mad and marries a woman of the Arkham tribe, beginning a family.

1655. Andrea Vitelli achieves his final revenge on Ercole Vitelli. Andrea Vitelli goes on to become a powerful Sicilian nobleman, with ties to the Brotherhood of Mercy religious order.
(From Bel Demonio by Paul Feval)

1675. Peter "Single Eye" Simpson, the child of Shlomo Simpson, and the Mohican Assawomset, eldest son of the Sagamore of the Mohicans, fight in King Philip's War.
(From "Single Eye. A Story of King Philip's War" by Warren St. John)

circa 1700. Zenigata Heichi, the grandson of Hanshichi, is born. He follows in his grandfather's footsteps and becomes a well-known and successful detective.
(From the "Zenigata Heichi" stories by Nomura Kodo)

1702. Daniel Rottstein, son of Rabbi Abraham Rottstein and eighth great-grandson of Rabbi Rottstein, meets and falls in love with Malaeska, a Mohican woman. They marry and have a son, Richard. Daniel is attacked and killed by a group of Iroquois. Malaeska brings Richard to Rabbi Abraham Rottstein, who refuses to recognise Malaeska's claim to Richard and forces Malaeska to give Richard to him.
(From "Malaeska" by Mrs. Ann S. Stephens)

1730s. "Richard Hart," the great-great-great-great-grand-nephew of Bechor "Adam Heart" B-----, takes to a life of crime as Dick Turpin. "Benjamin Hart," brother of Bechor B-----, becomes a privateer and adventurer.

1743-1748. Natty "Hawkeye" Bumppo and the Mohicans Chingachgook and Uncas fight for the British and against the French in King George's War. Chingachgook is the son of Unamis, the "Turtle," and the grandson of Assawomset.
(From Last of the Mohicans by James Fennimore Cooper)

1763. "Benjamin Hart" and Baronet Sir Wade Jermyn discover the "city of the White Apes" in the Congo, to their mutual everlasting regret.
(From "Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family" by H.P. Lovecraft)

1775. Seth Morgan, aka "Eugene Morgan," aka "Seth Jones," the grandson of Daniel Rottstein and Malaeska, leaves his sweetheart, Mary Haverland, behind to fight the British.
(From “Seth Jones; or, The Captives of the Frontier," by Edward S. Ellis)

1780. Seth Morgan has a brief dalliance with Amy Slick, a Nova Scotian. She gives birth to Nathan and Samuel Slick. Samuel Slick grows up to be a renowned Nova Scotian judge.
(From the "Sam Slick" stories by Thomas Haliburton)

1785. Seth Morgan, as "Seth Jones," is reunited with his long-lost love Mary Havilland and marries her.
(From “Seth Jones; or, The Captives of the Frontier," by Edward S. Ellis)

1795. The Meteor hits Wold Newton.

"Mario de Monteleone," who may be Andrea Vitelli himself, founds the criminal conspiracy the Companions of Silence. This conspiracy aims at determining the fate of Europe itself. A part of this conspiracy is a eugenics program, to create superior men and women.

1796. The bitch Juno gives birth to a litter of pups at the Wuthering Heights farm, thus beginning the line of canine Wold Newton heroes and villains.

1800. Whitney Trout, the descendant of James Trout, gives birth to Nate Carter, John Carter, and Simon Carter. Their father is Jack Carter.

1801. Heathcliff dies.
(From Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte)

1802. Mario de Monteleone founds another secret society, the Companions of Mercy.

1813. Mario de Monteleone and his forces are defeated in Naples. de Monteleone returns France and continues the conspiracy, establishing several sub-groups, including the Black Coats.

Major Richard Sharpe has a brief affair with Jane Gibbons, leaving her pregnant.
(From the "Richard Sharpe" stories by Bernard Cornwell)

1814. Jane Gibbons' child by Major Richard Sharpe is left with the Norroys of Baltimore.

1821. John Carter fights for the Greeks at Tripolitsa as a mercenary.

The Companions of Silence eugenics program in France bears a new crop of children, including one who would later become known as Rocambole.

1825. Simon Carter begins work as a consulting detective.

1828. The German nobleman Axel, in a fit of existential angst, commits suicide. His mentor, Master Janus, returns to the Nine Unknown for another assignment.
(From Axel by Villiers de l'Isle Adam)

1830. Joshua Simpson, the descendant of Peter Simpson, cleans up the town of Montague, Texas as the masked hero "Black Arrow." He loses one eye in the battle and has it replaced with a glass eye, becoming known as "Glass Eye."
(From “Black Arrow, the Avenger; or, Judge Lynch on the Border" by Edward Willett)

Levy Morgan, the grandson of Seth "Seth Jones" Morgan and Mary Haverland, is born.

The riots in Paris leave the child Rocambole an orphan. He takes up with the criminal Maman Choupart.
(From the "Rocambole" stories by Ponson du Terrail)

A British soldier is given the secret of "apergy" by the forces of the Nine Unknown, in an attempt to attract the attentions of the Martians or to awake Hastur.
(From Across the Zodiac by Percy Greg)

1831. William Savage, a British magistrate in India, begins his involvement with the Nine Unknown-backed Thuggees. He infiltrates the Thugs and is eventually be responsible for the destruction of a local group. One of Savage's grandchildren is Clark Savage, Jr.
(From The Deceivers by John Masters)

1838. Jonah Woodson Hex, the descendant of Peter Simpson, is born to a mean drunk.
(From the "Jonah Hex" stories)

1841. Joshua "Glass Eye" Simpson saves a wagon train and woos and wins Emily Cambridge, the daughter of the train's leader.
(From "Glass Eye, the Great Shot of the West" by "Bruin" Adams)

Gavur Memet, the descendant of Orlando and Penelope Hartopp, is born. In later decades he will distinguish himself as a special agent to Sultan Abdulhamit II.
(From the "Gavur Memet" stories by Ziya Sakir)

Rocambole begins his extraordinary career as a criminal.
(From the "Rocambole" stories by Ponson du Terrail)

1846. Rocambole fathers Marie Sanspere on Elisabeth Mocksite in Paris.

1847. Joseph Rand, the descendant of John Randolph, third Earl of Moray, emigrates to America and becomes a carpenter in New York City.

1848. During the Paris riots a child is orphaned and becomes a heroine. This child is later known as "Cigarette," and is a product of the eugenics program of the Companions of Silence.
(From Under Two Flags by Ouida)

1849. Sandokan the pirate begins his reign of terror over the seas of Asia.
(From the "Sandokan" stories by Emilio Salgari)

1851. Levy Morgan, going by the name "Duke Darrall," saves a woman named Leone from an Indian attack. He woos her and she bears him a child, Frank Morgan.

Rocambole fathers Seamus Dedalus on Alyssa Dedalus in London.
(From Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce)

1852. Johnny Brainerd, the descendant of Seth "Seth Jones" Morgan via Nathan Slick, is born in St. Louis.

Sandokan clashes with the Thuggees in the Temple of Kali in the dreaded "Black Jungle."
(From The Black Jungle by Emilio Salgari)

Alouh T'Ho is born in China. She is raised in the Nine Unknown's organisation and trained to be an Imperatrix.
(From the "Nyctalope" stories by Jean de la Hire)

1854. The Companions of Silence finally catch up with Rocambole. They have him apprehended, have Elisabeth Mocksite and Alyssa Dedalus murdered, and take Marie Sanspere and Seamus Dedalus, their children by Rocambole, to the Companions' eugenics & training program.

Sherlock Holmes is born.
(From the "Sherlock Holmes" stories by A. Conan Doyle)

1856. Levy Morgan, going by the name "Duke Darrall" and leading a group of frontier adventurers, defeats the Chiricahua chieftain "Steel Coat." Levy saves a group of settlers and reunites the leader of the settlers with his daughter Wilna. Levy woos Wilna Grace and wins her.
(From “Old Avoirdupois, or, Steel Coat, the Apache Terror,” by Charles Dunning Clark)

Henry and Francis van Sloan, of the New York van Sloans, quarrel over their inheritance. The pair of brothers end up never speaking to each other, and Henry is disowned by their father John.

1857. Wilna Grace bears Levy Morgan a son, Edmund. Wilna Grace meets a traveling businessman, John Collier, and the pair fall in love and marry. Edmund's name is changed to "Cap Collier."

The Indian Mutiny begins. Kala Persad, Nana Sahib, and Prince Dakkar take part in it, to varying degrees. Following the Mutiny's end, in 1858, Persad leaves for his home village, Nana Sahib goes into hiding, and Prince Dakkar takes to the seas.
(From the "Kala Persad" stories by Francis Grainger and the "Captain Nemo" stories by Jules Verne)

1859. Levy Morgan, now going by the name "Moccasin Mat," rescues a group of settlers from an Indian attack in the Washoe Mountains. Levy woos a member of the wagon train, Hattie Farley, and she bears him a son, Louis.
(From "Roaring Ralph Rockwood, the Reckless Ranger" by St. George Rathbone)

After escaping from prison in Toulon, Rocambole reforms and begins an extraordinary career as as adventurer and fighter for justice.
(From the "Rocambole" stories by Ponson du Terrail)

1860. Levy Morgan befriends the Apache chief Winnetou. For the next eight years he and Winnetou will travel the West, and in certain circles Levy Morgan will become legendary as "Old Shatterhand."
(From the "Old Shatterhand" stories by Karl May)

Frank Reade, the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Rabbi Abraham Rottstein (see 1702), is born in Portland, Maine.

Cigarette, beloved mascot of the Chasseurs d'Afrique in Algeria, dies heroically.
(From Under Two Flags by Ouida)

1861. John Carter enlists in the Confederate cavalry.
(From A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Simon Carter informs his family that he will fight for the Union. He is disowned by his family for this, and joins the Union as a spy.

Frank Brock, the son of Joshua "Glass Eye" Simpson, dallies with a prostitute in Wichita, Kansas. Their child is adopted by a local couple, James and Mary Morris, and given the name Quincey Philip Morris.

Levy Morgan, now going by the name "Dick Ackermann," the name he was to keep for the rest of his life, meets, woos, and beds Jane Carson. Finding she is pregnant, she returns to Missouri.

The Companions of Silence send Marie Sanspere and Seamus Dedalus to America to establish a new branch of the Companions in America.

Fu Manchu and several of his associates enter the Tibetan monastery of Rache Churan, the "Lama College." The monastery is a Nine Unknown operation and the lamas there gladly teach Fu Manchu various skills, including the immortality elixir, but Fu Manchu is using them for his own purposes, rather than following the dictates of the Nine Unknown.
(From the "Fu Manchu" stories by Sax Rohmer)

1862. Simon Carter is seen boarding Submarine Omega off New Orleans.

Jane Carson gives birth to Levy Morgan's son, "Adam," and dies of complications from childbirth. Adam is given to an orphanage.

