The Golden Age Directory: D

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Dagar. Dagar is a Tarzan clone whose Jane is Ayesha. Dagar works in the desert and dresses in stereotypical Bedouin robes.
First Appearance: All-Great Comics #13 (Fox)

Dakor the Magician. Dakor is a magician and detective for hire. He was never given an origin. He is a powerful magician.
First AppearanceMystic Comics #1 (Timely)

Dale of the FBI. Dale is the "ace investigator of the F.B.I." He has no superpowers, but can fly a plane and is tough and good in a fight.
First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #3 (Timely)

Dan Dare. Dare was a private eye.
First Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (Fawcett)

Dan Hastings (I). Dan Hastings is a Lieutenant with the International Earth Squadron in a far-future world, fighting against the evil foreign "Eutopas" on the Earth and in space.
First Appearance: Amazing Mystery Funnies v2 n4 (Centaur)

Dan Hastings (II). Ed Love contributes this: "A Flash Gordon rip, Dan is the personal rocket navigator for Dr. Carter and is in love with Carter’s daughter Gloria."
First Appearance: Dynamic Comics #8 (Harry 'A' Chesler)

Dan Williams. Dan Williams is a tough private eye who owns and operates the "Williams Detective Agency."
First Appearance: Exciting Comics #1 (Better Publications)

Dandy. Dandy is the sidekick of Yankee Doodle Jones.
First Appearance: Yankee Comics #1 (Harry “A” Chesler)

Daredevil. Bart Hill was orphaned as a child by crooks who killed his father. They also tortured Bart, branding a boomerang-shaped scar into his chest. This renders Bart mute. He swears on his parents' grave that he will avenge them, and so puts himself in top shape and trains himself to be a master of the boomerang. He then goes out and fights crime, and eventually he regains his voice. He is assisted by his girlfriend, Tonia, and the youth gang known as the Little Wise Guys. Daredevil has no superpowers but is an outstanding hand-to-hand fighter and acrobat, and is, as mentioned, a master of the boomerang.
First Appearance: Silver Streak #6 (Lev Gleason)

Dare Devils 3.  Once again, Ronald Byrd has done me a yeoman service, and rather than summarize him I'll simply quote him verbatim:

It's a shame that Dare Devils 3 appeared only in Kid Comics #3, because somebody seems to have put some level of thought into it.  Our story opens with the closing of a garment plant, and we follow three friends and fellow workers:  Clancy, Goldy, and Off-Key (a young Chinese man whose speech irregularities are, at first, limited to an occasional tendency to refer to himself third-person; Off-Key is the only one presented to have any sort of social life, as he has a girlfriend named Lucy Lee (needless to add, also Chinese)).  At loose ends now, the three decide to join the Army Air Force. Clancy and Goldy become pilots, but because Off-Key holds two degrees from engineering college (yet he was working in a garment plant; rather a depressingly accurate view of how things were for non-whites in the 1940s, huh?), he is sent to mechanic training.  The three reunite when Off-Key is appointed to Clancy and Goldy's plane (inexplicably, Off-Key has developed a cliched Chinese accent, not as bad as Blackhawk's Chop-Chop, but still noticeable; I guess the writer lost his train of thought), and they fly a bombing mission over Egypt (at one point, out of ammo, Off-Key substitutes liquid rotten eggs to incapacitate the enemy).  When the trio recover in an army hospital, Lucy Lee is present as a nurse, and she and Off-Key are to be married.  Brief and to the point, if a bit more mundane than the name "Dare Devils 3" implied.
First Appearance: Kid Komics #3 (Timely)

Dart. Caius Martius was a gladiator in Ancient Rome. The gods gave him the power to flight so that he might fight for the rights of the average citizen. Unfortunately, one day he took on a sorcerer and is trapped in a block of stone. In the modern era he emerges from the stone to find himself a museum piece. He takes a new last name, "Wheeler," and begins fighting crime in modern society, which is just as corrupt as Rome. He is partnered with Ace Barlow, the Amazing Boy, who has the same costume and power. The Dart can fly and uses his gladiator's sword on the bad guys.
First Appearance: Weird Comics #5 (Fox Features).

