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You'll quickly notice that there isn't a whole lot of information in most entries, and that some entries are rudimentary. That's deliberate. I don't have the time, energy, or resources to do an in-depth investigation of each character. I figure that, in the years and decades to come, there will be others to expand on my work. (If comics survive that long, I mean) For now, I think it's enough to give short descriptions of each character.

The characters are listed in traditional comic book style, first name first, surname last, so that both Captain Marvel and Johnny Thunder are listed alphabetically by the first letter of their first name, in, respectively, the Cs and the Js. Likewise, characters with ordinary names, like Wing Brady and Slam Bradley will be found in the Ws and the Ss.

I'll be sticking with Golden Age characters and continuity only. No retcon characters or histories will be included (so the All-Star Squadron, for one, will be excluded). My definition of the "Golden Age," by the way, is 1935 to 1949. If you don't agree with my definition, then you're free to go elsewhere.

Thanks to: Alicia, as always, my polestar; Michael Norwitz, always helpful, whose web sites provided much good information and links and whose continued correspondence is always a pleasure to read; Ronald Byrd, a gentlemen, mensch, and comics scholar whose knowledge dwarfs not just my own but, from what I can tell, the pro writers as well; Ed Love, for loads of helpful information; Scott Nesmith, for various information; Richard and Darren Wiltshire, for a great CD-ROM and a better website; Don Markstein, for information on the Terrific Whatzit; "jakeoster," for many good contributions; the staff at the University of Tulsa's Special Collections Library.

11 Dec. 2000
Made various corrections
Added: Buckskin Blake, Captain Devildog, Diana the Huntress, Iron Vic, Prince Zardi, Rex King, Spider Woman
15 July 2001
Did a major update, adding well over 100 new characters and updating many others.
22 July 2001
Added to: Dickie Dean, Doll Girl, Lieutenant Marvels, Marvel Bunny, Phoenix Squadron, 711, Wasp, Yankee Girl
Added: Cavalier, Cyclone (II), Dan Hastings (II)

"Prepare for the fortification of the Web. We are only the forerunners of what is to come."

A. Abdul the Arab to Auro
Abdul the Arab, Ace Barlow, 'Ace' Mason, Ace Powers, Adventure, Incorporated, Airboy, Airmaidens, Airmale, Air Man, Air-Sub 'DX', Air Wave, Ajax the Sun Man, Algie, Allan De Beaufort, All-Winners Squad, Amazing Man, Amazona, American Ace, American Avenger, American Crusader, American Eagle, Angel, Aquaman, Archie Atkins, Archie the Gruesome, Armstrong of the Army, Arrow, Astron, Atlas, Atom, Atoman, Atom Blake, Atomic Man, Atomic Thunderbolt, Auro

B. Balbo the Boy Magician to Buzz Crandall
Balbo the Boy Magician, Bald Eagle, Banshee, Barney Mullen, Barry Finn, Barry Kuda, Barry O'Neill, Batman, Ben Johnson, Betty Bates, Biff Bannon, Biff Bronson, 'Bill' Hardin, Bill Barnes, Billy Gunn, Bill Handy, Bill Wayne, Bird Man, Black Angel, Black Avenger, Black Buccaneer, Black Canary, Black Cat, Black Cobra, Black Commander, Black Condor, Black Crusader, Black Diamond, Black Dwarf, Black Fury, Blackhawks,  Black Hood, Blackie the Mystery Boy, Black Jack, Black Lion, Black Marvel, Black Orchid, Blackout (I) & (II), Black Owl, Black Panther, Black Pirate, Black Sheep Squadron, Black Spider, Blackstone, Black Terror, Black Venus, Black Widow (I) & (II), Black X, Blast Bennett, Blaze Barton, "Blaze" Baylor, Blazing Scarab, Blazing Skull, Blond Garth, Blonde Phantom, Blue Beetle, Blue Blade, Blue Blaze, Blue Bolt, Blue Circle, Blue Diamond, Blue Fire, Blue Flame, Blue Lady, Blue Streak (I) & (II), Blue Tracer, Bobby and Binks, Bob Daley, Bob Merritt, Bob Neal, Bob Phantom, Bob Steele, Bob Wiley, Bogeyman, Bombardiers, Bomber Burns (I) & (II), Bombshell, Boomerang, Bouncer, Boy Buddies, Boy Commandos, Boy Explorers, Boy Heroes, Boy King, Bozo the Iron Man, Brad Hardy, Bradley Boys, Brad Spencer, Breeze Barton, Breezy Collins, Bronze Man, Bronze Terror, Bruce Nelson, Buccaneer, Buck Brady, Buck Burke, Buck Jones, Buck Marshall, Buck Ranger, Buckskin Blake, Buckskin Jim, Buckskin Rangers, Bucky, Buddy (I) & (II), Bulldog Martin, Bulletgirl, Bulletman, Bull's-Eye Bill, Bumper, Burma Boy, "Buzz" Balmer, Buzz Crandall