1863. The dog later known as Old Yeller travels to America alongside Rhett Butler.

The Scottish engineer Banks, in India, is given the plans to build a giant, elephant-shaped steam engine by the forces of the Nine Unknown.

1864. Simon Carter meets, falls in love with, and weds Winnie Ludlow, of the Worcestershire Ludlows and the descendant of Jesse, 4th Duke of Greystoke.

1865. Nana Sahib emerges from hiding to attack the murderer of his family.
(From The Steam House by Jules Verne)

Rocambole escapes from prison in Toulon. He undergoes a change of heart and travels to the East. In India and Tibet he visits various lamaseries and monasteries run by Mr. Am's organisation. They teach him various skills and abilities and uses them to do good.
(From the "Rocambole" stories by Ponson du Terail)

April. Carter Hall is sacked by Union troops, Jack and Nate Carter dying in its defense.

November. Winifred Ludlow Carter dies giving birth to Nick Carter.

December. Frank Morgan, son of Levy Morgan, disappears from Carson City, Nevada, swearing to find justice.

1866. John Carter goes to Mars.
(From A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Johnny Brainerd, the descendant of "Seth Jones," succeeds in building his "steam man." He uses it to venture into the American frontier and make his fortune. He spends the years after this enjoying himself and creating more inventions.
(From "The Steam Man of the Prairies" by Edward S. Ellis)

1867. The reclusive hermit detective Maximilien Heller gains fame in certain circles for his solving several very difficult cases. He remains active in a limited way for several years.
(From the Maximilien Heller by Henri Cauvain)

1868. Old Yeller saves life of Travis Coates but dies of rabies.
(From Old Yeller by Fred Gibson)

An indian pearl is stolen, and Inspector Cuff helps recover it before agents of Mr. Am do so.
(From The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins)

1869. Levy Morgan impregnates a Carson City, Nevada prostitute. She gives birth to the child, who is given to an orphanage. The child, James Valentine, grows up to be an infamous safe-cracker.
(From "A Retrieved Reformation" by O. Henry)

U.S. Secret Service Agents James Douglas Henry and Barton Swift defeat the plans of Arliss Loveless and destroy his mechanical tarantula.
(From Wild Wild West).

1870. Jonah Hex and Hannibal "Nighthawk" Hawkes, the uncle of Jonah Hex, gain fame as vigilantes.
(From the "Jonah Hex" and "Nighthawk" stories)

Levy Morgan marries a schoolteacher, Mary Doyle, in Carson City, Nevada. They have a daughter, Ethel, but Levy continues his wandering, philandering ways. He does, however, financially support Mary and Ethel Ackermann.

Frank Reade begins inventing.

Sherlock Holmes is approached by Karl Marx and helps save his life.
(From Marx & Sherlock Holmes by Alexis Lecaye)

Holmes stays in France and visits Maximilien Heller, learning from him.

John Siloch, later known as the "Sherlock Holmes of Italy," begins a long and quite successful career as a consulting detective in Italy. Holmes himself visits Siloch and the pair learn much from each other.
(From the "John Siloch" stories by Antonio Quattrini)

1871. Frank Morgan reappears in New York City and quickly gains fame as the consulting detective "Old Sleuth."
(From the "Old Sleuth" stories by Harlan Page Halsey)

Levy Morgan beds and impregnates Katherine Gilbert. She bears him a daughter, Georgina.

Johnny Brainerd woos, beds, impregnates and abandons Anna Wright, of Wrightstown, New Jersey.

Seamus Dedalus and Marie Sanspere marry, to further the conspiracy of the Companions of Silence.

1872. Levy Morgan impregnates a Carson City, Nevada prostitute. She gives birth to the child, who is given to an orphanage. The child, Chickering Valentine, grows up to be Nick Carter's top assistant.
(From the "Nick Carter" stories by Frederick van Rensselaer Dey)

Anna Wright gives birth to John Wright, her child by Johnny Brainerd.

Johnny Brainerd woos, beds, impregnates and abandons Maryann Driscoll, of Wrightstown, New Jersey.

Noah Heart, of Adam Heart's line, and Shvuel Hart, a cousin, discover the diary of Benjamin Hart (see 1763). They follow Benjamin's path and find the "city of the white apes." They take a white gorilla baby from the city, but something about it horrifies them, and they go to New Orleans and give the infant away; it is bought by "Johnson," a Colorado prospector who names it "O'Neil."

Seamus & Marie Dedalus have a son, Albert. He is sent back to Paris to rejoin the Companions of Silence there.

1873. Jonah Hex defeats the plans of "Vandal Savage" in Promontory Point.
(From "Showdown," by Bruce Timm and Kevin Altieri)

1874. Louis Farley, the son of Levy Morgan and Hattie Farley, leaves Virginia City in an attempt to find money for his mother and vengeance on his father for himself.

Maryann Driscoll gives birth to Robert, her son by Johnny Brainerd. He becomes known as "Bob."

1875. Levy "Dick Ackermann" Morgan tames the wild city of Deadwood, South Dakota, with the help of John Reid, the Lone Ranger. For this feat Levy is given the nickname "Deadwood Dick," a nickname that he takes pride in and whose fame grows.
(From the "Deadwood Dick" stories)

Cap Collier, the son of Levy Morgan and Wilna Grace, leaves Columbia University and begins training himself to be a detective. For the next seven years he apprentices himself to Frank "Old Sleuth" Morgan as his assistant "Badger." This same year Cap Collier has a brief affair with Anna Teckla, a freshman at Manhattanville College in New York. She bears him a child, Thomas.

Louis Farley discovers a great deal of wreckage at Promontory Point, Utah.

Frank Reade takes his inventions to the Western frontier and begins adventuring and turning a profit.
(From the "Frank Reade" stories by Harry Enton)

A British child is lost in the jungles of India. He is raised by what he thinks is wolves (but which may be the mental projections of Mr. Am's lamas) and grows up to be a liaison between man and the jungle.
(From the "Mowgli" stories by Rudyard Kipling)

1876. Chris Carter, of the Carters of Arkham, Massachusetts, and Martha Carter, the child of Nate Carter, marry.

John Carter returns to Earth.
(From Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs)

1877. Sheriff Frank Brock is killed in Suttonville by "Elemental Valence."
(From "The Deviltry of Elemental Valence" by Edward Lee)

Adam Carson, the son of Levy Morgan and Jane Carson, leaves the Cape Girardeu, Missouri orphanage and takes up residence in a hut on the shores of the Mississippi. He begins building and inventing.

Gavur Memet fathers a child, Avni, on a local Istanbul woman.

February. Johnny Brainerd investigates the "Starry Wisdom" cult in Providence, Rhode Island, and disappears.

circa 1878. A young Antonio Nikola arrives in East Asia, looking for secrets. During his travels over the next several years he comes into contact with the forces of the Nine Unknown and Mr. Am. Nikola steals information and secrets from both, including the elixir of immoratity.
(From the "Dr. Nikola" stories by Guy Boothby)

1880. "C," granddog of Old Yeller, sires a litter, including the dog later known as Shep.

Adam Carson emerges from his hut with three fantastic inventions. He heads West with them and uses them to save a village in eastern Colorado from an Ute attack. For this he is given the nickname "Tom Edison, Jr.," the name he will proudly bear for the rest of his life.
(From the "Tom Edison, Jr." stories)

Louis Farley re-emerges as the infamous air pirate "Blue Mask." He clashes for the first time with his cousin Adam "Tom Edison, Jr." Carson as well as with his biological father, Levy "Deadwood Dick" Morgan. The battles between "Blue Mask" and "Tom Edison, Jr." continue over the next decade.

Seamus & Marie Dedalus have a daughter, Jeanne.

Israel di Murska is freed from Russian prison. He liquidates his assets and moves to England with his daughter Zalma, both now members of the Russian terrorist group Terror. Soon after arriving in England Zalma discovers Richard Arnold, an English inventor, and seduces him into helping her.
(From Zalma by T. Mullet Ellis and Angel of the Revolution by George Griffith)

The fraudulent Tibetan mystic Dorje discovers an underground city, run by the Nine Unknown, in the Gobi desert in Mongolia.
(From the "JimGrim" stories by Talbot Mundy)

1881. Zalma di Murska, daughter of the paralysed Israel di Murska, uses her wealth and Richard Arnold's inventions to build an armed dirigible, the Terror. The Terror fights its way to Moscow and bombs the city, killing Tsar Alexander II. The Russians counter attack with their war balloons. The Terror fights its way free but is shot down over the North Sea by another airship.
(From The Angel of the Revolution by George Griffith.)

1882. An American expedition to Greenland discovers a hostile tribe of Inuits, one of whose members, Chingatok, is a giant.
(From The Giant of the North by R.M. Ballantyne)

Chris & Martha Carter adopt their nephew, Randolph Carter.

Cap Collier abandons his identity as "Badger," the assistant to Frank "Old Sleuth" Morgan, and begins his practice as a consulting detective under the name "Old Cap Collier."
(From the "Old Cap Collier" stories)

Submarine Omega is sighted off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. It makes contact with Harry Heart, the descendant of Bechor "Adam Heart" B----- and gives him certain advanced technology.

"Johnson," adoptive father of "O'Neil" the white gorilla, is murdered. "O'Neil" avenges Johnson and begins hunting the badmen of the West, gaining the nickname "Six-Gun Gorilla."
(From the "Six Gun Gorilla" stories)

1883. Randolph Carter undergoes the first of a number of strange events in his life.
(From the work of H.P. Lovecraft)

Louis Farley, terrorising Brazil with his inventions, defeats Harry Heart, Louis' distant relative. Harry Heart is posing as a Brazilian inventor, "Don Jago di Ortovideo." Louis is then defeated by by Tom Edison, Jr.

Professor James Moriarty's experiment with a primitive atomic bomb goes bad and Krakatau, in Indonesia, is destroyed.
(From "His Greatest Case" by A. Fage-Pedersen)

Robert Graceman begins a career as a consulting detective. Insecure and desiring to capitalise on his more famous competitor, he takes the name of "Sherlock Holmes." He is the first known sufferer of the Great Detective Syndrome, or GDS.
(From the "Robert Graceman" stories by Guy Clifford)

Graceman, as "Holmes," investigates the Jekyll-Hyde murders.
(From Dr. Jekyll and Mister Holmes by Loren Estleman and The Strange Crime of Mr. Hyde by Jean-Pierre Naugrette.)