Dash Dillon. Dash is a hard-working medical student at Hale University who triumphs on the baseball field and against crime off it.
First Appearance: Daredevil Comics #2 (Lev Gleason)

Dave Dean. Dave Dean, "the Deep Sea Demon," is an "intrepid adventurer." He's very much in the classic comic book adventurer tradition: two-fisted, unafraid of superstitions or bad guys, and not vulnerable to the lures of dames. His only real interest seems to be in profit, although he's by no means amoral. He's altruistic, but he wants to make some money. He's very strong, recovering quite quickly from the bends. His arch-enemy is Wing Po, a stereotypical Chinese mandarin-type who hails him as "my illustrious rival" but who wants to get the sunken loot before Dean does. Dean is, of course, a very good diver and a good fighter.
First Appearance: Mystic Comics #1 (Timely)

Davey. Davey is the unorigined sidekick of Magno the Magnetic Man. Like Magno, Davey has a variety of magnetic-based superpowers, including flight, invulnerability, and the power to control and generate magnetic attraction.
First Appearance: Super-Mystery Comics #4 (Ace)

Davey and the Demon. Young Davey Drew sneaks out of the orphanage at night and finds a cave. At the end of the cave is a wall, from behind which comes a voice asking to be freed. Davey follows the voice's instructions and lets loose the Demon, who was imprisoned behind the wall "in the days before time began" because he has done harm "on other planets throughout all eternity." But as a gesture of gratitude to Davey he swears not to hurt him, and he gives Davey a cloak that will protect him. Then the Demon goes out on a rampage and Davey tries to stop him. The "Prince of Good," a magician who imprisoned the Demon in the cave in "primordial times," ends up appearing and fighting against the Demon, and then the Demon is trapped underground. The Demon has vaguely defined magical powers, but is big and has superstrength.
First Appearance: Mystic Comics #7 (Timely)

David. David is the sidekick of Samson. Although he has no superpowers, he's very good with slingshot and lariat.
First Appearance: Fantastic Comics #1 (Fox)

Deacon. The Deacon wears a deacon's uniform and with the help of his sidekick Mickey fights crime. The Deacon had formerly been a criminal but wised up, reformed, and began a war on crime to make up for his past misdeeds.
First Appearance: Catman Comics #1 (Holyoke)

Death Patrol. Del van Dyne is a millionaire playboy and fighter pilot. Butch O'Keefe ("expoit safe cracker"), Gramps ("best 'dip' in the biz!"), Hank ("cattle-rustling's my trade"), and Slick Ward ("ex con man") are escaped criminals. Together, they fight crime!
Well, okay, it's not that simple. The convicts steal aboard Del's plane and try to hijack it, but he's already bound for England, and so persuades them to join him, as in England they won't be wanted me and can do some good. In England they help steal German plans and becomes the Axis-fighting Death Patrol.
First Appearance: Military Comics #1 (Quality)

Defender. Don Stevens is a Marine without an origin. He wears a patriotic costume and with his sidekick Rusty fights the enemies of the United States. He has no powers.
First Appearance: USA Comics #1 (Timely)

Delecta. Queen Delecta of the planet Kala, one of seven planets in the system of Kalpan, a very long way from Earth, stops evil-doers on her planet and gets involved, adventurously and romantically, with a Lance Throbchest-type Earthman.
First Appearance: Don Fortune Magazine #1 (Don Fortune)

Denny Scott. Captain Denny Scott works for the British in India as a Captain of the Bengal Lancers, taking on all the evils of India and surrounding countries.
First Appearance: Mystery Men #1 (Fox Features)

Destiny. Destiny was a crime-buster who had the ability to find criminals and crimes.
First Appearance: Police Comics #15 (Quality)

Destroyer. The Destroyer was Keen Marlowe, an American journalist who went inside Nazi Germany to investigate the true horrors. He was caught snooping and was thrown into a camp, where he was joined by Professor Eric Schmitt, who was thrown in with Marlowe for resisting the Germans. Schmitt gave Marlowe a version of the Super-Soldier serum, and Marlowe broke out of camp, avenged Schmitt's death, and went on a rampage behind enemy lines as the costumed Destroyer. At times during his adventures he was aided by the agent Florence von Banger. He was also active in Japan, France, England, and even the U.S. He had no superpowers, but was a good fighter and was skilled with gun and knife.
First Appearance: Mystic Comics #6 (Timely)

