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Abdul the Arab. Abdul the Arab is a young Arab warrior who is the son of Ali Bey, a chieftain. He gets involved in fighting for freedom and against other, evil tribes, thus proving himself a help to British Intelligence.
First Appearance: Smash Comics #1 (Quality)

Ace Barlow. Ace Barlow is the horrified witness of a drive-by shooting which kills his parents. Ace would also have been a victim but for his life being saved by the Dart. With nothing better to do Ace joins the Dart as his sidekick, Amazing Boy. He is the sidekick of the Dart, and wears the same costume and has the same power of flight as the Dart.
First Appearance: Weird Comics #5 (Fox Features).

'Ace' Mason. "Ace" Mason is a top pilot for either the "Flying Secret Service" or the "Intelligence Bureau." Take your pick. He fights for truth, justice, etc etc. He is helped by his friend and gunner, Stubby Logan.
First Appearance: Bill Barnes Comics #1 (Street & Smith)

Ace Powers. Ace is a tough-as-nails and very hardbitten private eye.
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #3 (Lev Gleason)

Adventure, Incorporated. John Pierce and his friend and partner Bud are "Adventure, Incorporated," an outfit that will do "any job, anywhere, any time. We specialize in work others cannot do, in work others fear to do." This, of course, brings them around the world and into all sorts of interesting situations, such as Latin American revolutions. John and Bud have no powers but are good with their fists, crack shots, and top pilots.
First Appearance: Bang-Up #1 (Progressive)

Airboy. Davy Nelson is a boy pilot whose father is a scientist with the government and whose friend, Martier the monk, designed a special, bat-winged plane. The friend died when the plane crashed. Davy inspects the wreckage, discovers what went wrong, fixes it, and then, wearing the costume of Martier, which was handed down through generations since the French Revolution, uses the plane to fight evil and the Axis threat during World War One. Airboy has no powers, but he is a skilled pilot and his plane, "Birdie," is the superior of any other in the world.
First Apperance: Air Fighters Comics #2 (Hillman)

The Airmaidens. The maidens are the beautiful assistants and wingwomen of the Valkyrie.
First Appearance: Air Fighters Comics v2 n2 (Hillman)

Airmale. Kenneth Stevens, a biology professor, is trying to perfect a "flight fluid," but is in a hurry to a costume party and accidentally spills some of the fluid on his hand. This makes him lighter than air, and he uses his new power and the costume he was wearing at the time of the accident to fight crime as Airmale. He is assisted by Stampy. Stevens is always lighter than air, but he wears a "gravity belt" which regulates the flow of gravity around him, so that he can fly or walk on the ground.
First Appearance: Prize Comics #34 (Prize)

Air Man. Professor Claude Stevens, a renowned ornithologist, is senselessly murdered. His son Drake is outraged and gets no justice from the police. So Drake puts together a costume consisting of a pair of gas-filled wings, a jet-pack, and some bombs, and goes hunting for criminals. He has no superpowers, but between his wings (the gas filling them is lighter-than-air) and his jet pack he can fly, and his bombs and guns allow him to kill most anything and blow it up real good.
First Appearance: Keen Detective Funnies #23 (Centaur)

Air-Sub 'DX'. Air-Sub 'DX" is actually a flying submarine of extremely advanced design; it can achieve unheard-of speeds underwater and in the air and is also armed with a "dissolving gun." It is so powerful, in fact, that "Curley," the ruler of an undersea country in the future world of Air-Sub 'DX', wants to own the air-sub, so that he can become "headman" of the entire universe. Luckily for everyone involved Professor Gray, the inventor of Air-Sub 'DX', pilots the ship, along with his young assistant Tim and his daughter Rita; together the trio continually defeat Curley and save the universe.
First Appearance: Amazing Adventure Funnies v2 n3 (Centaur)

Air Wave. Larry Jordan, a District Attorney, gets frustrated with the slowness of due process (drat those laws of ours) and decides to fight crime "on two fronts," as a D.A. and as a costumed hero. He develops electrical gear, makes a costume, and away he goes. His partner is Static, an unusually intelligent talking parrot designed to annoy the reader. He has no powers, but his costume has radio communicators in it; the skates in his boots allow him to glide along high wires.
First Appearance: Detective Comics #60 (DC)

Ajax, the Sun Man. Ajax is a native of the core of the Sun but was drawn to Earth by the crime and evil here. He uses his "sun-powers" to fight those evils. In his civilian identity he is Jim Wilson, a policeman. His "sun-powers" include the ability to generate great heat, flight, and superstrength.
First Appearance: Doc Savage #2 (Street & Smith)."

