Some Unknown Members of the Wold Newton Family Tree

by Jess Nevins

This is the main site for my articles on the Wold Newton Universe, the creation of Philip Jose Farmer (and divers hands since PJF created it) which links many of the most famous heroes (and not a few of the most infamous villains) of fictional history together in one massive, sprawling family tree, based on the premise that the meteor fall in Wold Newton, England, in 1795 had an invigorating effect on the genetics of the eighteen men and women who witnessed the meteor's landing. From those eighteen men and women came innumerable heroes, from the Scarlet Pimpernel (who was present at the meteor strike) to Doc Savage to Tarzan to James Bond.

Much scholarship has been done in the years following PJF's books and articles on the Wold Newton Universe (WNU). My articles are an attempt to contribute to this tradition.

What I've written so far:

1. "You weren't nuthin' but a hound dog." In which I trace the heroic lineage of various dogs who sprang from the womb of a bitch exposed to the Wold Newton meteor's radiation.

2. The Carters of Virginia: A Tragedy. In which I explore the Carters (of both Virginia and Arkham) and demonstrate that not only is John Carter related to Randolph Carter, but that he's related to one or two other famous Carters and their descendants.

3. "Reach For Yuh Genealogical Charts, Stranger!" An Extraordinary Family of the Wold West. In which I explore the many descendants of one famous Western hero, and show that the writers of dime novels were even more confused than they knew.

4. "This shadow hanging over me is no trick of the light" In which I show that Turkey and some of its notable figures are related in more than metaphorical ways to the Wold Newton Universe.

5. "The All-Aces Squad" A brief examination of the actions of a supposed team of "super heroes" during World War Two.

6. Secret Wars. A shocking look at the Wold Newton Universe's Cold War.

7. The Austrian Doctor. A short essay on the truth behind the lies in one of A. Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.

8. "You are NOT Sherlock Holmes." An exploration of those poor unfortunates who tried and failed to be Sherlock Holmes.

9. The Jewel in the Crown. A look at the role that India, Tibet, and Nepal have played in the Wold Newton Universe.

10. A Wold Newton Chronology. A timeline of my version of the Wold Newton Universe. 

11. The European Wold Newton Universe: a chronology of events and persons in the Europe of the Wold Newton Universe. 

11. The Mexican Wold Newton Universe: a chronology of events and persons in the Mexico of the Wold Newton Universe.  New!

If you've any comments, criticism, words of praise, or questions, please feel free to write me: Jess Nevins.