C. Camilla to Cyclone
Camilla, Captain Aero, Captain America, Captain Battle, Captain Battle, Jr., Captain Bill of the Rangers, Captain Combat, Captain Commando, Captain Compass, Captain Cook, Captain Courageous, Captain Curry, Captain Daring (I) & (II), Captain Dash, Captain Desmo, Captain Devildog, Cap'n Erik, Captain Fearless, Captain Fight, Captain Flag, Captain Flight, Captain Fortune, Captain Freedom, Captain Fury, Captain Future (I) & (II), Captain Glory, Captain Grim, Captain Halyard, Captain Magnet, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Captain Midnight, Captain Power, Captain Satan, Cap Stone, Captain Strong, Captain Terror, Captain Thunder, Captain Triumph, Captain Valiant, Captain Valor, Captain Venture, Captain Victory, Captain Wings, Captain Wizard, Captain Wonder, Captain X, Casey Jones, Catman, Cat-Man, Cavalier, Challenger, Chameleon, the Champ, Chemix, Chen Chang, Chop Suey, Chuck Dawson, Chuck Hardy, Citizen Smith, Citizen V, Click Rush, Cliff Cornwall, Cliff Crosby, Clip Carson, Clipper Kirk, Cloak, Clock, Cloud Curtis, Clown, Comet, Comet Pierce, Commando Cubs, Commando Yank, Congo Bill, Congo Lancers, Conqueror, Copper Slugg, Corporal Collins, Cosmic Carson, Cosmo the Phantom of Disguise, Cosmo Mann, Cotton Carver, Craig Carter, Crash Davis, Crash Kid, Crash Parker, Crimebuster, Crime Crusaders Club, Crimson Avenger, Criss Cross, Crusader, Cub, Cyclone (I) & (II)

D. Dagar to Dynamo
Dagar, Dakor the Magician, Dale of the FBI, Dan Dare, Dan Hastings (I) & (II), Dan Williams, Dandy, Daredevil, Dare Devils 3, Dart, Dash Dillon, Dave Dean, Davey, David, Deacon, Death Patrol, Defender, Delecta, Denny Scott, Destiny, Destroyer, Destroying Demon, Detective Crane, Detective Sergeant Carey, Detecto, Devil's Dagger, Diamond Jack, Diana the Huntress, Dickie Dean, Dick Mace, Dick Star, Dick Transom, Dicky, Dirk Delancey, Dirk the Demon, DI 13, Doc Davis, Dr. Diamond, Dr. Doom, Dr. Fate, Dr. Frost, Dr. Fung, Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Mortal, Dr. Mystic, Dr. Nemesis, Dr. Occult, Doc Savage, Doc Strange, Doc Strong, Dr. Voodoo, Doll Girl, Doll Man, Domino, Don Drake, Don Fortune, Don Glory, Don Gorman, Don Granval, Don Kerry, Don Q, Don Winslow, Doodle, Downbeat, Dragon, D-13, Durango Kid, Dusty, Dynaman, Dynamic Boy, Dynamic Man (I) & (II), Dyna-Mite, Dynamite Thor, Dynamo

E. Eagle to the Eye
Eagle, Eagle Evans, Echo, Edison Bell, El Carim, Electro, Enchanted Dagger, Eternal Brain, the Eye

F. The Face to F-4
The Face, The Falcon (I) & (II), Fantomah, Fantom of the Fair, Fargo Kid, Father Time, Federal Men, Fero, Ferret (I) & (II), Fiery Mask, Fighting Fool, Fighting Yank (I) & (II), Fin, Fireball, Firebrand (I) & (II), Fire Eater, Firefly, Fire-Man, Flag, Flag Man, Flame (I) & (II), Flame Girl, Flash, Flash Foster, Flash Lightning, Flexo the Rubber Man, Flint Baker, Flint Man, Flying Dutchman, Flying Fist, Flying Flame, Flying Fox, Flying Trio, Fly-Man, Four Comrades, Fourth Musketeer, Fox, Frankenstein, Freelance, Frontier Marshal, Funnyman, Futura, F-4

