The Golden Age Directory: E

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Eagle. Bill Powers, a true American patriot, fought the Germans as a spy and then put on a flag-colored costume and fought against them and their American sympathizers as the Eagle. He was assisted by Buddy. He had wings and could fly; later he lost the wings but could fly via his suit.
First Appearance: Science Comics #1 (Fox)

Eagle Evans. Eagle Evans is a "flier of fortune" who does the freelance-adventurer-fighting-for-democracy thing with his "candid camera pal, Snap Smith."
First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (Quality)

Electro (II). See Dynamo.

The Echo. Jim Carson, a professional ventriloquist and amateur sleuth, fights crime by throwing his voice around corners and the like. He is assisted by his wife Cora and his brother, Dr. Doom, a chemist. (No, really!). He has no superpowers beyond his ventriloquism.
First Appearance: Yankee Comics #1 (Harry "A" Chesler) Note: The Echo also appeared in Harvey Comics books.

Edison Bell. Edison Bell is a child inventor who creates robots (named "Frankie Stein") and gets into adventures with his friend Nicky.
First Appearance: Blue Bolt #1 (Funnies, Inc)

El Carim. El Carim wears the "cloak of magic might" and uses it and his backwards-recited magic to fight crime and evil. His master is "Wizzar, the father of all magic," and when some great crime has been committed Wizzar's spirit visits El Carim and directs him. El Carim is assisted by the lovely Gladys.
First Appearance: Master Comics #1 (Fawcett)

Electro. Professor Philo Zog creates a robot--Electro--with which he hopes to work for the good of mankind. Zog then recruits 12 men who he plans to use as operatives to banish evil and crime. He tells them to use Electro if and when they need him, by summoning him with a tiny wireless phone. Electro's adventures eventually became somewhat fantastic, with Electro venturing to other planets and helping its inhabitants fight against evil aliens. Electro has superstrength, can run over 100 miles per hour, and perform Hulk-leaps, and is invulnerable to bullets and cannon-fire. Professor Zog is a wealthy man, helped by his valet, Mr. Burke, his secretary Wilkins, and his group of operatives, including Operative #3, Dick Gardner. On occasion Prof. Zog projected his own face onto Electro's head.
First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #4 (Timely)

The Enchanted Dagger. Roger Chalmers, of no particular occupation or origin, somehow comes into possession of a magical dagger. Roger decides to fight crime in Washington DC with it and takes on the identity of the Enchanted Dagger. Roger has no superpowers, but he does have the magic dagger, which paralyzes those it lands near and, Magic Lasso-like, makes them answer all questions truthfully. Moreover, Roger, as the "true owner" of the dagger, cannot by harmed by it.
First Appearance: Yankee Comics #1 (Harry "A" Chesler)

The Eternal Brain. In the far future of 1980 Professor Carmody, who is experimenting to replace human organs with mechanical substitutes, is shot and killed by "enemy agents," and as he dies directs his assistant to put his brain into a "artificial heart." Carmody then becomes the Eternal Brain. He can speak and hear through mechanical devices and also has telepathic abilities.
First Appearance: Red Raven Comics #1 (Timely)

The Eternal Man. See Zardi.

The Eye. This originless thing is a giant, flying eyeball which shoots rays from its pupil and hunts down criminals. (All together now: EEEWWWW!)
First Appearance: Keen Detective Funnies #16 (Centaur)