The Golden Age Heroes Directory: O

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One Round Hogan. One Round Hogan is a rough-and-tough (though good-hearted) boxer who's opposed to evil and crime in all their forms. He's helped by his trainer Spigot.
First Appearance: All Good Comics #1 (Fox)

Oracle. Jakeoster contributes the following:

The Oracle was Bob Paxton, an American with the uncanny ability to predict coming events. He uses his power to battle the
enemies of America. He was assisted by Lana Owens
First appearance: Startling Comics #20 (Better)

The Owl. Nick Terry is a special investigator for the police department of "Yorktown," a large city in America's Midwest. Unfortunately, he finds that the police can do only so much, so he takes the law into his own hands and dresses up as the costumed vigilante the Owl to fight for freedom unfettered by regulations. He is assisted by his girlfriend Belle Wayne, a gossip columnist who is also his sidekick Owl Girl. The Owl has no superpowers, but he's got an array of equipment, including an Owlmobile which can fly, doubles as a roadster, and is armed with "Owl-bombs" and a darkness-casting blacklight ray; and robot Owlos, controlled ultrasonically, which can see through the blacklight ray, can track like bloodhounds and can divebomb enemies. The Owl's cape also doubles as a parachute.
First Appearance: Crackerjack Funnies #25 (Dell)

Owl Girl. Belle Wayne is a gossip columnist for the Yorktown Morning Eagle. She is also the girlfriend of Nick Terry, aka the Owl, and helps him as the costumed Owl Girl. She has no powers but can use his gimmicks and is a good fighter.
First Appearance: Crackerjack Funnies #25 (Dell)