G. Gale Allen to G-2
Gale Allen, Gargoyle, Garry, Gary Hawkes, Gary Morgan, Gaucho, Gay Ghost, Genius Jones, Ghost, Ghost of Flanders, Ghost Patrol, Girl Commandos, Gladiator, Golden Arrow, Golden Girl (I) & (II), Golden Lad, Great Defender, Green Arrow, Green Falcon, Green Giant, Green Hornet, Green Knight, Green Lama, Green Lantern, Green Mask (I) & (II), Green Turtle, Grenade, Grim Reaper, Grit Grady, Guardian Angel, "Gunner" Thompson, G-2

H. Hack O'Hara to Hyper
Hack O'Hara, Hale of the Herald, Hangman, The Hawk, Hawkman, Headless Horseman, Headline Hunter, Heap, Henri Duval, Hercules (I), (II) & (III), Hip Knox, Hood, Hooded Wasp, Hooks Devlin, Hop Harrigan, Hourman, Human Bomb, Human Dynamo, Human Meteor, Human Top, Human Torch, Hunchback, Hurricane, Hurricane Hansen, Hurricane Harrigan, Hustace Throckmorton, Hydroman, Hy Hardy, Hyper

I. Ibis to Iron Vic
Ibis the Invincible, Immortal Man, Inferno, Inspector Bancroft, Inspector Dayton, Invisible Avenger, Invisible Hood, Invisible Man, Invisible Scarlet O'Neill, Invisible Terror, Iron Ace, Iron Gates, Iron Skull, Iron Vic

J. Jack and Jill to Just 'n' Right
Jack and Jill, Jack Andrews, Jack Dale, Jack Dewey, Jack Frost, Jackie Law, Jack of Spades, Jack Terry, Jack Wander, Jack Woods, Jane Drake, Jane Martin, Jap-Buster Johnson, Jaxon, Jeff Barter, Jeff Dix, Jester, Jim Dawson, Jim Dolan, Jim Giant, Jim Hatfield, Jimmy Jupiter, Jinx, Joan Mason, Jo-Jo, John Law, Johnnie Law, Johnny Canuck, Johnny Peril, Johnny Quick, Johnny Rebel (I) & (II), Johnny Thunder (I) & (II), John Steele, Jon Linton, Judge, Judy of the Jungle, Jun-Gal, Jungle Boy, Jungle King, Jungleman, Jungle Twins, Junior Rangers, Jupiter, Justice Society of America, Just 'n' Right

K. K the Unknown to K-51
K the Unknown, Kaanga, Kalthar, Kangaroo Man, Kardak, Kato, Kay McKay, Kayo Kane, Kayo Kirby, Ka-Zar, Ken Keen, Kenny Carr, Kid Cobra, Kid Colt, Kid Dixon, Kid Eternity, King (I) & (II), King Carter, Kit, Kitten, Kitty Kelly, Kon Fu, K-4, K-51

L. Lady Danger to Lynx
Lady Danger, Lady Fairplay, Lady Luck, Lady Satan (I) & (II), Lance (I) & (II), Lance Hale, Lance Lewis, Lance O'Casey, Lance Rand, Lando, Larry Kane, Larry Steele, Laughing Mask, Lectra, Lee Preston, Liberator, Liberty Belle, Liberty Guards, Liberty Lads, Lieutenant Drake, Lieutenant Hercules, Lieutenant Lank, Lieutenant Marvels, Lightning, Lightning Girl, Link Thorne, Lion Boy, Li'l Professor, Little Boy Blue, Little Hercules, Little Leaders, Little Wise Guys, London, Lone Eagle, Lone Warrior, Loop Logan, Loops and Banks, Lucky Byrd, Lucky Coyne (I) & (II), Lucky Landers, Lucky Lawrence, Lucky Lawton, Lucky Lucifer, Lum Sims, Lynx