1884. Bob Driscoll, the son of Maryann Driscoll and Johnny Brainerd, begins inventing.

1885. Shep sires a litter, including the dog later known as Elmo.

The English adventurer Tom Wildrake destroys a group of Thuggees in India.
(From the "Tom Wildrake" stories by George Emmett)

1886. John Carter returns to Mars.
(From Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Simon Carter is murdered. Nick Carter avenges his father and begins his career as an adventurer and private detective.
(From "The Old Detective’s Pupil; or, The Mysterious Crime of  Madison Square,” by John Russell Coryell and Ormond G. Smith)

In Australia Tom Edison, Jr. defeats his distant relative, Harry Heart, who is posing as "Naaman Nixon." Louis Farley and Tom Edison, Jr. then clash, with Tom proving the victor.

John Wright, the child of Johnny Brainerd and Anna Wright, puts together his first invention and uses it to explore the American frontier and make his fortune. He spends the next several years inventing and exploring.
(From the "Jack Wright" stories by Luis Senarens)

 Kim O'Hara, an Irish orphan in India, is drawn into the Great Game. One of his friends is a lama of Mr. Am's organization.
(From Kim by Rudyard Kipling)

1887. Shep's owner dies, but Shep avenges him.
(From The Painted Hills)

Quincey P. Morris, the son of Frank Brock, dies fighting Dracula.
(From Dracula by Bram Stoker)

Following the Schnaebelé affair the Companions of Silence, feeling that they need agents in Berlin, send Albert Dedalus, the grandson of Rocambole, to Berlin.

Jeanne Dedalus, the granddaughter of Rocambole, is sent to Paris following the Schnaebelé affair. The Companions of Silence groom her to become the mistress of the President of France.

Robert Graceman, posing as "Sherlock Holmes," pursues a serial killer calling himself "the Cockroach."
(From Challenge to Sherlock Holmes by Béartrice Nicodème)

Felix Boyd, nephew of Belle Boyd and a GDS sufferer, begins working in Bulgaria under the name of "Sherlock Holmes."
(From "Diamond Smoke" by Z. Bobyr and the "Felix Boyd" stories by Frederick W. Davis)

1888. Nick Carter befriends Phileas Fogg.

The battle between cattle ranchers and ordinary citizens in Shinbone, Montana comes to a head when the infamous outlaw Liberty Valence is killed by future Senator Ransom Stoddard. Valence is somehow related to Elemental Valence. (see 1877)

Bob Driscoll begins using his inventions to explore and to make a profit. He gains the nickname "Electric Bob."
(From the "Electric Bob" stories by Robert Toombs)

Albert Dedalus breaks away from the Companions of Silence, has his Companions handler murdered, and establishes himself with the German underworld. Over the next several decades he rises in power in the German underworld, finally becoming its ruler. He becomes known as "Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler."
(From Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler by Norbert Jacques and Fritz Lang)

Robert Graceman, posing as "Sherlock Holmes," meets Wiggins, a teenager and fellow GDS sufferer. The pair solve a case together.
(From Wiggins & Sherlock vs Napoleon by Béartrice Nicodème)

A Nine Unknown-controlled city of Greek descendants who call themselves the "Hellenes" is destroyed by local Chinese and Mongolians shortly after being discovered by the West.
(From Gobi or Shamo by G.G.A. Murray)

1889. In a third battle Tom Edison, Jr., in the Congo, kills Harry Heart, who is posing as "Hardhaart." Tom then defeats Louis Farley.

Zalma di Murska, scheming for revenge, arranges a secret marriage to an English prince. The marriage is annulled before it is officially consummated. Infuriated, Zalma returns to Terror and lays plans.
(From Zalma by T. Mullett Ellis)

Felix Boyd moves to France. He meets Sexton Blake, a fellow GDS sufferer who is training to become a detective, and also meets and partners with the noted French detective Jules Gervaise.

1890. In a final battle Tom Edison, Jr. kills Louis Farley.

Gavur Memet fathers a child, Zihni, on a local Istanbul woman.

Gavur Memet fathers another child, Orhan Çakiroglu, on a local Istanbul woman.

Barton Swift, the cousin of Artemus Gordon and the descendant of Percy Blakeney, fathers a son. This child later becomes known as Tom Swift.

Yorke Norroy, the great-grandson of Major Richard Sharpe, achieves fame in New York City as an amateur actor and in Washington, D.C. as the government's most effective "diplomatic agent."
(From the "Yorke Norroy" stories by George Bronson-Howard)

Zalma and Terror attempt to overthrow the governments of Europe by launching anthrax-laced balloons into every European capital. They are foiled at the last minute by the British secret agent John St. Leger, a former swain of Zalma. She is captured but found to be pregnant by St. Leger. She gives birth to the child, a girl, and then commits suicide.
(From Zalma by T. Mullett Ellis)

1891. Edith Blake, onboard the Providence (captained by Owen Kettle), is kidnaped by Ordway the Unaccountable Crook. She is then rescued by Nick Carter.
(From the "Captain Kettle" stories)

Tom Edison, Jr. is killed in an undersea duel with the pirate Kiang-Ho. Kiang-Ho is then killed by Georgina Gilbert, the daughter of Levy Morgan, and by the rest of the crew of Submarine Omega.

Gavur Memet fathers a fourth child, Meshedi, on a local Istanbul woman.

Sherlock Holmes, following his putative "death," visits the East, including various lamaseries and monasteries in India and Tibet. He comes into contact with Mr. Am's organisation and possibly learns some of the secret of immortality from them.

1892. Nick Carter meets, falls in love with, and marries Ethel Ackermann, the bastard daughter of Levy Morgan. Later that year Ethel Ackermann is murdered by Dr. Quartz. Nick Carter turns to Edith Blake for comfort; they have a whirlwind romance and are married. Soon after the marriage Dr. Quartz murders Edith Blake.
(From "Her Shrewd Double; or, Nick Carter’s Lady Assistant At Work,” by Frederick van Rensselaer Dey)

"Victor" is well-established in Cologne as a consulting detective.
(From the "Victor" stories by Maximillian Bottcher)

George Wylde, an American, uncovers a Martian body possession scheme; the Martians are retaliating against John Carter's actions on Mars by taking possession of human bodies on Earth.
(From Mirrikh by Francis W. Doughty)

1893. Elmo sires a litter, including the dog later known as Buck.
(From Call of the Wild, by Jack London)

Victor is romantically involved with Anna Lugoff.

Felix Boyd begins work in London as a consulting detective. By arrangement with the real Sexton Blake, who is still in training, Boyd goes by the name "Sexton Blake."

1894. Anna Lugoff bears two children by Victor: Jurgen and Arno.

Jeanne Dedalus engineers her freedom from the Companions of Silence by means of seduction and murder and begins traveling around Europe, training herself.

Stefan Pahlen, brother of Zalma di Murska, murders Tsar Alexander III.

The man later known as "Captain Mors" has his family murdered. He begins his long quest for justice.
(From the "Captain Mors" stories)

1895. Thomas Teckla, the son of Levy Morgan and a student at Columbia University, attempts (with the help of his two professor friends) to put into practice certain theories of theirs. They are unfortunately successful and send a signal to Mars, perhaps initiating the invasion of the Martians. The trio are killed during the invasion.
(From “To Mars With Tesla; or, the Mystery of the Hidden Worlds" by J. Weldon Cobb)

The Martians invade Earth and are defeated.
(From The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells)

The man later known as "Hark" comes to the attention of the West in an attack, with the help of the Nine Unknown agent Yue-Laou, on America.
(From "The Maker of Moons" by Robert Chambers)

Robert Graceman is now secure enough to go by his real name, rather than "Sherlock Holmes."

Soroku Komuro Honda, the "Magic Detective," begins his practice in Tokyo. He is a GDS sufferer and models himself on Holmes.
(From the "Magic Detective" stories)

John Siloch clashes with the forces of Professor Moriarty in Italy.

Kala Persad is recruited by an Englishman and goes to England to act as a mentor and detective.

Captain Mors comes into contact with Mr. Am's organisation. They help him construct his ships and loan him crew members.

Dr. Nikola begins his efforts to conquer the world.

1896. Jack Wright and Frank Reade, Jr. race around the world for a $10,000 prize.

Hark, posing as "Yen How," attacks white shipping and the Royal Navy itself.
(From The Yellow Danger by M.P. Shiel)

The writings of Dr. Watson & A. Conan Doyle are published in China, sparking a rash of GDS sufferers called the "Fuermosi." They battle a number of criminals, both mortal and supernatural. One of them, Sir Ralf Clifford, is a European.
(From the "Fuermosi" stories and the "Sir Ralf Clifford" stories)

The real Sexton Blake moves to London and takes over his practice there, with Felix Boyd and Jules Gervaise willingly leaving. Gervaise goes to France while Boyd resumes traveling, studying under men such as Nick Carter.

The Mr. Am-trained Westerner "Ozmar the Mystic" first comes to the attention of the West.
(From Ozmar the Mystic by Emeric Hulme-Beamen)

1897. Buck is kidnaped and taken to Alaska.
(From Call of the Wild, by Jack London)

Hark takes up dual residence in New York and London. He begins terrorising the world and proving a worthy adversary for numerous heroes in a number of guises, including "Quong Lung," "Prince Wu Ling," "Fan Chu Fang," "Mister Chang," "the Orange Lantern," "Li Shoon," "Wu Fang" (three times), and "Doctor Yen Sin."
(From The Shadow of Quong Lung, The Orange Lantern, and Sexton Blake, Dixon Brett, Donald Carrick, the Perils of Elaine, Mister Chang, and Doctor Yen Sin stories)

Norman Conquest, the last in the line of the English Conquests, is born in India.
(From the "Norman Conquest" stories by Edwy Searles Brooks)

April. Jack Wright's ship is seen over W. Virginia, Chicago, Kansas City and Texas as he leaves for Cuba, to help the Cuban revolt against Spain.

1898. John Carter returns to Earth.
(From Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Professor Alfred Gibberne invents a form of superspeed.
(From "A New Accelerator" by H.G. Wells)

Professor James Moriarty, the head of MI-5, brings together Allan Quatermain, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Prince Dakkar, John Hawley Griffin, and Mina Murray to fight Fu Manchu. They form the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
(From the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore)

A GDS victim calling himself "Sherlock Ol-mes" begins working in Madrid.
(From the "Sherlock Ol-mes" stories)

1899. James Bigglesworth is born in India. As he grows and is educated he is subtly taught and influenced by Mr. Am's organisation.
(From the "Biggles" stories by W.E. Johns)

A sacrifice to the Old Ones fails. Ozmar the Mystic rescues two of the intended sacrifices, both infants, and brings them to the "Citadel of the Seven," one of the lamaseries of Mr. Am.
(From the "Dr. Occult" stories by DC Comics)

1900. Jack Wright assists the American military in putting down the Moro rebellion in the Philippines.

Seamus & Marie Dedalus have a son, James Anthony. He is raised in Houston.

