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Camilla. Camilla is the descendant of "Norsemen who went (to Africa) during the Crusades." She is the "Queen of the Lost Empire" and rules over her secluded African kingdom fairly and with justice. She is Sheena-like and wears a zebra costume and has a dog named Fang. She has no superpowers but is of course a good fighter.
First Appearance: Jungle Comics #1 (Fiction House)

Captain Aero. Captain Aero is a flying ace who takes on the Japanese in the air over the Pacific. He is assisted by Chop Suey. He is a good pilot and fighter, but has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Captain Aero #1 (Holyoke)

Captain America. Puny Steve Rogers, outraged at the actions of the Germans and Japanese, attempts to enlist in the Army but is rejected because he is "too frail." He begs to be accepted and is taken instead by General Chester Phillips, who hands him over to Professor Reinstein, who gives Rogers a serum which turns him into a super man--a "super agent" for the U.S. government. Rogers puts on a costume and busts crime and Axis attempts at evil wherever he finds them. In his civilian identity he is a private at Camp Lehigh. He is partnered with Bucky and is a member of the All-Winners Squad. He has no superpowers, but is in the best physical shape humanly possible, is an excellent fighter, and has a shield which he uses both defensively and offensively.
First Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (Timely)

Captain Battle. John Battle, a veteran of World War One, sees that another war is coming and decides to stop it before it can happen. He was wounded in the first war, you see, and doesn't want to see that happen to anyone else. He sets up a laboratory on top of a mountain and begins fighting against warmongers. Besides his various assistants, he is partnered with his son, Captain Battle Jr. He has no superpowers but has advanced technology, including the "curvoscope," which allows him to see anywhere on earth, a "dissolvo gun" which disintegrates matter, a gyroscope-like "luceflyer," and a jetpack.
First Appearance: Silver Streak #10 (Comic House Publications)

Captain Battle, Jr. William Battle filled in for his father, Captain Battle, when the Cap was injured in battle. When Cap recovered he found what his son was doing and took him on as an assistant. William has no superpowers but is good with the Battle equipment.
First Appearance: Silver Streak #10 (Comic House Publications)

Captain Bill of the Rangers. Captain Bill is the leader of the Texas Rangers in the frontier of the Old West.
First Appearance: New Comics #2 (DC)

Captain Combat. A nameless man, disguised as a comic book hero named "Captain Combat" and appearing in a parade, hears about a crime to be committed and decides to stop it. He has no powers but is a good fighter.
First Appearance: Star Studded Comics #1 (Superior Publications)

Captain Commando. John Grayson, a patriotic type, decides that he can best serve America by fighting the Germans from inside Occupied Europe, and puts on a costume, brings his son and his son's international friends along (they form Commando's sidekicks, the Boy Soldiers), and does so. He has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Pep #30 (Archie)

Captain Compass. Mark Compass is a retired private eye who now works as a special investigator for the Penny Steamship Lines. He was a frogman during WW2 and is a skilled detective and sailor. He lives on the Nautilus.
First Appearance: Star Spangled Comics #83 (DC)

Captain Cook. Captain Cook is a top investigator for Scotland Yard.
First Appearance: Smash Comics #1 (Quality)

Captain Courageous. Captain Courageous is actually an "omnipresent" supernatural being who is called to our plane when "brave men and women ask for courage." During WW2 Captain Courageous responds to Americans' pleas and appears to help the Allies. He has superstrength, flight, limited invulnerability, and can exist unaided underwater.
First Appearance: Banner #3 (Ace Periodicals)

Captain Curry. "Captain Curry, the fighting peace maker" is a Secret Service agent who fights for good and for America's triumph.
First Appearance: Amazing Adventure Funnies #1 (Centaur)

Captain Daring (I). Daring is a member of the US Army of the 31st Century working with the US Secret Service against the enemies of America and humanity. He has no superpowers himself, but has advanced technology weapons at his disposal, including "underground rocket planes" and blasters.
First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #7 (Timely)

Captain Daring (II). Captain Daring is the leader of the Sky-Sharks, a crack team of fighter pilots who combat the Germans in the skies above Europe and the U.K. He has no superpowers but is a good pilot.
First Appearance: USA Comics #7

Captain Dash. Dash is the leader of the security air fleet for New York City during the 31st Century, defending America against all threats. He has no superpowers but is a good fighter and has lots of advanced weaponry.
First Appearance: Comedy Comics #9 (Timely)

Captain Desmo. Captain Desmo is a pilot and adventurer who fights evil around the world with the help of his friend Gabby. He has no superpowers but is a good pilot and is good in a fight.
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #32 (DC)

Captain Devildog. Captain Devildog was a fightin' Marine.
First Appearance: Big Shot Comics #19 (Columbia)