Algie. Algie is a native of the underwater kingdom of Merma. He is also the sidekick of Barry Kuda. He can breath underwater.
First Appearance: All New Comics #2 (Family/Harvey)

Allan De Beaufort. Allan, the "Iron Man," is a man who fought in the Fourth Crusade (1202-1204) and became a Knight Templar before returning to Europe and fighting evil there. He had no superpowers but had and used full plate armor and a big-ass sword.
First Appearance: New Comics #1 (DC)

All-Winners Squad. This was Timely's first real superteam (no, the 3Xs don't count). They were brought together for no particularly good story reasons but as a very belated response to DC's Justice Society of America. They consisted of Captain America, the Human Torch, Miss America, the Whizzer, and the Sub-Mariner.
First Appearance: All-Winners Squad #19 (Timely)

Amazing Boy. See Ace Barlow.

Amazing Man. As a child John Aman, an orphan, was chosen, during WW1, by the Tibetan Council of Seven to be trained to "perfection," both mental and physical. When he's 25 he's ready to fight crime in the outside world. He returns to America and does that. His kid sidekick is Tommy, the Amazing Kid. He is also helped by "Zona Handerson, ace girl crime investigator." Amazing Man's powers include great superstrength, invulnerability, and the ability to "make himself disappear in a cloud of green vapor." It is for that last power that he is also known as "the Green Mist." Amazing Man's arch-enemy is The Great Question, an evil telepath.
First Appearance: Amazing Man #5 (Centaur)

Amazona. "In the vast cold reaches of the far north lives Amazona, woman of surpassing strength and unmatched beauty. She and her people are the last survivors of a super race that perished during the period of the last ice age." When she meets a handsome explorer she falls for him and follows him back to America. Amazona is immune to the effects of cold, has superstrength and endurance, "the agility of a cat," and a total take-no-crap attitude. The latter, of course, gets her into trouble and leads her to find and fight crime; the former  helps take care of any difficulties she faces.
First Appearance: Planet Comics #3 (Fiction House)

American Ace. Perry Webb, an American pilot and mining engineer, gets involved in a war in Europe between two small countries. He has no superpowers but is a skillful pilot.
First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #2 (Timely) Note: See also the Lieutenant Lank entry.

American Avenger. Don Caldwell is an American college student in Argentina when he is persuaded by an old man to take up the costume and fighting methods of the South American patriot of the 19th century, El Gaucho. Caldwell does, and defeats German sympathizers in Argentina. He has no superpowers but is a good fighter, horseman, and skilled with lasso and bolo.
First Appearance: USA Comics #5 (Timely).

American Crusader. Science Professor Archibald Masters, a timid scientist at a university in an unnamed (New York) East Coast port, is disgusted with both crime and the Axis powers, and invents an "atom smasher." An experiment goes awry and he is exposed to radiation, granting him superpowers. He then puts on a costume and fights the Bad Guys, meanwhile keeping his civilian identity a secret, much to the disgust of his secretary and possible love interest Jane Peters. His partner in do-gooding is Mickey Martin. His superpowers include superstrength, flight, speed, and invulnerability to bullets.
First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #19 (Better Publications).

American Eagle. Ed Love sends the following:

Scientist Tom Standish and  young pal Bud Pierce gain superpowers from a black ray device and use those powers to  fight crime, Nazis and saboteurs as the patriotic duo of American Eagle and Eaglet.
First Appearance: America's Best Comics #2 (Better)

Americommando. See Tex Thomson.

Angel. Thomas Halloway is a private eye, very Saint-like, who fights crime. He has no powers but can fly (or, alternatively, just glide) because of his cloak.
First Appearance: Marvel Comics #1 (Timely)

Answer Man. See Genius Jones.