"Philip Corrigan," the first son of Yorke Norroy, is born.

Elijah Snow, the grandson of Laura Norroy, the greatgrandson of John Norroy, and the grandnephew of Yorke Norroy, is born.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

Kogoro Akechi, a descendant of Zenigata Heichi and Hanshichi, establishes himself as a private detective in Tokyo. He is very successful for several years. His arch-enemy is the "Fiend with Twenty Faces," one of the identities of Hamilton Cleek, the "Man With Forty Faces."
(From the "Kogoro Akechi" stories by Edogawa Rampo and the "Hamilton Cleek" stories by Thomas Hanshew)

Sir Ralf Clifford, one of the Fuermosi, leaves China and travels around the Far East. He studies under the lamas of Mr. Am and gains the secret of invisibility.

1901. Jack Wright investigates a strange, ruined city in Alaska and disappears.
(From "The Horror in the Museum" by H.P. Lovecraft)

"James Christopher," the second son of Yorke Norroy, is born.

Captain Mors and Robur the Conqueror are approached to join the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. They accept.

Anton Zarnak, a former head of the Tcho-Tcho, leaves Europe and travels to Tibet. He spends the next two decades being taught by the lamas of Mr. Am.
(From the "Anton Zarnak" stories by Lin Carter)

1902. "Electric Bob" Driscoll fathers Hartson William Brant.

Tom Swift, the son of Barton Swift, begins adventuring, using his inventions to stop crime.
(From the "Tom Swift" stories by Edward Stratemeyer)

Baron Henry von Frankenstein and his wife Elizabeth are approached to join the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. They accept.

1903. Ronald Smith, an American inventor, creates a repeating naval cannon. The Russians kidnap him and attempt to make him divulge his secrets, eventually using torture.
(From "A Tilt with the Muscovite" by George Bronson-Howard)

Captain Mors, having succeeded in avenging himself on the murderers of his family and tiring of his long battles, returns to Earth and retires to Paris.

Felix Boyd moves to New York City and begins practising detection under his own name.

John Meredith, the child of a British couple in India, is entrusted too often to the Pathan Yussuf Khan. Khan is an agent of British Intelligence and of Mr. Am's organisation, and teaches Meredith, over the next several years, various skills.
(From the "John Meredith" stories by Francis Gerard)

1904. Yorke Norroy springs Ronald Smith from jail.

An white orphan abandoned in Tibet is taken into one of the orphanages in Mr. Am's bases. He is taught a wide range of skills.

1905. Jeanne Dedalus returns to Paris and establishes her gang of criminals, "Les Vampires." She becomes known and feared as the arch-villainess "Irma Vep."
(From Les Vampires by Louis Feuillade)

Captain Mors takes on the name "Doctor Omega" and travels to Mars with three French companions.
(From the "Doctor Omega" stories by Arnold Galoupin)

Sir Ralf Clifford moves to Italy and begins work as a consulting detective under his own name.

A German adventurer fights against the forces of the Nine Unknown in India.
(From Around the Imperial Indian Crown)

Norman Conquest's parents are bankrupted by a crooked lawyer. They commit suicide, and Norman is given to an orphanage. He comes to the notice of Mr. Am's organisation, which adopts him and begins training him.

1906. Gapy Bermudez, a GDS victim, begins work in Madrid.
(From ¿Quién disparó by Joaquin Belda)

Gordon Keith debuts as a detective in Britain. At some point in his past he was trained by Mr. Am's organisation.
(From the "Gordon Keith" stories)

1907. Nick Carter discovers a Nine Unknown-operated hidden city in Tibet. He then discovers a Nine Unknown-ruled valley in Nepal. Then, late in the year, he discovers a hidden city in the Andes. He is held captive by Carma, the younger sister of the Queen of the city, and Carma and Nick fall in love. They marry, and then he puts her in a safe house in Moore County, North Carolina.
(From various "Nick Carter" stories by Frederick van Rensselaer Dey)

Solar Pons, a GDS victim, begins work in London.
(From the "Solar Pons" stories by August Derleth)

Harry Dickson, an American GDS sufferer, moves to Baker Street and begins work as a consulting detective.
(From the "Harry Dickson" stories by Jean Ray)

Garnett Bell, a successful detective but also a sufferer from the Great Detective Syndrome, begins work in London, referring to himself as "Sherlock Holmes." He is assisted by a teenager, Harry Taxon.
(From the "Garnett Bell" stories by Cecil Bullivant and the "Harry Taxon" stories)

Rama Singh, an Indian detective trained by Mr. Am's organisation, debuts in India.
(From Rama Singh, the Indian Detective)

1908. Carma Carter, wife of Nick Carter, gives birth to Simon Carter.

Frank "Old Sleuth" Morgan meets and falls in love with Laura Hardy, a Bayport, New York resident. They marry, and he retires as "Old Sleuth," reinventing himself as "Fenton Hardy."

David Rand, the infant grandson of Joseph Rand, is orphaned in the Congo. He is found and raised by Zar, an extraordinary cave lion.
(From the "Ka-Zar" stories by Bob Byrd)

Daniel Rand, the infant grandson of Joseph Rand, lands on the Siberian island of "Nato'wa." His parents are killed by a hostile native tribe and Daniel is raised by the native Shoni. He becomes one of them and gains the name "Kioga."
(From the "Kioga" stories by William Chester)

Albert Fleischmann, an Italian GDS sufferer, begins work in Rome.
(From the "Albert Fleischmann" stories by Mark Turner)

Garnett Bell, posing as "Sherlock Holmes," and Harry Taxon are active in Russia. At the end of these adventures Harry Taxon temporarily leaves Bell and moves to New York City.
(From the "Sherlock Holmes" stories in Ogonek)

Harry Taxon teams up with Sandy Highflier and several other teenagers and travels to outer space. After the group returns to Earth Taxon returns to London and resumes work with Garnett Bell.
(From The Explorigator by Harry Dart)

Sherlock Ol-mes is active helping the Spanish royalty.
(From "Sherlock Holmes in the Service of the Spanish Throne" by Hugo Vavris)

Gapy Bermudez is murdered. His death is avenged by his companion, Miss Ethel Boston, who begins a successful career of her own as a consulting detective.
(From the "Miss Boston" stories)

Robert Darvil attacks Mars with the help of several thousand Indian fakirs and a Hindu prince working for Mr. Am.
(From Le Prisonnier de la Planète Mars by Gustave Le Rouge)

Mr. Am's organisation repeats the attack on Mars which worked so well with Robert Darvil and sends the Frenchmen Serge Myrandhal to Mars by the same method.
(From the "Serge Myrandhal" stories by Henri Gayar)

The French child hero Toto Fouinard duels with a Nine Unknown group of Hindu fanatics.
(From the "Toto Fouinard" stories by Jules Lermina)

1909. Carma Carter gives birth to Richard Carter.

Laura Hardy, wife of Frank "Fenton Hardy" Morgan, gives birth to Frank Hardy.
(From the "Hardy Boys" stories by Franklin W. Dixon)

James "Jimmy" Valentine, the best safe-cracker there ever was, falls in love with Annabel Adams and reforms.
(From "A Retrieved Reformation" by O. Henry)

Avni, , the son of Gavur Memet and the descendant of Orlando, poses as "Sherloc Holmes" and aids Sultan Abdul Hamid II to suppress a rebellion. The Young Turks overthrow the Sultan later that year, and Avni is forced to disappear.
(From the "Avni" stories by Ebüssüreyya Sami and "Abdul Hamid and Sherloc Holmes" by the Yervant Odian)

Sherlock Ol-mes is murdered on a case in Italy. John Siloch avenges him.
(From the "John Siloch" stories)

The Hindu mystic Sar Dubnotal, a product of Mr. Am's organisation, debuts in Europe.
(From the "Sar Dubnotal" stories by Norbert Sevestre)

1910. Carma Carter is murdered by Dr. Quartz and Zanoni the Female Wizard. Nick Carter gives Simon and Richard Carter up for adoption; Simon Carter is given to the Calhouns of Moore County, and Richard Carter is given to Phileas Fogg, who places Richard with his sister Isis Benson.

Laura Hardy gives birth to Joe Hardy.
(From the "Hardy Boys" stories by Franklin W. Dixon)

Fantomas, the Lord of Terror, begins operating in Paris.
(From the "Fantômas" stories by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain)

Terence “Terry” Sloan, the grandson of Henry van Sloan, is born in St. Louis. He quickly display a knack for having knacks, and becomes the “man of a thousand talents.”

The American detective Ashton-Kirk, a GDS victim, begins work in NYC.
(From the "Ashton-Kirk" stories by John McIntyre)

In Berlin the German GDS victim Rolf Brand begins work.
(From the "Rolf Brand" stories)

Aurelius Smith, an American Secret Service agent, goes to India in search of a traitor. He catches the man and then is seconded to the British Criminal Intelligence Department. He ends up staying in India for the next twenty years, fighting the good fight. He is assisted by Langa Doonh, an operative for Mr. Am's organisation.
(From the "Secret Service Smith" stories by R.T.M. Scott)

1911. In London the British GDS sufferer Victor Brand begins work. He surrounds himself with a menagerie, including the intelligent gorilla Jacko the Detective.
(From the "Victor Brand" stories by A. Donnelly Aitken)

In Italy the Italian GDS victim Doctor Riccardo begins work.
(From the "Doctor Riccardo" stories)

1912. Avni, returned from hiding after the 1909 fiasco, is well-established in Istanbul as "Merciless Avni," the best private investigator in the city.
(From the "Avni" stories by Ebu-Süreyya Sami)

Harry Taxon strikes out on his own and opens his own consulting detective firm. Garnett Bell finds himself unable to cope with one case and summons Allan Dickson, an up-and-coming Australian detective. The pair solve the case of the "Man in the Grey Suit."
(From the "Allan Dickson" stories by Arnold Galoupin)

Avni reappears in Istanbul and resumes working as a detective, this time under his own name.