Destroying Demon. Bruce Blackburn is a Captain in America's intelligence agency, concentrating on counterespionage.
First Appearance: Feature Comics #39 (Quality)

Detective Crane. Crane was a hard-bitten police detective.
First Appearance: SuperworldComics #1 (Komos)

Detective Sergeant Carey. Carey was a police Detective Sergeant who ends up fighting against a kidnaper named Sin Fu. Carey and his partner Sleepy Smith end up tracking Sin Fu all the way to China and stopping a rebellion there.
First Appearance: New Adventure Comics #14 (DC)

Detecto. "To describe 'Detecto' the Wonder Beam would be impossible beyond the fact that it consists of four unlimited powers: it can receive and send short wave radio calls; it can stop any motor; it can set up a resistance beam through which bullets cannot penetrate; it paralyzes all living things it touches. The discoverer of this marvelous beam is Jack Strand, young scientist who specializes in radio." Jack uses Detecto to fight crime.
First Appearance: Wham Comics #1 (Centaur)

Devil's Dagger. Ken Wyman, a reporter for the Carterville Daily Blade, is the Devil's Dagger, a fighter against evil who uses a crimson stiletto.
First Appearance: Master Comics #1 (Fawcett)

Diamond Jack. To quote the indispensable Michael Norwitz,

Given a black diamond which was embedded in a ring, by an old magician from the Far East, Jack Lansing found himself able to use it to create constructs formed by his mind. If he wished to strike someone, Lansing just had to envision a boxing glove hitting his opponent. Need a handy jail cell, just think one up, and there would be one surrounding the crooks. He could also use his mystical gem to give him limited flight. Lansing was only limited by his imagination. If he lost his concentration, whatever magical object he had created would cease to exist, so will power was of the essence. He used the diamond to help him continue his adventurous lifestyle serving as soldier of fortune one year or treasure hunter the next.  He was never extremely adept at the use of the diamond.  Predating Green Lantern, he never donned a colorful, skin-tight costume.
First Appearance: Slam-Bang #1 (Fawcett)

Diana the Huntress. Scott Nesmith contributes the following:

With the world at war, Zeus decides to send the gods of Olympus to Earth to help the Allies win. After dispatching Hercules to help the Allies and Discordia to weaken and confuse the Nazis, he summons Diana, goddess of the hunt. He orders her to "Go below to your native Greece! And help the poor and the down-trodden!" Diana descends to Earth and carries out her mission using her bow and golden arrows.
First Appearance: Yellowjacket Comics #1 (Frank Communale)

Dick Cole. See Wonder Boy (I).

Dickie Dean. Dickie is a teen adventurer and inventor who uses his talents and inventions for good. He has no superpowers, but flies the Sky Bug, which is a primitive-looking crate which nonetheless is of use; he has, variously, an invisibility potion, an antigravity ray, and various other inventions. He is assisted by his doughboy friend Zip Todd and assists Daredevil on at least one occasion.
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #3 (Lev Gleason)

Dick Mace. Dick Mace is a "detective without peer," pilot, and world adventurer.
First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (Quality)

Dick Star. Dick Star is a "Federal Investigator" (presumably for the F.B.I.) who goes wherever his boss sends him, which is wherever crime is, and cracks cases. He is good with his fists.
First Appearance: Bang-Up #1 (Progressive)

Dick Transom. Dick Transom is a portly and none-too-competent private detective, the only such in Bingtown. He was a cop but quit (over his wife's objections) to be a p.i. He somehow manages to solve his cases, though.
First Appearance: All Good Comics #1 (Fox)

Dicky. Dicky Carter's father vaccinated Dicky and his older brother Stan with the "Power Elixir," which gave them superstrength and superspeed. They use this power to fight evil, Stan as the Lone Warrior and Dicky as the Warrior's kid sidekick Dicky.
First Appearance: Banner #3 (Ace Periodicals)