M. Ma Jenkins to Mystic
Ma Jenkins, Mach Duff, Madam Fatale, Madam Satan, Mad Hatter, Magar the Mystic, Magic Morro, Magnet, Magno (I) & (II), Major Liberty, Major Mars, Major Victory, Manhunter (I) & (II), Mann of India, Man of War, Man O'Metal, Manowar, Mantor the Magician, Marga, Margo the Magician, Mark Lansing, Mark Marson, Marksman (I) & (II), Mark Swift, Martan the Marvel Man, Marty McCann, Marvel Boy (I) & (II), Marvel Bunny, Marvelo, Marvex the Super-Robot, Marvo the Magician, Marvo 1.2 Go+, Mary Marvel, Mask, Masked Marvel (I) & (II), Masked Ranger, Masked Rider, Master Key, Masterman, Master Mind Excello, Mekano, Menta, Merciless the Sorceress, Mercury, Merlin, Merry the Girl of 1000 Gimmicks, Merzah the Mystic, Meteor, Mickey, Mickey Martin, Micro Face, Microman, Midnight, Mighty Man, Mike Gibbs, Mike Trapp, Minimidget, Minute-Man, Miracle Man, Mirror Man, Miss America (I) & (II), Miss Fury, Miss Masque, Miss Patriot, Miss Shady, Miss Victory, Miss X, Mr. E (I) & (II), Mister Justice, Mister Midnight, Mister Millions, Mr. Ree, Mister Satan, Mr. Scarlet, Mr. Terrific, Mister Wu, Mitey Powers, Monako, M'sieu L'Epee, Monstro the Mighty, Moon Girl, Moon Man, Mosquito, Moth, Mouthpiece, Muley Pike, Music Master, Mysta, Mystery Men of Mars

N. Nadir to Nyoka
Nadir, Namora, Nelson Cole, Nelvana, Neon the Unknown, Neptina, Nevada Jones, Newsboy Legion, Nick Carter, Nickie Norton, Night Hawk, Nightmare, Nightro, Nyoka

O. One Round Hogan to Owl Girl
One Round Hogan, Oracle, Owl, Owl Girl

P-Q. Page Parks to Quorak
Page Parks, Pals of Freedom, Panther, Parachute Patrol, Pat Patriot, Patriot, Patty O'Day, Paul Bunyan, Paul Revere, Jr., Pen Miller, Pep Morgan, Perisphere Payne, Phantasmo, Phantom Bullet, Phantom Eagle, Phantom Falcons, Phantom Flyer, Phantom Lady, Phantom of the Underworld, Phantom Ranger, Phantom Reporter, Phantom Rider, Phantom Soldier, Phantom Sphinx, Phantom Sub, Phoenix Squadron, Pinto Pete, Pinky, Pioneer, Pirate Prince, Planet Payson, Plastic Man, "Powder" Burns, Powerhouse Pepper, Power Man, Power Nelson, Prankster, Press Guardian, Prince Menou, Princess Pantha, Private Parker, Private Rook, Prop Powers, Punch Parker, Purple Mask, Purple Trio, Purple Zombie, Pyroman, Q-Boat, Quicksilver, Quorak

R. Rackman to Rusty (I) & (II)
Rackman, Radar, Ragman, Rainbow, Rainbow Boy, Rance Keane, Rang-a-Tang, Rangers of Freedom, Raven (I) & (II), Ray, Reckoner, Red, Red Bee, Red Blazer, Red Coat Patrol, Red Comet, Red Cross, Red Demon, Red Dragon, Red Gaucho, Red Hawk (I) & (II), Red Logan, Red Mask, Red Panther, Red Raven, Red Reeves, Red Riley, Red Robbins, Red Rocket, Red Rube, Red Seal, Red Skeleton, Red Tornado, Red Torpedo, Red, White & Blue, "Reef" Kinkaid, Reef Ryan, Rex, Rex Dexter, Rex Elliott, Rex King, Rex Swift, Reynolds of the Mounted, Rick Evans, "Rick" Masters, Rick O'Shay, Rio Kid, Rip Carson, Robin, Robotman, Rocke Wayburn, Rocket Boy, Rocketgirl, Rocketman, Rocket Rooney, Rockman, Rocky Ryan, Rod Rian, Rodeo Rick, Roko, Roy Lance, Roy the Super Boy, Rudy the Robot, Rulah the Jungle Goddess, Runaway Ronson, Rurik, Rusty (I), (II) & (III)