In Santiago, Chile the GDS victim Roman Calvo begins work.
(From the "Roman Calvo" stories by Alberto Edwards)

In New York City the GDS sufferer known as Hodges begins work.
(From the "Hodges" stories by Guy Baker)

In London John Flood, a member of the River Police and GDS victim, gains notice.
(From the "John Flood" stories)

1913. Stanley Brooke, an English GDS victim, begins work.
(From the "Stanley Brooke" stories by E.P. Oppenheim)

Arnold Rhymer trains under the real Sherlock Holmes.
(From the "Arnold Rhymer" stories by Samuel Key)

The Nine Unknown send the Delhi crime boss Umballah against an American heiress.
(From The Adventures of Kathlyn)

1914. Lad, of Buck's line, is born in Sunnybank, New Jersey.
(From Lad: A Dog, by Albert Payson Terhune)

Avni begins his involvement with the intelligence service of the Ottoman Empire.

Arno Jurgen, the son of Victor and Anna Lugoff, joins the German Air Force at the outbreak of World War One. He shoots down 66 Allied pilots before being brought down by the Black Eagle.

Terence X. O'Leary enlists in the French Foreign Legion.
(From the "Terence X. O'Leary" stories by Arthur Empey)

Barry Rand, the fifth son of Joseph Rand, begins shooting down German planes over the Western Front as the "Red Falcon."
(From the "Red Falcon" stories by Robert J. Hogan)

John Masters, the "Lone Eagle," begins a series of duels with the German air ace R-47, Isolde von Hammer, a cousin of Hans von Hammer, the "Enemy Ace."
(From the "Lone Eagle" stories by F.E. Reichnitzer and DC Comics' "Enemy Ace" stories)

"Sherlock Holmes, Jr.," the teenaged son of Robert Graceman, begins solving crimes.
(From the "Adventures of the Son of Sherlock Holmes" stories by Dieter Schliwka)

Huo Sang, a Chinese GDS sufferer, opens a practice in Shanghai. He strikes up a correspondence with the real Sherlock Holmes, and the two become friendly.
(From the "Huo Sang" stories by Cheng Xiaoqing)

The Nine Unknown send the superpowered mystic Hassam Ali to threaten America.
(From Zudora)

Aurelius Smith and Langa Doonh defeat the "Black Magician," an agent of the Nine Unknown.

1915. Les Vampires are captured and Jeanne "Irma Vep" Dedalus is forced to leave Paris.
(From Les Vampires by Louis Feuillade)

James Anthony Dedalus, the grandson of Rocambole, has matured enough that he has the strength, learning, and inventiveness of geniuses twice his age.

Joseph Smith, the second son of Ronald Smith (see 1903 & 1904), is working as an independent pilot. Over the next two decades he earns and keeps the name "Cyclone" for his willingness to fly in any sort of weather. He acts as mentor to the noted boy aviator Barney Baxter.
(From the "Barney Baxter" stories by Frank Miller)

Garnett Bell, posing as "Sherlock Holmes," is contacted and coopted by members of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. They are not aware that Bell is not the real Holmes, and Bell does not disillusion them.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

"Sherlock Holmes, Jr." is active in Germany.

Hans Stark, a heroic German aviator, takes time out from his other adventures, including combat over the Western front, to defeat a group of Thuggees.
(From the "Hans Stark" stories)

1916. Richard Hannay and "John Blenkiron" foil Avni's scheme.
(From Greenmantle by John Buchan)

Germany sends Mexico some weaponry created by Count Joseph von Krassner, the "Black Roc," but Mexico still fails to declare war on America.

James Bigglesworth leaves school to fight the Germans. He quickly becomes one of England's best and most famous pilots and gains the nickname "Biggles." Within a period of months he is contacted and recruited into the British Intelligence Servcie by "Major Raymond," who also recruited the mystery writer Roger Ashenden.
(From the "Biggles" stories by W.E. Johns and Ashenden by Somerset Maugham)

The American policeman Ben Wilson and Hodges have a friendly contest to see who can solve a murder case first.
(From the "Ben Wilson" stories by Ventura Almanzi)

Sebastian begins working as a jewel thief in Mexico and quickly becomes quite successful and infamous. At some point soon after this he duels with Roman Calvo.
(The "Sebastian" stories by Enrique Lopez Alarcon)

James Bigglesworth leaves home to fight the Hun over the Western Front. He quickly gains fame as "Biggles," perhaps the best of the British pilots.

Dr. Payson Alden, an agent of Mr. Am's organisation, destroys the Nine Unknown front operation the Black Order.
(From The Mysteries of Myra)

1917. Two capsules containing infant Kryptonians are launched from Krypton.
(From the "Superman" stories by DC Comics.)

The Japanese detective and GDS victim Kio-Hako begins working in Tokyo.
(From the "Kio-Hako" stories by V.A. Gladkov)

Arnold Rhymer begins working in England as an occult detective and psychic investigator.
(From the "Arnold Rhymer" stories by Samuel Key)

American industrialist Oliver Warbucks meets the man who would become his life-long friend, Punjab. Punjab is an agent of Mr. Am's organisation, but ends up staying with Warbucks out of friendship, rather than duty.
(From the "Little Orphan Annie" stories by Harold Gray)

1918. James Anthony Dedalus flies to France in one of his special "auto-gyros" in an attempt to single-handedly win the war for the Allies. He discovers the truth about his parents and the Companions of Silence and their eugenics program and returns to America to confront his parents. They argue, the discussion turns violent, and James Anthony is forced to kill his parents. He buries them and decides to begin a war on crime. Over the next decade he trains himself to be the best crime fighter possible.
(From the "Jim Anthony" stories by Robert Bellem and W.T. Ballard and Planetary by Warren Ellis)

Terence X. O'Leary, now with the United States Army, becomes one of the Allies' best pilots.

The corpulent master criminal The Spider begins his reign of terror.
(From the "Spider" stories by Johnston McCulley)

Highly-placed men and women in the West meet and begin plotting the final destruction of Communism. They ally with certain criminal conspiracies already presented and lay plans across the next several years. They call themselves the “Black Chamber.” Some of their members during this period include Dr. Hackensaw, Professor Gibberne, Sandy Highflier, Dr. Richard Wonmug, Dr. Amanda Alden, Alsop Ostermann, and Dr. Xenophon Zapt.
(From Clement Fezandie’s “Dr. Hackensaw” stories, Admiral Fudge, Alley Oop, Connie, Muriel Pollifixen’s “Alsop Ostermann” stories, and J.U. Giesy’s “Dr. Zapt” stories.)

On returning home from the war, John Smith, the first son of Ronald Smith (see 1903 & 1904), begins operating as a vigilante and crook.
(From the "Scarlet Fox" stories by Eustace Ball)

Albert Smith, fifth son of Ronald Smith, runs away from home at age 16, looking to become a pilot. Over the next several years he becomes a top pilot but a bad person, and by the 1930s, when he is flying beside Howie Wing, he is widely respected but disliked.
(From the "Howie Wing" stories by Wilfred Moore)

Thomas Ashley, an English GDS victim, begins work in London.
(From the "Thomas Ashley" stories by George England)

Norman Conquest runs away from Mr. Am's organisation and goes to England. He avenges his dead parents by killing the man who forced his parents to suicide. Another lawyer witnesses this and tries to use it against Conquest. Conquest kills him, but this second murder attracts the attention of Sexton Blake. Conquest, not wishing to further soil his family name, assumes the identity of "Rupert Waldo, the Wonder Man," and begins blazing a criminal trail across England and the Continent. Among the men he clashes with are Sexton Blake, Falcon Swift, and Nelson Lee.
(From the "Waldo the Wonder Man" stories by Edwy Searles Brooks)

1919. After World War One ends Arno Jurgen takes to a life of crime in the air. Over the next several years he has numerous battles with Tommy Tomkins, Smilin' Jack Martin, and Rick "Scorchy" Smith.

John Rand, third grandson of Joseph Rand, discovers a life-expanding formula in Western Uganda. He treats himself with it.
(From The Screaming Shadow)

Dr. Terence O'Neil of Boston marries Eileen O'Flaherty.

Rick Smith, third son of Ronald Smith, leaves home at age 14, looking to become a pilot. He later gains fame as "Scorchy" Smith.
(From the "Scorchy" Smith stories by John Terry & Noel Sickles)

Richard Arnold, the son of the English inventor Richard Arnold (see 1880), gains fame as a sportsman at Raritan college in the United States.
(From the "Dick Arnold" stories by Earl Reed Slivers)

Elijah Snow, grandnephew of Yorke Norroy, acquires the plans to Johnny Brainerd's Steam Man of the Prairies. John Hawley Griffin is sent to America to recover them. Snow defeats him and tortures him until he tells Snow about the League. Snow travels to Europe and meets with Captain Mors, still posing as "Doctor Omega." Snow goes from there to the ruined castle of Baron von Frankenstein. In the castle library he learns much about the League.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

Biggles begins a long career of adventures, on his own and for the British Intelligence Service.

Lu Ping, a Chinese thief, becomes successful and gains the nickname "the Oriental Arsene Lupin." The real Lupin, on hearing of Lu Ping, sends him a letter, and the pair regularly correspond.
(From the "Lu Ping" stories by Sun Liaohong.)

The Gray Phantom engineers the theft of the Koh-i-tur gem, and the Voice and the Hand, an operative for Mr. Am's group, "persuades" the Gray Phantom to return the gem.
(From the "Gray Phantom" stories by Herman Landon)

Another Indian gem is stolen, and the forces of the Nine Unknown (in the person of Lio-Sha) and Mr. Am and Kay Hoog, an American sportsman, all go after it. Hoog eventually recovers it and is then "persuaded" to return it to its rightful owner.
(From Die Spinnen by Fritz Lang)

Jethro Dumont, an American veteran of WW1, goes to Tibet to find peace. He is recruited by the lamas of Mr. Am and spends years training under them.
(From the "Green Lama" stories by Kendall Crossen)

The American adventurer Peter the Brazen defeats Fong-Chi-Ah, a Nine Unknown agent.
(From the "Peter the Brazen" stories by George Worts)

The American pilot, adventurer, and World War One veteran Richard Wentworth travels to India. He eventually gains the service and then the friendship of the Mr. Am agent Ram Singh.
(From "The Spider" stories by R.T.M. Scott)

1920. A litter of extraordinary puppies of Buck's line are found by the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. Many are quickly adopted. Later that year one of them, the dog known as Rin-Tin-Tin, is lost in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.

Eileen O'Flaherty O'Neil bears Dr. Terence O'Neil two daughters, Scarlet and Nora. Eileen & Terence split up in a violent disagreement over the Anglo-Irish Treaty, and Eileen leaves Terence and goes to Ireland, taking Nora with her.