Cap'n Erik. "Cap'n Erik" is the master of the Viking, a three-masted ship which sails for profit and adventure. He is helped by a happy crew and by the plucky stowaway ophan Rags.
First Appearance: New Fun Comics #1 (DC)

Captain Fearless. John Fearless VI, a Boston Brahmin, is strolling through a cemetery in Boston when he meets his ancestor, John Fearless, who fought valiantly during the American Revolution. Ghost Fearless instructs Living Fearless that he is needed to fight Axis subersion and evil in America, not overseas, and then gives Living Fearless a costume and magic horn to help him fight the Bad Guys. Fearless IV has no superpowers, but his horn can summon up Ghost Fearless, who helps him in fights.
First Appearance: Captain Fearless #1 (Holyoke Publishing)

Captain Fight. Jeff Crockett, a "sea adventurer" and soldier of fortune, fights against Axis saboteurs. He had no origin story. He is assisted by his best friend, Yank, who has neither a costume nor an origin story. Captain Fight has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Fight Comics #16 (Fiction House)

Captain Flag. Playboy Tom Townsend's father John is kidnaped by the evil Black Hand, who wants scientific secrets that John won't divulge. The Black Hand kills John and then turns on Tom. As Tom is being strangled an enormous eagle crashes through the window, takes Tom to its aerie, and nurses him back to health. The fresh mountain air inspires Tom to exercise himself back to health, and then he puts on a flag costume and fights crime. Captain Flag has no superpowers. He is a member of the Ultra Men.
First Appearance: Blue Ribbon Comics #16 (Archie)

Captain Flight. Captain Flight is a fighter pilot who wagers war against the Axis. He is a good pilot and fighter, but has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Captain Flight #1 (Four Star)

Captain Fortune. Captain Tyrone Fortune is a two-fisted adventurer and soldier of fortune active in the days of the Spanish Main. He is also a privateer who commands the ship Revenge.
First Appearance: Feature Comics #25 (Quality)

Captain Freedom. Newspaper publisher Don Wright puts on a costume and fights the Axis, although his original intent was to help the downtrodden and oppressed. He is helped by the Young Defenders, four children named Lefty, Slim, Whitey (later Beanie) and Joanie. Captain Freedom has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Speed Comics #16 (Harvey)

Captain Fury. Captain Fury is the captain and owner of the mystery ship the Whirlwind, which he uses against the enemy. He is helped by his first mate Hurricane Dan.
First Appearance: Army & Navy Comics #1 (Street & Smith)

Captain Future (I). See his entry on my Pulp Heroes site.
First Appearance: Captain Future #1 (Thrilling)

Captain Future (II). Scientist Andrew Bryant is experimenting with gamma and infrared rays and discovers that by "crossing" them he gains superpowers. He uses these abilities to fight crime, with the help of his girlfriend Detective Grace Adams (of the Agatha Detective Agency). Captain Future (2) can fly, hurl energy bolts from his hands, and has superstrength.
First Appearance: Startling Comics #1 (Better)

Captain Glory. Captain Glory is a government agent, never named, who wears a business suit with American flag colors and theme to emphasize his patriotism. He has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Punch #2 (Dynamic)

Captain Grim. Captain Grim is the seafaring captain of the Wander who has adventures, including investigating the disappearance of his missing crew.
First Appearance: New Fun Comics #3 (DC)

Captain Halyard. "Detective of the sea Captain Halyard is selected by the F.B.I. to block hijacking of munition cargoes being shipped to China."
First Appearance: Captain Aero #1 (Holyoke)

Captain Magnet. Johnny Calhoun, an OSS agent, is sent to Germany to rescue a "ginkazoo," invented by a non-Nazi German (yeah, right) scientist. Johnny makes it to the professor's laboratory and swallows the formula--there's only one, see, and so if he has it the Germans can't get it. This gives Johnny superpowers, and so he begins fighting crime as Captain Magnet. He has magnetic powers, can fly, attract or repel metal objects (including bullets), and can increase his strength and mass so he is superstrong and almost invulnerable.
First Appearance: Super Duper Comics (issue unknown)

Captain Marvel. Teenaged radio broadcaster Billy Batson is brought to the aged wizard Shazam and given superpowers to fight evil. If you don't know more than that about Cap, you should follow the link and do some real research. Cap has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.
First Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (Fawcett)

Captain Marvel, Jr. Lame paperboy Freddy Freeman watches as his grandfather is killed by the evil Captain Nazi, who then breaks Freddy's back. Captain Marvel then takes Freddy to the cave where he, Cap, gained his powers. The wizard Shazam then tells Cap that he can give Freddy some of his powers. Freddy, when he says the words "Captain Marvel," becomes Captain Marvel, Jr. He has the strength, speed, flight, and invulnerability of Captain Marvel, In his civilian identity he operates a newsstand. He is a member of the Crime Crusaders Club.
First Appearance: Whiz Comics #25 (Fawcett)