Dirk Delancey. Delancey is a convict who escapes from prison but when faced the choice of fighting Nazis or fleeing decides to fight the Nazis. He even gives himself up so that the Navy can be made aware of evil German plans. Naturally the Germans are defeated, and FDR decides to give Delancey a full pardon and make him a special agent for Uncle Sam. Dirk is helped by his sweetie Miss Honey and his best chum, valet, and cook Gigget.
First Appearance: Samson Comics #6 (Fox)

Dirk the Demon. "Dirk the Demon, 24th century Archaeologist," is the son of Baron Cay and lives in the Baron's castle. Dirk is also a promising young archaeologist and loves going out on digs against his father's wishes. Dirk has no superpowers but is a good archeaologist.
First Appearance: Amazing Adventure Funnies #1 (Centaur)

DI 13. "Trese" is Agent 13 of the Detective Bureau of Investigation in Manila, in the Philippines, and is one of their best agents, roaming the islands and taking in everyone who opposes him. He has no superpowers but is a good fighter and detective.
First Appearance: Pilipino Komiks #1

Doc Davis. Doc Davis is a top doctor at Metropolis Hospital. He also investigates crimes and two-fistedly solves them so as to stop further patients from arriving at his doorstep. He has no superpowers.
First Appearance: World Famous Comics #1 (DC)

Dr. Diamond. Dr. Drake Gorden was minding his own business on a passenger freighter bound for the South Seas when the ship is hit by a typhoon. Dr. Gorden is swept to an uncharted island on which, at the top of a huge mountain, is a Tibetan monk. The monk gives Dr. Gorden a black diamond, explaining that the diamond had been discovered thousands of years ago by an Egyptian who used the diamond for good. The diamond was stolen by him and used for wicked ends until it disappeared, to be found by the Tibetan, who kept it until he would find someone who would use its powers to rid the world of evildoers. Dr. Gorden, no fool, accepts the diamond and goes back to the world to fight crime. The diamond gives him the "strength of fifty men."
First Appearance: Catman Comics #1 (Holyoke)

Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom is an evil Mad Scientist not unlike the Octopus who "works fiendishly day and night on his evil experiments" in his "laboratory miles from civilization."
First Appearance: Big 3 #1 (Fox).

Dr. Fate. Kent Nelson, the son of an archaeologist, is exploring a pyramid in Egypt with his father when his father is killed and he is transformed by the wizard Nabu into the magic-wielding Dr. Fate. He lives in a doorless, windowless brick tower in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife Inza. He is a member of the Justice Society of America. He is a powerful sorcerer and combatant.
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #55 (DC).

Dr. Frost. Dr. Frost, who never got an origin, is a crime fighter. He has the ability to fire beams of cold from his hands, and can envelop himself in a sheath of ice so thick that it can withstand strong explosions.
First Appearance: Prize Comics #7 (Prize)

Dr. Fung. Dr. Fung, the "master sleuth of the Orient," is an old Chinese man, balding and with a long white beard, who solves crimes with the help of his nice, three-piece suit and the able assistance of Dan, his Brawny BeefChest assistant.
First Appearance: Wonderworld #3 (Fox Features)

Dr. Mid-Nite. Charles McNider, a noted surgeon, is blinded while testifying against a racketeer. One night while writing an owl crashes through his window and McNider rips off his bandages, to discover that he can now see in the dark but not the light, and that like the owl he has greater vision during the night than most people have during the day. He uses his abilities to avenge himself and to fight evil. His partner is Hooty, the owl that broke through his window. He is a member of the Justice Society of America. He has the ability to see at night, and he uses "black-out bombs" that create clouds of thick black smoke through which only he can see.
First Appearance: All-American Comics #25 (DC)

Dr. Mortal. Dr. Mortal is an elderly, brilliant scientist who lives "outside the city" with his beautiful young niece, Marlene. Much to everyone's regret Marlene discovers that Dr. Mortal is a classic Mad Scientist who's been breeding monsters for bad ends.
First Appearance: Weird Comics #1 (Fox)

Doctor Mystic. Dr. Mystic, a character with suspicious similarities to Doctor Occult, is an agent of the mystic Seven and enemy of the evil sorcerer Koth. He is assisted by his friend and fellow sorcerer Zator.
First Appearance: The Comics Magazine #1 (Centaur)