"Philip Corrigan," as "Blair Thompson," begins doing intelligence work for the American government. His assistant is the dog Silverstreak.
(From The Code of the Air by Barry Barringer)

Elijah Snow travels to England, kills Garnett Bell's guard, Lord Ruthven, and apprentices himself to Garnett Bell, who persists in identifying himself as "Sherlock Holmes." Snow never becomes aware that Bell is not the real Holmes. For the next several years Elijah Snow trains under Garnett Bell, learning how to become a detective.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis and "The Vampyre" by John Polidori)

Harry Taxon, calling himself "Jack Dollar," opens a private detective agency in New York City.
(From the "Jack Dollar" stories)

The Norwegian GDS sufferer Charles Holm begins his practice in Oslo with his friend Dr. Madsen.
(From the "Charles Holm" stories by Robert Petersen)

1921. Lu Ping and Huo Sang begin a series of friendly and not-so-friendly duels.
(From the "Huo Sang" and "Lu Ping" stories)

Clark Savage, Jr. spends some time learning from Indian fakirs, including lamas employed by Mr. Am's organisation.

Sherlock Holmes perfects his "Royal Jelly bee pollen," which combined with information he gathered while in Tibet in 1891 gives him effective immortality.

One of Mr. Am's lamas in the Philippines trains the English doctor George Leicester and helps turn him into the superpowered vigilante Fascinax.
(From the "Fascinax" stories)

Cottswold Ommony, a long-time British Intelligence agent in India, makes contact with Tsiang Samdup, one of Mr. Am's lamas.
(From Om: The Secret of Abhor Valley by Talbot Mundy)

Michael Traile, an American teenager in India, falls ill and requires brain surgery. The Hindu surgeon botches the job, leaving Traile unable to sleep. One of Mr. Am's lamas teaches Traile how to relax his body. Traile, perhaps at the prompting of the lama, begins training himself to be a living weapon.
(From the "Doctor Yen Sin" stories by Donald Keyhoe)

1922. Jack Calhoun, the older brother by adoption of Simon Carter Calhoun, enters the U.S. Rangers.
(From the "Jack Calhoun" stories by Edward Ware)

Zihni, the second son of Gavur Memet, is well-established in Istanbul as the foremost consulting detective in the city.
(From the "Zihni" stories by Hüseyin Nadir)

The master criminal the "Spider" attempts to use the power-draining "Master Wave" to overthrow the capitalist West.
(From the "Bradley Lane" stories by George Bronson-Howard)

Kent Allard flies with Lamont Cranston. Their plane crashes and the pair are taken into Shambala, one of the main bases of Mr. Am's organisation. Allard is forced to kill Cranston, and then is trained by Mr. Am's lamas, as is Shiwan Khan. Khan eventually leaves the base, goes to the Nine Unknown, and then steals information from them and leaves.
(From the "Shadow" stories)

Anton Zarnak graduates from Mr. Am's lamaseries and goes to New York City. He meets Akbar Ram Singh, and begins fighting evil in all its forms.

The French hero the Nyctalope meets for the first time the man who will become his arch-enemy: Leonid Zattan. Zattan has ties with the Nine Unknown, although it is not known whether he, like Shiwan Khan and Doctor Nikola, was merely using the Nine Unknown for his own purposes or whether he was in an active alliance with them.
(From the "Nyctalope" stories by Jean de la Hire)

1923. Rin-Tin-Tin saves the life of Walter McGrail in Alaska.

David Rand, now calling himself "Ka-Zar," begins a life of adventuring in Africa, Europe, and America.

The British GDS victim Digby Gresham begins work in London.
(From the "Digby Gresham" stories by Florence Pettee)

Dixon Hawke opens his consulting detective firm in London.
(From the "Dixon Hawke" stories by Edwy Searles Brooks)

The American criminal the Scarlet Fox is hired to recover a set of emeralds whose theft was engineered by the Nine Unknown.

JimGrim first battles the forces of the Nine Unknown.

Norman Conquest has now made himself so wanted in his guise as the criminal "Waldo the Wonder Man" that he assumes a second criminal identity, "Marko the Miracle Man." In this identity he keeps on committing crimes, this time duelling primarily with Dixon Hawke.
(From the "Marko the Miracle Man" stories by Edwy Searles Brooks)

1924. Tom Swift woos Elaine Dodge, wins her away from Craig Kennedy, and marries her.
(From the "Tom Swift" stories by Edward Stratemeyer and the Exploits of Elaine)

An orphaned white American child is crowned "Ozar the Aztec," the "predestined ruler of Karnux."
(From the "Ozar the Aztec" stories by Walker Tompkins)

The American GDS sufferer Derek Trant begins work in New York City.
(From the "Derek Trant" stories by Charles Rodda)

1925. Bobo, one of the Potomac adoptee dogs, helps Ed Jenkins, the "Phantom Crook," commit a string of crimes.
(From Erle Stanley Gardner's "Phantom Crook" stories)

Meshedi, the fourth son of Gavur Memet, is well-established in Istanbul as "Honest Meshedi," an acute and extremely honest policeman.
(From the "Meshedi" stories by Ercüment Ekrem Talu)

Arno Lugoff is convined by Rick "Scorchy" Smith to leave a life of crime behind him and become a good guy.
(From the "Scorchy Smith" stories by Noel Sickles)

Sexton Blake defeats the "Black Trinity."
(From the "Sexton Blake" stories)

Dr. Hartson William Brant purchases Spindrift Island, an island off the coast of New Jersey.
(From the “Rick Brant” stories)

Billy Smith, the fourth son of Ronald Smith, begins flying. He quickly gains international fame as the aviator hero "The Great Ace."
(From the "Great Ace" stories by Noel Sansbury, Jr.)

The Nyctalope is again involved in the Mr. Am-Nine Unknown battles.
(From "The Amazon of Mount Everest")

1926. While in New York City Bobo sires a who later becomes known as Asta.
(From the "Thin Man" movies)

Alvin H. Benson, wife of Isis Fogg Benson and adoptive father of Richard Carter Benson, is murdered. Philo Vance solves the case.
(From The Benson Murder Case, by S. S. Van Dine)

An Indian GDS victim calling himself "Sherlock Holmes" begins work in New Delhi.
(From the "Indian Sherlock Holmes" stories by Yakov Kret)

JimGrim fights and defeats the Nine Unknown-backed "Black Lodge."

Dr. Taverner, a member of the Mr. Am-backed "White Lodge," comes to the public's notice in England. He is an occult detective and psychic investigator.
(From the "Dr. Taverner" stories by Dion Fortune)

1927. Simon Carter Calhoun fathers John, later known as "Silver John."

Dr. Mabuse, now insane, dies.
(From Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler by Norbert Jacques and Fritz Lang)

1928. Silverstreak, one of the Potomac adoptee dogs, helps "Blair Thompson" stop a mad scientist.
(From The Code of the Air by Barry Baringer)

James Anthony Dedalus, now going by "James Anthony," debuts as a crime fighter. Within a few years he is known as "Doc Brass" for his similarity to Doc Savage.
(From the "Jim Anthony" stories by Robert Bellem and W.T. Ballard)

Terry Sloan, having conquered every world he can imagine, from sports to business, is about to commit suicide out of boredom when he saves a young woman from suicide. He then becomes a costumed vigilante, and for the next decade makes St. Louis a much better place than it might otherwise have been during the Depression.
(From the “Mr. Terrific” stories by DC Comics)

"Sherlock Holmes, Jr.," solves a case aided by Valentin, a French detective, a man claiming to have been raised by Monsieur Lecoq, a man claiming to have been an assistant to Nick Carter, and the former assistant to the French detective Inspector Tony.
(From "The Five Detectives" by Gabriel Bernard)

Doctor James Livingstone, an occult detective, twice battles the forces of the Nine Unknown.
(From the "Doctor Livingstone" stories by L. Adams Beck)

Kent Allard, having slipped back into evil ways, is forced into repentance by one of Mr. Am's lamas posing as a Tibetan tulku. Allard returns to Shambala and resumes his training.

The French adventurer Francis Hardant finds and destroys a Nine Unknown base in Tibet run by "Natas," a mad scientist.
(From La Cité de l'Or et de la Lèpre by Guy d'Armen)

1929. The dog known only as "D," from Buck's line, sires a litter in Peoria, Illinois, including the dog later known as Lassie. That same year Silverstreak sires a litter in Connecticut, including the dog later known as Rover.
(From "Lassie, Come Home," by Eric Knight and Barnaby by Crockett O'Malley)

Miller Rand, the grandson of Joseph Rand, begins working the streets of New York City as the gadget-using "Electrical Man."
(From the "Electrical Man" stories by Neil Jones)

Operator #5 crushes the "Aztec Uprising" of native Mexican peoples, killing "Ozar the Aztec." Ozar's assistant, "Gurrhu," escapes to London and establishes a scientifically-advanced underground temple there.

Ted Scott, the adopted child of an Ohio couple, wins a trans-Atlantic airplane race. He then returns to Ohio, helps his parents out, and begins adventuring. Over the next several years he is active around the world and gains a great deal of fame, becoming known as the “Lone Eagle" (not to be confused with John Masters, the WW1 air ace of the same name).
(From the “Ted Scott” stories by Franklin W. Dixon)

Dr. Frank Chandler, an agent for the American government, goes to the Indian subcontinent on a mission. While there he and a friend are trained by Mr. Am's lamas and given various powers and abilities. They return to the West and begin fighting crime as "Chandu the Magician" and "Omar the Mystic."
(From the "Chandu the Magician" and "Omar the Mystic" stories)

1930. Hartson Brant, son of "Electric Bob" Driscoll, fathers Rick Brant.
(From the "Rick Brant" stories by John Blaine)

Tom Swift and Elaine Dodge Swift have a son, Thomas Barton Swift.

"Philip Corrigan" begins changing his codenames while continuing to work for the American intelligence community. Among the codenames he bears are "Secret Agent X," "Secret Agent X-9," and "Secret Agent K-7."
(From the "Secret Agent X" stories by Paul Chadwick, "Secret Agent X-9" stories by Dash Hammett & Alex Raymond, and the "Secret Agent K-7" stories.)

Anita van Sloan, grandaughter of John Sloan, begins her association with Richard Wentworth.

Aurelius "Secret Service" Smith returns to America from India and begins work as a consulting detective, still accompanied by Langa Doonh.

The Nyctalope battles the Gorillard, an agent of the Nine Unknown.

1931. Meshedi becomes romantically involved with Vivian Windsor, the daughter of a visiting British businessman. He discovers that she was in the employ of the Si-Fan, and puts her in jail. Late in the year she bears his child, Aynur. Aynur is given to an orphanage.