S. Saint to Sword (II)
Saint, Sally O'Neil, Samar, Samson, Sand Hog, Sandman, Sandra of the Secret Service, Sandy, Sandy Kean, Sargon, Scarab, Scarlet Arrow, Scarlet Avenger, Scarlet Nemesis, Scarlet Phantom, Scoop Scanlon, Scoop Smith, Scott Rand, Secret Agent M-11, Secret Agent Z-2, Secret Stamp, Senorita Rio,  Sentinel, Sergeant Bill King, Sergeant Blake, Sergeant Boyle, Sergeant Flagg, Sergeant O'Malley, Sergeant Spook, 7 Soldiers of Victory, 711, Shadow, Shadow Jr., Shaman, Shangra, Shark, Shark Brodie, Sheena, Shield, Shining Knight, Shipwreck Roberts, Sidi, Silver Scorpion, Silver Streak, Simba, Skip Schuyler, Skull Squad, Sky-Devils, Sky Girl, Skyman, Sky Ranger, Skyrocket, "Skyrocket" Steele, Skywolf, Sky Wolf, Slam Bradley, Sleepy, Sniper, Socko Strong, Solar, Solar Legion, "Solid" Jackson, Sorceress of Zoom, Space Admiral Curry, Spacehawk, Space Legion, Space Rangers, Space Smith, Spade of the Secret Service, Sparkler, Spark Man, "Spark" Stevens, Sparky (I) & (II), Sparky Watts, Spectre, Spectro, Speed Centaur, Speed Gale, "Speed" Karr, Speed Martin, Speed Saunders, Speed Silvers, Speedy, Spencer Steel, Sphinx, Spider, Spider Queen, Spider Widow, Spider Woman, Spirit, Spirit Man, Spirit of '76, Spitfire (I) & (II), Spot Savage, Spurt Hammond, Spy, Spy-Master, Spy Smasher, Stampy, Starman, Star, Stardust, Star Pirate, Star Rover, Stars and Stripes, Star-Spangled Kid, "Star-Spangles" Branner, Steel Fist, Steel Shark, Steel Sterling, Steele Kerrigan, Steve Carson, Steve Case, Steve Conrad, Steve Malone, Steve Stacey, Stoney Dawson, Storm Curtis, Strange Twins, Streak Sloan, Strong of the Secret Service, Strongman, Stripesy, Stuff, Stuntman, Subbie, Sub-Mariner, Sub-Zero Man, Suicide Smith, Sun Girl, Super-American, Super Ann, Superboy, Superhorse, Superkatt, Superman, Supermind's Son, Supermouse, Super Slave, Supersnipe, Swing Sisson, Sword (I) & (II)

T. Tabu to Typhoon Tyson
Tabu, Tanero, Tangi, Tarantula, Target, Targeteers, Taxi Taylor, Ted O'Neil, Ted Parrish, Terrific Whatzit, Terror, Terror Squad, Terry, Terry Vance, Texas Kid, Tex Thomson, Tex Trainor, Thelma Gordon, Thin Man, 13, Thor, Three Cheers, 3Xs, Thunderhoof, Tiger Girl, Tiger Hart, Tigerman, Tim, Tiny, TNT, Tomahawk, Tommy the Amazing Kid, Tom Kerry, Tommy Paige, Tommy Tomorrow, Tommy Tyme, Tom Powers, Tom Sherrill, Topper, Tor, Tornado Tom, Toro, Torpedo Man, Torro, Tough Kid Squad, Triple Terror, Trojak, Trooper "Pat" Corrigan, Tuk, Tulpa of Tsang, 2023 Super-Police, Twilight, Twister, Two-Gun Kid, Ty Gor, Typhon, Typhoon Tyson

U. Uncle Sam to U.S. Jones
Uncle Sam, Unknown Soldier, Ur the Caveboy, USA, U.S. Jones

V. V-Agents to Vulcan
V-Agents, Valkyrie, Vana, Vapo-Man, Veiled Avenger, Victory Boys, Vigilante, Vision, V-Man, Voice (I) & (II), Volton (I) & (II), Voodoo Man, Vulcan

W. Waco Kid to Wyoming Kid
Waco Kid, Wambi, War Bird, War Eagle, War Eagles, Warlock the Wizard, War Nurse, Wasp, Wasplet, Web, West Pointer, Whip, Whirlwind, Whirlwind Carter, Whistler, White Hunters of the African Safari, White Panther, White Rajah, The White Rider, White Streak, Whizzer, Wildcat, Wildfire, Wilton of the West, Wing, Wing Brady, Wing-Ding, Wing Turner, Wing Walker, Wings Wendall, Witness, Wizard, Wizard Wells, Woman in Red, Wonder Boy (I) & (II), Wonder Man (I) & (II), Wonder Woman, Wraith, Wyoming Kid

X-Z. X-5 to ZX-5
X-5, Yank, Yankee Boy, Yankee Doodle Jones, Yankee Eagle, Yankee Girl, Yankee Longago, Yarko the Great, Yellowjacket, Young Allies, Young Avenger, Young Defenders, Young Robin Hood, Zago, Zanzibar, Zara, Zardi, Zatara, Zebra, Zegra, Zephyr Jones, Zippo, ZL, ZR, and ZY, Zoro, ZX-5

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