Dr. Nemesis. James Bradley is a doctor, working in City Hospital. He's also a crime fighter, who wears his trenchcoat and doctor's mask and uses his doctor's equipment to fight crime and on criminals. He has no powers; he has an ever-ready hypo full of truth serum which he uses to get to the bottom of crimes.
Michael Norwitz contributes more:

James Bradley made up his mind to become a mystery man during medical school, when he met up with Dr. Bryon Cambridge, a mechanical engineer, who became a close confidante and helped create Dr. Nemesis.  Dr. Nemesis had no super-human powers but he was an above average hand-to-hand fighter with a comprehensive knowledge of the weak points of the human body.  He was also a top-notch physician with highly developed deductive skills.  Working in City Hospital, Dr. Bradley donned his disguise to investigate any sickness or corpse which smacked of being tied to medical foul play.  Equipped with his hypodermic needle full of powerful truth syrum which he liberally injected into suspicious criminals and innocent bystanders alike in an effort to get at the truth, Dr. Nemesis fought a variety of gangs and mystery villains including more than a few who had a medical orientation such as the Plague Doctor, the Surgeon, and Dr. Quartz.  He operated against crime for three years, ending his tenure in Lightning Comics #13.
First Appearance: Lightning Comics #6 (Ace)

Dr. Occult. During the Golden Age this nameless private eye was also Dr. Mystic as well as being a costumed agent of the mystic Seven. And then he was a ghost. He is assisted by his girlfriend Rose and his butler Jenkins. He has a number of mystic powers, including teleportation, invisibility, hypnosis, telekinesis, and the ability to cast illusions. He also has the spell-breaking and -casting amulet, the Symbol of the Seven.
First Appearance: New Fun Comics #6 (Timely)

Doc Savage. In addition to the pulp version of the character there was also Clark Savage, "The Invincible," who gained his powers from a "sacred hood with a miracle-working ruby" which he got from Tibet. In addition to his usual powers his ruby can deflect bullets and hypnotize the unwilling.
First Appearance: Doc Savage Comics #1 (Street and Smith)

Doc Strange. Dr. Hugo Strange, a classic adventuring scientist, experiments and finds a way to “distil” the “atoms of the sun” into a formula which he calls “Alosun.” When he drinks it he gains superpowers. He is assisted by Mike, who is too young to drink Alosun but who fights crime anyhow. Dr. Strange’s powers while under the influence of Alosun are superstrength, limited invulnerability, and the ability to perform Hulk leaps.
First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #1 (Better Publications)

Doc Strong. Doc Strong is an adventuring explorer/scientist who travels to the stars and other planets with his friends Alice, Sampson, and Stinky. Doc also uses his giant robot, "King," to help him.
First Appearance: Blue Ribbon Comics #4 (Archie)

Dr. Voodoo. To quote Michael Norwitz:

In August 1940 Hal Carey decides to go on an extended vacation to explore the jungles of South America. This might have ended normally enough but for his being chased into a cavern by a native tribe. Trapped Dr. Carey and his guide, Nero, begin exploring for another exit, only to be catapulted many centuries backwards into the past. When they emerge into what they think is their world they head for civilization only to discover that things are not as they left them. Dr. Carey, renamed Dr. Voodoo by his viking opponents, and Nero have to find the Golden Flask for only it is reputed to have the power to return them to their own time.
First Appearance: Whiz Comics #7 (Fawcett)

Doll Girl. Martha Roberts, the girlfriend of Darrell Dane, aka Doll Man, is wondering one day in August 1944 about how she can be more active in helping Darrell in the war against crime. Darrell, at the very same moment across town, is wondering how he can get a partner. The Red Bee apparently not being available, something mysterious happens, and by a combination of Martha's and Darrell's desires Martha shrinks down to the size of her fiance. The two adventured together, but she did not resume her role as Doll Girl until 1951.
First Appearance: Feature Comics #77 (Quality)

Doll Man. Darrell Dane is a chemist who discovers a liquid that can shrink a human being to only six inches tall. His girlfriend, Martha Roberts, the daughter of Darrell's colleague Dr. Roberts, is threatened by gangsters, and Darrell takes the formula and uses his height to defeat the criminals. He is assisted by Doll Girl, and rides, at various points, a bald eagle, a Dollplane model airplane, and Elmo, a German Shepherd. Doll Man has the ability to shrink to six inches tall but still have the strength of a full-grown man. He can return to his normal size whenever he wants.
First Appearance: Feature Comics #27 (Quality)