JimGrim battles the Nine Unknown and their agent Dorje (see 1880). JimGrim defeats Dorje and blows up the underground base of Dorje but dies in the process.

Deen Bradley, an Indian detective, comes to the attention of America as the "Cobra." He is helped by his former employee, Oliver Warbucks, under whom he served as the "Asp."
(From the "Deen Bradley" stories by Richard Sale and the "Little Orphan Annie" stories by Harold Gray)

The French detective Oscar-Bill encounters Submarine Omega and then fights against one of the Nine Unknown's agents.
(From the "Oscar-Bill" stories by Andre Rene Jolly)

January. Elijah Snow is contacted by H.P. Lovecraft. The pair destroy a group of alien "eggs" which had appeared in Lovecraft's home.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

1932. Rin-Tin-Tin sires a litter in Hay River, Canada, including the dogs later known as King and Silver Chief.
(From King of the Royal Mounted by Zane Grey and Silver Chief, Dog of the North by Jack O'Brien)

Sir James Blake of Scotland Yard, the nephew of Edith Blake, visits Dr. Quartz in Sing-Sing. Quartz dies immediately following the visit.

James "Doc Brass" Anthony begins plotting a long term strategy for ending crime.

Tony Quinn, an Assistant D.A. in Chicago, is blinded by a gang of thugs. He trains himself to compensate and then has his sight restored. He begins fighting crime as "the Scorpion," but is also known as the "Bat" and the "Black Bat."
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis, the "Bat" stories by Leo Marguiles, and the "Black Bat" stories by Murray Leinster.)

James Christopher begins attracting public attention as the heroic "Operator #5."
(From the "Operator #5" stories by Frederick Davis)

Hark has a final clash with James "Doc Brass" Anthony and changes his ways, joining Anthony's team.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

Richard Occult, an orphan raised and trained by the lamas of Mr. Am, begins work in New York City as the occult detective and psychic investigator "Doctor Occult."

Harry Dickson battles the "Knights of the Moon," a conspiracy backed by the Nine Unknown.

Norman Conquest begins to feel pangs of guilt and, in his "Waldo the Wonder Man" identity, begins doing more good and less bad.

1933. Harry Dickson defeats Gurrhu, the former assistant to "Ozar the Aztec," beneath London.
(From The Iron Temple by Jean Ray)

In Singapore the GDS sufferer Pawang Ali begins work.
(From the "Pawang Ali" stories by E. Hoffmann Price)

Shiwan Khan & Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks team up, planning to betray each other at the first opportunity. Khan strikes first, but Punjab manages to teleport himself and Warbucks away before they are murdered.
(From The Shadow Strikes! #27)

Harry Dickson wins a return bout with the Knights of the Moon.

Colin Grey begins his term of service in Central Asia. Over the next several years he fights the Nine Unknown on several occasions. He is helped by Samdad Chiemba, one of Mr. Am's most powerful agents.
(From the "Colin Grey" stories by Mark Channing)

The presence of the Mr. Am city Shangri-La is revealed to the world by a group of British men and women who crash-land there. Dr. Indiana Jones had previously discovered the city but kept quiet about it for his own reasons.
(From Lost Horizon by James Hilton)

A teenaged American adventurer in the Sahara discovers a lost civilisation there. He eventually becomes convinced that he is the reincarnation of their foremost mystic, and takes on the mystic's name, "Tahara." Tahara begins adventuring around the world and is joined by Mahatma Sikandar, an Indian mystic who is also one of Mr. Am's agents. Sikandar eventually brings Tahara to Shangri-La itself. Several of Tahara's opponents are allied with or agents of the Nine Unknown.
(From the "Tahara" stories by Harold Sherman)

Harry Dickson battles the Nine Unknown via a mutated British scientist they had possessed.

November. Operator #5 defeats an attempt by The Spider (see 1918) to rob Boston during a blackout caused by the "Master Wave." (see 1922)

1934. Terence X. O'Leary helps the Ethiopians against the Italians during the war, gaining the nickname the "Green Lion of Judah."

Doc Brass and his Companions defeat the Murder Colonels.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

John Meredith begins solving various crimes in London.

The white orphan adopted by Mr. Am's organisation in 1904 debuts in the west as the adult magician and adventurer Mandrake the Magician.
(From the "Mandrake the Magician" stories by Lee Falk)

Jim Bradley and Ted Towers begin traveling the world, working as animal trappers and trainers but often having adventures that have little to do with their putative jobs. They are both aided by agents of Mr. Am.
(From the "Jungle Jim" stories by Alex Raymond and the "Animal Master" stories by Ed Anthony)

Wilfred Glendon, a British botanist, is attacked by one of the Nine Unknown's werewolves while in Tibet. Glendon is infected but does not turn into a werewolf until he returns to Britain.
(From The Werewolf of London)

The Nyctalope battles Alouh T'Ho. (See 1852)

1935. Jurgen Lugoff, the son of Victor and Anna Lugoff, discovers Pellucidar and investigates it with Matt Haynes and Don Dixon.
(From the "Dash Dixon and the Hidden Empire" stories by Carl Pfeufer and the "Pellucidar" stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Nora O'Neil, the daughter of Terence and Eileen O'Neil, begins making her reputation as "Lady Nora O'Neil," one of the most violent of the Irish terrorists.
(From the "Lady Nora O'Neil" stories by Clive Stewart)

Jeanne Dedalus reappears as the adventuress Nila Rand.
(From the "Nila Rand" stories by Beech Allen)

Terence X. O'Leary begins his fight against the South Pacific island of Lataki and its Old Ones-worshiping High Priest Unuk.

David "Ka-Zar" Rand comes into contact with James "Doc Brass" Anthony and begins helping him plot a new and better world.

The Rogue Planet Crisis occurs, with Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, and Professor Hans Zarkoff finally solving it.
(From the "Flash Gordon" stories)

During the Rogue Planet Crisis Rodil Mocquino, Zolok, and Rance Mandarin invade American cities with an army of zombies. Operator #5 and his brother "Philip Corrigan" stop the invasion.

In the chaos following the Rogue Planet Crisis the Japanese stage an air attack on America's West Coast. They are stopped by Operator #5 and air ace "Dusty" Ayres.
(From the "Dusty Ayres" stories by Robert S. Bowen)

Doc Brass and his Companions defeat an incursion of the dwarfs of Tcho-Tcho into America.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis, the Circus of Dr. Lao by Jack Finney, and the work of H.P. Lovecraft)

In New York City the GDS victim Ascott Keane begins work. He soon becomes occupied with opposing Dr. Satan on a full-time basis.
(From the "Dr. Satan" stories by Paul Ernst)

The American pilot Connie Kurridge discovers the Nine Unknown city Lahkpoor. She manages to destroy it after discovering that its leaders were planning to use their atomic technology to rule the world.
(From Connie by Frank Godwin)

Jack Armstrong is summoned by one of Mr. Am's lamas and used to recover some stolen blueprints.
(From the "Jack Armstrong" stories.)

American soldier of fortune Gordon Fife and the boy agent of Mr. Am, Ali, help keep the tiny Central European country of Kovnia independent.
(From the "Gordon Fife" stories by Bob Moore)

1936. Arno Lugoff marries his sweetheart Mickey Lafarge. She then bears him a son, John Lugoff.

James "Doc Brass" Anthony begins to withdraw from active adventuring and devotes himself to his plans and his companions.

Terence X. O'Leary is contacted by James "Doc Brass" Anthony and begins plotting with him.

The "Black Trinity," enemies of Sexton Blake, are sprung from jail by Zenith the Albino, Olga Nasmyth, and Norman Conquest (posing as "Marko the Miracle Man"). The group are confronted and defeated by Dixon Hawke, Dixon Brett, Nelson Lee, Sexton Blake, and James"Doc Brass" Anthony and his Companions.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis and the Dixon Hawke, Dixon Brett, Nelson Lee, and Sexton Blake stories)

Doctor Yen Sin begins to threaten civilisation, and Michael Traile rises up to stop him.

1937. Rover joins the Cornwall, Connecticut Fire Department. Later that year he sires a dog later known as Gorgon.
(From Barnaby by Crockett O'Malley)

The Army begins experiments to alter the dogs of the U.S. Army's K-9 Dog Training Corps.

James "Doc Brass" Anthony, his Companions, and Lt. Don Winslow of the U.S. Navy defeat the "Emperors of America," a scheme by the criminal organisation Scorpia.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis and the "Don Winslow" stories by Lt. Commander Frank Martinek)

Something leads Norman Conquest to abandon his "Waldo the Wonder Man" and "Marko the Miracle Man" identities and begin work as a private adventurer for good, under his own name.

The teenaged American adventurer Speed Gibson joins the "International Secret Police" and begins his war on the criminal mastermind the Octopus.
(From the "Speed Gibson" stories by Virginia Cooke)

1938. Richard Carter Benson's wife Alicia and daughter Alice are murdered. Richard Carter Benson, horrified, becomes the Avenger.
(From Avenger #1 by Kenneth Robeson)

Orhan Çakiroglu, the third son of Gavur Memet, is a standout police detective on the Istanbul police force.
(From the "Orhan Çakiroglu" by Murat Akdogan)

Vivian Windsor escapes from an Istanbul jail and begins her career as the adventuress "Vivian LeGrand," the "Lady From Hell."
(From the "Vivian LeGrand" stories by Eugene Thomas)

James "Doc Brass" and his Companions defeat the dimension-traveling Charnel Ship.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

1939. King sires a dog who later becomes known as Rex the Wonder Dog.
(From DC Comics' "Rex the Wonder Dog" stories)

Tom Swift retires from active adventuring and begins plotting with James "Doc Brass" Anthony.

John Rand, effectively immortal, disappears in Europe and reappears in America as "Rex Rand."

Terry Sloan begins changing his goals from helping the poor and downtrodden to fighting Communism.

A new R-47, the daughter of the original, World War One German air ace, begins fighting in the skies over Europe and Russia for Germany.

Biggles begins fighting the Axis forces during WW2.

John Meredith goes into action as a deep sleeper in Germany.

The Octopus begins fighting the Skull Killer. Later that year he fights the Skull Killer as the "Scorpion."
(From the "Octopus" stories by Norvel Page)

An American explorer stumbles upon one of Mr. Am's bases, the same underground city in which Doctor Occult was raised. The American is given various powers and abilities by Mr. Am's organisation and sent to the West, where he works as "Mr. Mystic."
(From the "Mr. Mystic" stories by Will Eisner)

1940. Scarlet O'Neil, the daughter of Terence and Eileen O'Neil, is given invisibility by her father in a laboratory accident. She uses her new powers to fight crime and later the Axis.
(From the "Invisible Scarlet O'Neil" stories by Russell Stamm)

Dr. Hartson Brant and friends are approached by the CIA and asked to join the “Black Chamber.” They willingly agree.