Captain Midnight. Captain Midnight was actually Captain Red Albright, who had gained his nickname for his nocturnal actions as an Army Captain during World War One. During WW2 he fought against German spies and domestic crime. He is an ace inventor who has a secret lab, a "Menlo Park of the desert," somewhere in Nevada. He is assisted by the Secret Squadron, his assistants: Joyce Ryan and Chuck Ramsay, his two teenage sidekicks, and Ichabod "Ikky" Mudd, his greasemonkey. Captain Midnight has no superpowers but has a "gliderchute" outfit that allows him to glide through the air, a "belt transmitter" that allows him to contact the Secret Squadron, his "doom-beam torch" infra-red branding iron, and blackout bombs. He's also an ace fighter pilot.
First Appearance: The Funnies #57 (Dell)

Captain Power. Captain Power is a top Ranger operating in England and harassing the Germans whenever he can.
First Appearance: Jeep Comics #1 (R.B. Leffingwell)

Captain Satan. Cary Adair, a former criminal, decides to reform and to further organize a band of criminals to help people. They carry out Robin Hood-like acts--robbing rich crooks and the like--and using the money to help people. Adair pretends to have superpowers but is in fact powerless.
First Appearance: Captain Satan #3 (Popular)

Cap Stone. "Cap Stone, adventurer, accidentally becomes a member of a vast undersea kingdom antagonizing Triton. He becomes involved in a fight with him while speeding in an aero-car which hurtles off a cliff. Cap jumps saving himself. Believing Triton dead he goes back to the city of Aquari. But Triton crawls from the wreckage alive...." All that, in the first caption of the first panel of Cap's first appearance!
First Appearance: Captain Aero #1 (Holyoke)

Captain Strong. Captain Strong is a "two-fisted soldier of fortune" who fights against the Arabs as a member of the French Foreign Legion. He has no powers, but is good in a fight and is a crack shot.
First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #3 (Timely)

Captain Terror. Dan Kane, a wealthy playboy, fought in the Spanish Civil War as Captain Terror, the seagoing vigilante, and then retired. He is brought back from retirement by the threat of German espionage in the United States. He has no powers.
First Appearance: USA Comics # 2 (Timely)

Captain Thunder. Terry Thunder, a Captain in the British Army, ends his term of enlistment but, too easily bored, reups and is put in charge of the Congo Lancers. The Lancers, unfortunately, are not a highly trained group, and are in fact rather rough-and-ready. But he wins their respect and leads them in various adventures in the “Yambezi…deep in the African jungles,” fighting against slave traders and other sorts. He has no superpowers but is a good fighter and a good shot.
First Appearance: Jungle Comics #1 (Fiction House)

Captain Triumph. Lance Gallant's twin brother Michael is killed in an explosion by a Nazi spy. Lance swears vengeance, only to have Michael's ghost appear and tell Lance that whenever Lance rubs the T-shaped birthmark on his right wrist, the two will merge and become Captain Triumph. Pressing it again separates the two. When they are apart Michael, still a ghost, spies on criminals and counsels his brother. Captain Triumph's sidekick is Biff Banks. Captain Triumph has superstrength, flight, and invulnerability.
First Appearance: Crack Comics #27 (Quality)

Captain Valiant. Bruce Barton is an actor who decides to act like a crimefighter, and puts on a costume and does so. He has no powers.
First Appearance: Variety Comics #1 (Croydan)

Captain Valor. "Captain Valor, hardbitten adventurer, resigns his commission in the U.S. Marine Corps to seek adventure, because the Marines are no longer exciting enough for him." He finds adventure, naturally, in China, fighting the Japanese.
First Appearance: Zip Comics #1 (Archie)

Captain Venture. Captain Venture was a Flash Gordon-like adventurer.
First Appearance: Nickel Comics #4 (Fawcett)

Captain Victory. Jack Wilson is a patriot who puts on a costume and fights the Japanese.
First Appearance: Our Flag Comics #1 (Ace)

Captain Wings. Captain Boggs of the American Air Force is reduced to desk duty, which frustrates him, as the rest of the guys are out fighting the Japanese and disdain him for staying behind and being safe. Boggs gets into a P-51 Mustang which he owns and goes out to wage a private war on the Japanese and various costume criminals, and then, after the war, on Communists and UFOs.
First Appearance: Wings Comics #16 (Fiction House)

Captain Wizard. A war veteran is unjustly accused of murder. He hides from the police in a wax museum, only to be discovered by a magician named, no fooling, Theophrastus Bombastus Paracelsus. Theo instantly sees that the vet is innocent and so gives him a magical cloak and tells him to "be off, do good." The cloak gives Captain Wizard invulnerability and allows him to fly. He is helped by Baldy Bean.
First Appearance: Red Band Comics #3 (Enwil)

