The Golden Age Heroes Directory: V

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V-Agents. The V-Agents were Jean Hopper and several other men and women who fought against the German menace. They had no superpowers.
First Appearance: V...- Comics #1 (Fox)

Valkyrie. Lisellotte von Schellendorf is raised by the Germans to be the most alluring and evil of all women and the most skilled and deadly of all pilots. Aided by the Airmaidens, she chews her way through the Allied pilots until she runs into Airboy, who helps show her the wickedness of her ways. She repents and goes to work for the Allies, slaughtering German pilots.
First Appearance: Air Fighters Comics v2 n2 (Hillman)

Vana. Vana is an alien, of the planet Antaclea, who comes to Earth on her honeymoon with her husban Martan the Marvel Man. Unfortunately, while she's here she discovers that evil aliens, carrying out the orders of the Supreme Three Of The Universe, have already arrived on Earth and are trying to conquer Earth. Vana and Martan fight against the invading aliens. Vana has superstrength and telepathy as well as advanced technology (i.e., rayguns).
First Appearance: Popular Comics #46 (Dell)

Vapo-Man. Scientist Bradford Cole is working on being able to dissolve and solidify and expand things. Unfortunately he is the victim of German sabotage and is blown up along with his laboratory. Instead of dying, however, he gains superpowers, and uses them to fight against the crime and evil and the enemies of America. He can turn into "living vapor" and fly.
First Appearance: Liberty Scouts #2 (Centaur)

Veiled Avenger. Ginny Spears, society woman, gets fed up with crime and decides to do something about it in a costume. She has no powers but is good with her whip.
First Appearance: Spotlight Comics #1 (Harry ‘A’ Chesler)

Victory Boys. These four nameless costumed boys fought against the Germans from the Black Forest. They had no superpowers but were good archers and were clever.
First Appearance: USA Comics #5 (Timely)

The Vigilante. Greg Sanders is a singing cowboy and the descendant of a cowboy and Indian fighter. He works as a radio singing cowboy while fighting crime as the masked Vigilante. He is helped by Billy Gunn and then later Stuff, the Chinatown Kid. He is a member of the 7 Soldiers of Victory. He has no superpowers but is a good fighter, a crack shot with his six-guns, and very good at riding his motorcycle.
First Appearance: Action Comics #42 (DC)

Vision. Aarkus, aka the Vision, was, during the Golden Age, an alien policeman who came to Earth from another dimension to enforce justice. Well, that was his first origin, anyhow. As it turns out, the Timely books gave him not one other origin but two; which of the three you choose as canon is up to you.

The first alternate origin comes from a text piece in Marvel Mystery #23, in which it said that the Smoke World, Aarkus' homeworld, exists thousands of miles from Earth, in another dimension. (You're reading that correctly: thousands of miles from Earth, and also in another dimension). The Vision was a "Keeper of Law" on that planet and was responsible for capturing the criminal (never named) who committed the first murder on Smoke World in centuries. The Vision, assisted by the "Law-Giver," Pearl Forrester, was looking for a suitable place of banishment for the murderer when he lucked into contact with an Earth scientist by the name of Markham Erickson. Erickson had pierced the spatial/dimensional barriers and asked the Vision to come to Earth to act as a super-powered guardian over humanity. The Vision's first attempt to come to Earth resulted in him going to Jupiter, where he left the murderer. He then came to Earth. It is said, in the text piece, that the Vision's race breathes smoke and that Smoke World has no houses, as its inhabitants use "pocket projection machines" to put themselves to sleep on the ground at their convenience.

The second alternate origin comes from Marvel Mystery #45. In that story Japanese agents travel to Shangri-La to obtain its secret of immortality. The Vision appears there to oppose them, claiming that he was the "first High Lama of Shangri-La." He says that he discovered the secret of immortality in Shangri-La, untold centuries ago, and that he made himself immortal, pledging himself to help the humanity. What he did after he left Shangri-La, or indeed when he left Shangri-La to begin with, is not mentioned.
His powers were erratically portrayed; most of the times he seemed to have no powers other than two good vists and his traveling-via-smoke, other times he seemed to be able to conjure up ice and whatever else he or the plot required.
First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #13 (Timely)

V-Man. Jerry Steele is an enemy of the Axis during WW2 and fights them in Europe and England. He has no superpowers, although he keeps a mini-radio in a ring on his finger.
First Appearance: V Comics #1 (Fox)

The Voice (I). Professor Bert Wilson invents a “suit of invisibility,” but rather than use it himself he gives it to his friend, police Detective Jim Brant, who puts it to good use fighting crime. Wilson then uses the remaining cloth for odds and ends, like making his car vanish. The Voice has no superpowers, but is invisible when he wears the suit.
First Appearance: Popular Comics #53 (Dell)

The Voice (II). Dan Lang is the son of a pair of circus performers. Raised in the circus, he learns many strange and unusual talents from them, as well as gaining powers from his parents. He uses his powers and abilities to fight crime. He carries a pistol which fires tranquilizer bullets. His powers include superstrength, superagility, vocal hypnotism, vocal mind control, ventriloquism, and other vocal tricks.
First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #22 (Centaur)

Volton (2) This nameless and originless character fought crime. He has “the electrical power of elongation,” superstrength, and can generate electrical blasts.
First Appearance: Catman #8 (Holyoke)

Voodoo Man. Bob Warren, square-jawed young doctor, goes to Haiti to set up his medical practice and to investigate voodoo. Bob ends up tangling with the "Voodoo Man," an evil houngan.
First Appearance: Weird Comics #1 (Fox)

Vulcan. Vulcan is a descendant of the Roman god of fire, and was born on an island in the South Pacific. He has control over fire and can fly by heating his body up.
First Appearance: Super-Mystery Comics #1 (Ace)