Alan Scott, an American engineer, discovers an alien weapon while in China. He uses it for a brief period to do good, but due to a kind of radiation leak is killed by the weapon within a few weeks' time.
(From the "Green Lantern" stories by DC Comics)

"Sherlock Holmes, Jr." reaches his majority and changes his name to "Mister Hopkins." He disappears during the German invasion of France.
(From "Mr. Hopkins--Sherlock's Grandson" by J.J. Herlinger)

Four detectives of the Indian subcontinent begin their rise to fame: Detective Janaki, Sambu, Digambara Samiyar, and Shanker Lal.
(From the "Detective Janaki," "Sambu," "Digambara Samiyar," and "Shanker Lal" stories)

1941. Rex the Wonder Dog fights the Axis powers.
(From DC Comics' "Rex the Wonder Dog" stories)

Private Lee Powell gains fame as the "Yankee Commando."

December. Rick Brant begins using his inventions to fight the Axis, both at home and abroad.

Norgil the Magician, a descendant of Sir Nigel Loring and a famous stage magician and detective, goes undercover to fight against the Axis. Norgil teams up with Click Rush, the "Gadget Man."

Ted Scott, the “Lone Eagle,” begins flying secret missions against the Axis, as does Billy "The Great Ace" Smith.

1943. Silver Chief assists Kioga in repelling a German invasion of Nato'wa. Later this year King sires a litter, including the dog later known as Toyon. This year also sees Gorgon adopted by Barnaby Baxter.
(From William Chester's "Kioga" stories and Toyon: A Dog of the North by Nicholas Kalashnikoff and Barnaby by Crockett O'Malley)

Rick Brant helps Niels Bohr escape from Copenhagen.

John "Rex Rand," a member of the American commando unit the "Yankee Rangers," dies in Italy.
(From the "Yankee Rangers" stories)

1944. Miller "The Electrical Man" Rand dies storming Omaha Beach.

Fen-Chu, an Asian agent of the Nine Unknown, is discovered and defeated.
(From L'Enigmatique Fen-Chu by George Fronval)

1945. James "Doc Brass" Anthony and his Companions activate their "snowflake" supercomputer and open a gate to another universe. Through this gate come seven superpowered individuals. In the ensuing battle everyone dies except Doc Brass.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

Biggles begins serving with the British "Unreal Sanction Force."
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

John Meredith, much the worse for wear, emerges from Germany and resumes work as a detective in England.

August. Strange events occur on the Japanese island of Danjo-To following the detonation of the American atomic bombs. The island is occupied by agents of the “Black Chamber.”
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

1946. With the help and backing of the CIA the “Black Chamber” moves to Spindrift Island and changes its operating name to the “Spindrift Coalition.” Over the next two years they gain a number of new members, including Rick Brant, Tom Swift, Jr., Dr. Terence O’Neil, Jack Armstrong, Colin Haig, the Octopus, Professor Winston Wade, Professor Randolph Elliot, Richard Seaton, Speed Spaulding, Professor Howard Bronton, Ward Barnett,  Peter Marchmont, Dr. Alexei Zorka, Dr. Jason Kinney, and various German scientists.
(From the “Rick Brant” stories, the “Tom Swift, Jr” stories, the “Invisible Scarlet O’Neil” stories, the “Jack Armstrong” stories, H. Bedford-Jones’ “Colin Haig” stories, the “Octopus” stories, The Flaming Disc, George Seitz’s Sky Ranger, EE Smith’s The Skylark of Space, Edwin Balmer’s Speed Spaulding, Ella O’Neil’s The Vanishing Shadow, Roland West’s The Unknown Purple, Wyllis Cooper’s The Phantom Creeps, Homer Flint’s “Jason Kinney” stories)

Terry Sloan is invited to join the Spindrift Coalition and accepts.

Ted Scott, Billy Ace, and the second R-47 join the Spindrift Coalition under mysterious circumstances.

Fen-Chu's base and technology (see 1946) is found by a white agent of the Nine Unknown. He, too, is defeated.

1947. Rick Brant, grandson of "Electric Bob" Driscoll, pilots a rocketship to the moon.
(From the "Rick Brant" stories)

January. The Spindrift Coalition launches an unmanned, armed satellite.
(From John Blaine’s The Rocket’s Shadow.)

July. Two alien spaceships, one of which carries Greys, crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Jack Armstrong and Speed Spaulding investigate the wreckage of the crash and report back to the Spindrift Group. They step up their efforts and begin ways to accelerate their program. One of these ways is by means of experiments on humans.

August. The island of Danjo-To is revisited by agents of the Spindrift Coalition. They begin experimenting on the creatures of Danjo-To, now dubbed “Island Zero.”

1949. The Spindrift Coalition sets up three Science Cities in the American Southwest. For the next decade the Science Cities see horrific experiments performed on men and women, designed to produce supersoldiers.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

1950. Biggles is given an anti-ageing formula.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

1951. Rex the Wonder Dog fights in the Korean War.

1954. John Lugoff meets Aynur Meshedi. They fall in love, and some months later she bears him a son.

Gojira, a former inhabitant of Island Zero, attacks Tokyo.
(From various “Godzilla” movies and stories)

The other inhabitants of Island Zero, including Rodan, Ghidarah, and Gamera, do not leave the island.

1955. The Amazon "Wonder Woman" disappears from public view.
(From the "Wonder Woman" stories by DC Comics)

1958. Dr. Stephen Strange, an American surgeon with shattered hands and a bad attitude, comes to Tibet looking for help. He finds one of Mr. Am's lamas, who heals him and begins teaching him various things.
(From the "Dr. Strange" stories by Marvel Comics)

1959. Elijah Snow, Billy Smith (of the Four), and Biggles are involved in a firefight on the Nautilus in Florida.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

Bob Morane first meets and fights Monsieur Ming.
(From the "Bob Morane" stories by Henri Vernes)

1960. Rex the Wonder Dog teams up with Detective Chimp and has a series of adventures across the decade.

The Science Cities are abandoned after having outlived their usefulness.

1961. The Spindrift Coalition launches a new rocket, armed with its best science and manned by four of its best and brightest: Terry Sloan, Ted Scott, Billy Smith, and R-47. Something meets them and replaces them. Within a few months of their return nearly every member of the Spindrift Group is dead and the Coalition is reformed under the aegis of the "Four."

1963. A dog of Buck's line is born. He will later become known as Kavik.
(From Kavik the Wolf Dog by Walt Morey)

Dr. Stephen Strange, now healed and given a wide range of abilities, returns to New York City and begins work as the occult detective "Dr. Strange."

The American businessman Wendell Rand, the son of Barry "Red Falcon" Rand and the grandson of Joseph Rand, is trekking in the Himalayans with his wife, son, and business partner when the partner abandons the group in the face of danger. Rand and his wife are killed, but the son, Daniel, survives and is found and adopted by the natives of "K'un-Lun," one of Mr. Am's bases. Daniel is trained in the martial arts by Mr. Am's lamas and taught to use his abilities for good and not evil.
(From the "Iron Fist" stories by Marvel Comics)

1964. Ganesh Ghote begins work as a police Inspector in Bombay. He quickly gains no small amount of renown.
(From the "Inspector Ghote" stories by H.R.F. Keating)

Hadji, a product of Mr. Am's orphanages, joins Dr. Benton Quest and his adventuring family as a mole. He stays with them out of friendship.
(From the "Jonny Quest" stories)

1966. Bob Morane clashes with Dr. Xhatan, an agent of the Nine Unknown.

1968. The second of two capsules containing an infant Kryptonian lands on Earth. The member of the Four calling himself Billy Smith arrives at the crash site within minutes of the landing and kills the infant Kryptonian.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

The cloaked island of the "Amazons" off the coast of America sends a new ambassador to "man's world." The member of the Four calling herself Kim Suskind kills the new ambassador as she emerges from the island's shield.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

A member of an intergalactic police force arrives on Earth, bearing the same kind of weapon that the "Green Lantern" (see 1940) used. The Four kill it.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

c. 1969. The dog later known as Benji (of Buck's line) is born.

Elijah Snow and Biggles defeat a terrorist attempt to subvert the British intelligence group the Secret Intelligence Service, aka MI-6. The pair become friends.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

1973. Daniel Rand, now nineteen years old, leaves "K'un-Lun" and goes to New York City. He brings his father's murderer to justice and becomes the vigilante known as "Iron Fist."

1974. The great-great-granddaughter of Zalma di Murska, Jakita Wagner, is born. She displays superhuman capabilities and has various unrecorded adventures before joining up with two other adventurers.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

c. 1975. The dog later known as Ralph von Wau Wau is born.
(From "The Doge Whose Barque Was Worse Than His Bight" by Jonathan Swift Somers III)

Elijah Snow is one of the last Americans to leave Saigon.
(From Planetary by Warren Ellis)

1977. The son of John Lugoff and Aynur Meshedi avenges the murder of his wife and begins his rise to power as the dreaded crimelord "Keyser Soze."
(From The Usual Suspects)

1978. One of Buck's descendants, Lucky, terrorizes a Plainsboro, New Jersey family.
(From Devil Dog--The Hound of Hell)

1989. An FBI agent is drawn into the clash of the Nine Unknown and Mr. Am via their proxies, the Black Lodge and the White Lodge, in a series of murders in America's Pacific Northwest.
(From Twin Peaks by David Lynch)

1990. "G," granddog of Kavik, sires a dog later known as "Mush."
(From Mush, A Dog From Space by Daniel Pinkwater)

1998. Gojira emerges after 44 years away and attacks New York City.

2000. H.P. Lovecraft's tomb is excavated, releasing something.
(From "The Deviltry of Elemental Valence" by Edward Lee)

2070. Mr. Am, posing as "John Gribardson," travels back in time to 14,000 B.C.E., leaving his wife behind in cryogenic sleep.

2140. Mr. Am is at long last reunited with his wife "Jane." The pair leave for the stars.

2366. The human colony in the in the Delta Rana system are attacked with no warning by the Husnock. Mr. Am's wife is killed in the attack. Mr. Am horrified and heartbroken, erases the entire Husnock race from existence. The Federation star ship Enterprise arrives and forces Mr. Am to confront what he has done. Mr. Am leaves for the stars, possibly to rejoin the Q Continuum.
(From "The Survivors" by Michael Wagner)

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