Aquaman. Arthur Curry is the son of an Atlantean and a human. Because of this he has the ability to function at a high level both underwater and on land, and is the King of the Seas. He uses his abilities to fight crime and, y'know, be a good guy. His powers include strength, endurance, and command over the beasts of the sea.
First Appearance: More Fun #73 (DC)

Archie Atkins. Archie Atkins is a Desert Scout in Africa, fighting against the Italians and their Senussi allies in Libya. He is assisted by Jack Bailey, Achmed (a native guide), and Billy, a friendly billygoat. He has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Military Comics #1 (Quality)

Archie the Gruesome. Archie is a streetsweeper in New York City during World War Two. Archie gets inspired by the feats of Captain America and decides to fight crime, like Cap does. Archie has no powers, but he does where a Cap-like costume and his appearance undoubtedly would provoke criminals to laughter, thus allowing Archie to catch them off-guard.
First Appearance: Comedy Comics #10 (Timely)

Armstrong of the Army. Lieutenant Armstrong is a two-fisted patriot of U.S. Army Intelligence.
First Appearance: Star Spangled Comics #1 (DC)

Arrow.Ralph Payne, an intelligence agent for the U.S. government, decides that he can't fight espionage and crime on his own, and decides to put on a costume and use his archery skills to do what he can't do in his civilian identity. He has no powers but is a good fighter and an excellent archer.
First Appearance: Funny Pages v2 #10 (Centaur)

Astounding Man. See Iron Munro.

Astron. Jakeoster contributes the following:

Astron the Crocodile Queen was the guardian of Cleopatra’s Flame of Eternal Youth who had fled to a secret jungle isle when the Romans threatened Egypt. While she awaits her Queen’s return, she has somehow gained control over the crocodile population and aids the Allies against the Nazis. As far as anyone knows, she’s still there waiting for Cleo’s return.
First appearance: Doc Savage # 5 (Street & Smith)

Atlas. Jim Randall, an office clerk, is lying in bed licking his wounds (he tried to stop his date's younger brother from getting beaten up and wound up getting thrashed himself) when he is visited by Atlas, the "Greek God of Strength." Atlas feels sorry for Randall and teaches him his "strange, secret exercises." Randall goes out, tries the exercises, and gains superpowers, which he then uses to fight crime, at the command of Atlas. He has superstrength and agility.
First Appearance: Choice Comics #1 (Great Publications)

Atom. Puny Al Pratt, tired of being teased because of his five-foot-height, is down in the mouth and buys a bum dinner just so he'll have someone to talk to. The bum turns out to be a former trainer of boxers, and he takes Al away to train him. They spend a year on the farm of Al's uncle, and then Al, now an excellent boxer and muscular man, returns to the city and begins fighting crime. He is a member of the Justice Society of America. He has superstrength.
First Appearance: All American #19. (DC)

Atoman. Barry Dale, while working as a nuclear scientist at the "Atomic Institute," unconsciously absorbs the "power of the atom" and gains superpowers as a result. He uses his new abilities to fight crime. His powers include superstrength, flight, speed, invulnerability, "atomic vision," and being able to heat his body so that he can weld metal with his hands.
First Appearance: Atoman #1 (Spark Publications)

Atom Blake. Atom Blake is the "Boy Wizard"--the scientific kind of wizard, that is. He also has "super-vitality," invulnerability, and superstrength thanks to an experiment performed on him by his father, who disappeared years ago. Finally, Atom also has a ring he can wish on and make things happen. Atom fights crime with the help of his friends Janey Smart and Homer "Dusty" Davis.
First Appearance: Wow Comics #1 (Fawcett)

Atomic Man. Adam Mann is conducting experiments on U-235 and is caught in a "weird chemical accident." This gives him atomic powers which he uses to covertly fight crime and Communism. His powers include superstrength, flight, and projecting energy blasts from his right hand. He wears a lead glove over his hand to control and neutralize his power, and takes the glove off when he wants to turn the powers on.
First Appearance: Headline Comics #16 (Prize Publications)

Atomic Thunderbolt. After the war Professor Josiah Rhonne is looking for a way to end the threat of nuclear annihilation. His idea is to work on transforming people, by changing their atomic structure and making them immune to radioactivity and nuclear explosions. He needs a human test subject, so chooses William "Willy the Wharf Rat" Burns, who was dain bramaged by a Nazi torpedo. An explosion in the lab accidentally transforms Willy into the Atomic Thunderbolt, and he fights crime with his new powers. He can fly and project "atomic energy" blasts.
First Appearance: Atomic Thunderbolt #1 (Regor Company)

Auro. Prof. and Mrs. John Hardwich are traveling through space when their ship crashes on the wild planet of Neptune. They are both killed, and their son, Auro, grows up to have a Tarzan-like childhood and then Tarzan-like career on Neptune, even becoming the "Lord of Jupiter," living in a castle, and giving banquets for the poor.
First Appearance: Planet Comics #1 (Fiction House)