The Modern Age

The modern record of the Voyagers is, as far as I can tell, a dark one, but unfortunately I’ve only been able to discover three of their actions, all of which took place in the span of a few weeks.

In the late 1960s an alien ship crash-landed somewhere in southern Iowa. Reports of what happened are sketchy, but I believe this ship was, in fact, launched from the planet Krypton, the home planet of the alien vigilante Superman. Where the warp capsule which brought Superman to Earth arrived within a few months of its launch, this one, for whatever reason, took longer to reach Earth; both were, I think, launched in 1917, but Superman’s capsule arrived five decades earlier. The engines of Superman’s warp capsule may have been more powerful, or perhaps the 1960s capsule was damaged in some way. Whichever is the case, the member of the Four who had been Billy Smith was summoned to the crash site within minutes of the ship’s arrival. Smith opened the capsule and discovered an infant alien inside the capsule. Smith killed it and had the remains and the ship brought back to the Four’s laboratories.

(I should note that in the one photo I found of the alien the infant might also be a Grey, but we have no evidence of Grey babies, as we do for Kryptonian children)

Within weeks of the death of the alien child the member of the Four calling herself Kim Süskind was in action. An island off the coast of America, concealed by advanced technology and inhabited by all-female culture whose members were the descendants of an ancient Grecian civilization, was preparing to send an ambassador to the United States. They had tried this once before, in the early 1940s, with the superheroine known as “Wonder Woman.” Her disappearance or retirement by the early 1950s left her role open, and the civilization on the island was finally moving to fill it. Wonder Woman had been, in the words of one scholar of the fantastic, “ambassador and messiah, in its strictest literal and political definition: one anointed as liberator.” A new ambassador was called for, and the civilization, called by Wonder Woman “Amazons,” was preparing to send another to America. Kim Süskind met the ambassador as she emerged from the island’s concealing shield and killed her.

At roughly the same time the Four killed an individual, possibly an alien, carrying a psionically-powered weapon. Details on this conflict are extremely sketchy, but it appears that the weapon, which the Four confiscated, was similar to the one used in 1940 by the “Green Lantern.” The weapon of the “Green Lantern” was technologically advanced but its use had a deleterious effect on its user, perhaps due to a radiation leak of some kind, and it was confiscated, by the American government, following the death of the “Green Lantern.” I have heard that the weapon of the “Green Lantern” was kept in one of the government’s warehouses (see Appendix A of Dr. I. Jones’ “An Investigation Into The Source of Several Middle Eastern Myths,” The Journal of Extraordinary Archaeology, v34n6, Winter 1943), but am unaware of whether or not the Four retrieved that weapon as well as the one born by the alien they killed.

I have not found any further evidence of the Four’s actions. I know they have been active since their return to Earth, and I know they are currently active, serving their own ends, but I can provide no more confirmed accounts of what they have been doing. But I believe I know what they are.

As my readers are no doubt be aware, the alien Greys have preparing Earth as a host world for them. The Greys have advanced technology and treat humans in a very callous fashion. My readers will also, I’m sure, be aware that some of their agents are shape changers who used by the Greys to hunt down and kill those humans who pose some danger to the Greys’ scheme. These shape changers are stronger than humans, far more resistant to harm, and essentially invulnerable unless punctured at the base of the neck. They also have access to the technology of the Greys, although for various reasons they do not usually avail themselves of it.

I believe the Artemis was captured by one of the Greys’ ships, the Four captured and killed and replaced by four Grey shape shifters, who returned to Earth, killed most of the members of the Spindrift Coalition, and reformed the surviving organization into the Voyagers, which has served the Greys ever since. The Four shape changers have stopped human innovations which would help them fight against the Greys; they have killed those humans and aliens which would help the humans against the Greys; and they have confiscated those weapons and pieces of technology which humans could theoretically use against the Greys. They have exercised an unseen and unknown (except by a scant handful of individuals) tyranny over the evolution of human society and history. They are as negative and evil a conspiracy as has ever existed. And there is almost nothing that can be done to stop them.

I would have been unaware of most of this without the help of three individuals who have, for their own reasons, been investigating the Four and working against them. No doubt the three will see this article as an act of ingratitude, but I feel I must write about them, to give the reader an idea of who is fighting for them, as well as against them.

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