Domino. Don Tracy is the unpowered sidekick of the Green Mask. Don has no superpowers but is skilled with a boomerang.
First Appearance: Green Mask #2 (Fox)

Don Drake. Don Drake and his friends are adventures and explorers who through means I've not yet been able to discover end up on the Planet Saro, where they fight their way through many different species and through man different adventures in a Flash Gordon "homage."
First Appearance: New Fun Comics #1 (DC)

Don Fortune. Don Fortune is a Marine Corps airman who with his lifelong pal Andy Jarvis makes it through WW2 and then, post-discharge, gets involved in fighting crime and wicked men back home in the States.
First Appearance: Don Fortune Magazine #1 (Don Fortune)

Don Glory. Glory is a top boxer who also fights crime and Bundists.
First Appearance: Hit Comics #8 (Quality)

Don Gorman. He's a test pilot for "National Aero Company" and the inventor of a "super-supercharged engine." He also does some freelance volunteer work as "a secret agent for the United States government" and the FBI--at least, in his only appearance, he does. He has no powers, but is a crack pilot and (of course) good with his fists.
First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #4 (Timely)

Don Granval. "Don Granval has invented an atomoscope with which he can study the planets of atomic universes, like a huge god." He "discovers life in a universe with the atomic constuction of a block of Uranium." Naturally, when one of the tiny planets is threatened by a "fierce moster crew," Don gets involvedand shrinks himself, his crew of "atomic explorers," and his spaceship down to atomic size and helps out the small planet and its people and queen. Unfortunately, scientific wackiness occurs, and Don, the queen, and the monsters are accidentally enlarged. Never fear, Don uses his atomic blast gun on the monsters and "sends them back to atomic oblivion."
First Appearance: Planet Comics #6 (Fiction House)

Don Kerry. Lieutenant Don Kerry, with his partner Red, is part of the "Anchors Aweigh!" team. He is a strapping young Naval ratings who is sent to trouble spots around the world and fight criminals, spies, and enemy agents. Don has no superpowers but is very tough.
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #32 (DC)

Don Q. Don Q is a diplomatic courier for the American government as well as a crime-fighter. He is no relation and has no similarities except in name to the pulp hero.
First Appearance: Crack Comics #19 (Quality)

Don Winslow. Don Winslow, a WW1 vet, was an agent of naval intelligence who was assigned to handle the major individual threats to world peace. He was assisted in this task by his friend, the squat and porty Lieutenant Red Pennington; Winslow's girlfriend was Mercedes Colby, the daughter of Winslow's commanding officer, Admiral Colby. Ranging across the world, and making use of real locations and naval bases, Winslow took on: the Scorpion, Winslow's bald, cigar-smoking nemesis, the head of the secret organization, Scorpia, which aimed to take over the world; the "sinister fakir" the Spider; the Hawk, a magician and warlord; the Crocodile, who had a floating Sky City island and had a grudge against America, killing America sailors in the South Pacific; the mad scientist (and inventor of the "paralysis ray...the weirdest weapon in the world") Dr. Centaur; Dr. Q, who tried to destroy the Panama Canal; and the criminal mastermind the Dwarf, and his main agents and assassins, the Duchess and Dr. Thor.
First Appearance: Don Winslow of the Navy #1 (Fawcett) Note: He was originally a comic strip character. The Fawcett book was his first appearance in a comic that was not a comic strip reprint.

