The Golden Age Heroes Directory
Introductory Page
updated 22 July 2001

I've noticed, in my years on the Web, that there is a paucity of information on obscure Golden Age heroes. Oh, there's definitely information on the major heroes of the Golden Age. There are Superman and Batman sites a-plenty, a few good ones on the Invaders and the Justice Society, and so on. There is even a good site for information on obscure Timely heroes--it's my own site, but I'll forego the false modesty, since it's a good site. But once get away from Marvel and DC and Fawcett, you're pretty much out of luck. Things aren't even that good, as the obscure characters for DC and Fawcett aren't even covered by most every site out there; try finding information on Mike Gibbs or Commando Yank online. Go ahead. I dare you. And information on characters from non-Big Three companies is just not available anywhere. (Well, okay, that's not, strictly speaking, entirely accurate. The Golden Age Directory has some links to non-Big Three companies and heroes. But it's the best site out there for this sort of information, and even Mikel's superlative effort is missing information, as he himself would be the first to admit) So I'm filling this gap. This site will, when complete, have information on every heroic character appearing in comics from the Golden Age. However, for various reasons I've had to do this site twice. So you've got two choices:
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