Doodle. Dick Walters is the son of Walt Walters, aka The Black Owl. Unfortunately, Dick and his twin brother Rick are too young to officially enlist, so they put on costumes to fight enemy spies in the U.S., Dick as Doodle and Rick as his partner Yank. Doodle is almost powerless when alone, but when he is in the presence of the Doodle he has superstrength and invulnerability.
First Appearance: Prize Comics #13 (Prize)

Downbeat. Downbeat is the sidekick of Music Master. He has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #12 (Eastern Color Printing)

Dragon. Red McGraw puts on a dragon-styled uniform and fights against the Japanese in China.
First Appearance: Doll Man #2 (Quality)

D-13. D-13 is actually Richard Anthony, "Secret Agent." He works for the American government, going to each trouble spot and taking care of whatever the problem is.
First Appearance: Mystery Men #1 (Fox Features)

Durango Kid. Ronald Byrd, wonderful man that he is, provides us with this:

Steve Brand got his start fighting in the Union army, where his brother was murdered by a Confederate spy (These were the days when comic books weren't afraid to come out and say that the Confederates were the bad guys.). After the war, Steve and his sidekick Muley Pike catch up with the killer in Durango, Colorado (Okay, how many readers knew where Durango was before now?), where Steve wears a black outfit and a kerchief mask to "strike fear into the heart of his brother's murderer" (I'd have thought even Johnny Reb made his spies of sterner stuff, but what do I know?). Surviving a shootout with the dastard, Steve decides to keep up the masked retribution bit, and the rest is history.
First Appearance: Durango Kid #1 (Better)

Dusty. Dusty is an orphan whose father, an airplane factory manager, was killed during one of the Shield's cases. The Shield adopts Dusty, and Dusty becomes his sidekick. He was a good fighter but lacked the Shield's superpowers.
First Appearance: Pep Comics #11 (Archie)

Dynaman. During the time of the Pharaohs the ancient civilization of Korug came to power; "it was endowed the magnificent architecture and advanced culture that was created by the wisdom of the wisemen and the learned patriarchs." A boy named Lagaro ("which, translated, means Dynaman, Man of Power!") grew to adulthood and, because of his advanced mental and physical abilities, he "became the pride of the kingdom." Unfortunately, Korug sunk beneath the waves. Dynaman flew away from the sinking Korug and went to Egypt, where he helped "Pharaoh Khufor" defeat the attacks of the "Tribe of Gurban" who lived in the Upper Valley of the Nile. Dynaman can fly, has superstrength, only has to read a book once to have it memorized, and is a good fighter.
First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #6 (Timely)

Dynamic Boy. Ricky McQuade is the younger brother of Bert McQuade. When Bert is given a series of treatments that makes him into Dynamic Man, Bert undergoes the same treatments and becomes Dynamic Boy. With his older brother he fights crime. He has the powers of Dynamic Man: flight, superstrength, and invulnerability.
First Appearance: Dynamic Comics #1 (Harry "A" Chesler)

Dynamic Man (I). Dynamic Man was an android created by a Professor Goettler, who programmed him to help humanity. Goettler dies as Dynamic Man is created. Dynamic Man goes off and joins the FBI, and fights crime in his unnamed civilian identity as an Fed and secretly as Dynamic Man. He's got super-intelligence, superstrength, x-ray vision, can alter his appearance, and can manipulate magnetic rays, including flying by them and using them to make force fields, and he can throw electric "thunderbolts."
First Appearance: Mystic Comics #1 (Timely)

Dynamic Man (II). Bert McQuade, a high school basketball coach, is put through a series of treatments by Dr. Stahl. These result in Bert gaining the superpowers. Bert puts on a costume and with his sidekick Dynamic Boy fights crime. Bert can fly, is strong enough to lift a car, and is invulnerable to bullets and acid.
First Appearance: Dynamic Comics #1 (Harry "A" Chesler)

Dyna-Mite. Dan Dunbar is a high school student who is working on chemistry experiments with his chemistry teacher, Thomas "Tex" Thomas, who is also a friend. They discover that they've been absorbing the chemicals and that when they come into contact with each other they create a big explosion which leaves them charged for a time with superspeed, strength, and invulnerability. They decide to put these powers to use as Dyna-Mite and TNT.
First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #7 (DC)

Dynamite Thor. Peter Thor is “Dynamite Thor,” an adventurer who wears a costume that allows him to shoot himself through the air by blowing up sticks up dynamite beneath him.
First Appearance: Weird Comics #6 (Fox)

Dynamo. Jim Andrews discovers that he has the superpowers and uses them to fight crime. After his initial appearance he changed his name from Electro to Dynamo. He can project electricity from his hands and electrocute people by touch.
First Appearance: Science Comics #1 (Fox)