Captain Wonder. Professor Jordan, a patriotic chemistry teacher, discovers a "wonder fluid." He is showing this to Tim Mulrooney, one of his students, when Tim drops the vial. Tim and Professor Jordan are overwhelmed by the fumes from the wonder fluid. When they awake, they have superpowers. Professor Jordan becomes the crime- and espionage-fighting Captain Wonder. He is assisted by the superpowered by non-supernamed Tim. Captain Wonder has superstrength (the strength of a "dozen men").
First Appearance: Kid Komix #1 (Timely)

Captain X. Buck Dare is an American reporter in London who recognizes that the German menace is so extreme that he must violate his national and professional neutrality to fight it. He puts on a costume, makes a speciall plane, the Jenny, and goes out flying against the Wehrmacht and fighting the German agents and sympathizers on the ground.
First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #1 (DC)

Casey Jones. Casey Jones is a heroic train driver.
First Appearance: Hit Comics #1 (Quality)

Catman. The Merrywether family is traveling through the jungles of Burma when bandits kill the mother, father, and sister. Young David is the only survivor. He is found and raised by a tiger, and gradually gains all the powers of the "cat family." He returns to the United States, only to be appalled by the crime and evil he finds. He decides to fight it, both as a private eye (later a soldier) in his civilian identity and as the costumed Catman. He is assisted by his 12-year-old ward, Katie Conn, who puts on a costume and fights as Kitten. Catman has cat-like powers; he can see in the dark, "leap many times his length," and can climb "anything." He also has nine lives; he is watched over by a "guardian angle in the form of a tigress," who can and does bring Catman back to life when he is murdered.
First Appearance: Crash Comics # 4 (Holyoke)

Cat-Man. In the wilds of Australia the Cat-Man hunts, striking at crime from a mountain headquarters. He is not limited to Australia, however, ranging around the world and fighting against all evil-doers. He is assisted by Kit and by his fiance Terry West, who works for the "United Nations Press," and by Terry's father, the noted scientist Professor West. Cat-Man has no superpowers but is a good fighter and is invention-heavy, including a Luger, utility belts, and night-sight visors which also shine beams of light if needed.
First Appearance: Cat-Man Comics #1

Cavalier.  Ed Love adds: "Rance Raleigh dresses as French cavalier to fight crime."
First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #7 (Better)

The Challenger. This nameless character suffers the tragedy of having his father murdered by the mob. The Challenger, a law student, decides to avenge his father, and travels around the world, learning the skills to avenge his father, not just weapon-related but in areas like chemistry, "nerve control," and flying a plane. He returns to the States, avenges his father's death, and then fights crime. He has no superpowers, but is extremely skilled with weapons and in hand-to-hand combat; he challenges criminals and then beats them with their own weapons.
First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #7 (Timely)

Chameleon. Pete Stockbridge is the renowned Chameleon. He is a "crime-hater extraordinary, who is a wizard at make up and disguise."
First Appearance: Target Comics #6 (Funnies, Inc)

The Champ. The Champ is "a real he-man, an all-around champion, winning fame and fortune by his sheer physical strength, his unusual agility and great courage. Follow his exciting adventures in college sport. Go with him into battle against the dangerous underworld and treacherous foreign spies." He has no real name. Everyone just calls him "Champ."
First Appearance: Champion Comics #2 (Harvey)

Chemix. Barton Brandon is a chemistry genius who puts on a costume and uses his abilities to fight crime as a member of the Triple Terror.
First Appearance: Top Top Comics #54 (Dell)

Chen Chang. Chen Chang is the "Master Mind," "highly cultured and wealthy" but desiring only "to bring disaster upon the White Race!" Yes, it's another Yellow Peril character.
First Appearance: Mystery Men #1 (Fox Features)

Chic Carter. See the Sword (I).

Chop Suey. Chop Suey is the Chinese sidekick of Captain Aero. "Chop Suey" is a good fighter but has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Captain Aero #1 (Holyoke)

Chuck Dawson. "When Charles Dawson, owner of the Circle-D ranch is killed in a bloody Texas range war, his young son and only heir goes to live with an uncle, a horse raiser in Wyoming. The boy, known as 'Chuck,' grows to manhood, with the build of an athlete and an almost uncanny skill with the rifle and six-gun." Chuck avenges his father's death and goes on to fight against crime and evil in the Old West.
First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (DC)

Chuck Hardy. Chuck is an ordinary guy who has the misfortune to discover Aquatania, the strange land "below the ocean bottom." Chuck has various adventures there with his girlfriend Jerry, fighting against frog-men and the soldiers of an evil Aquatanian empire.
First Appearance: Amazing Man #5 (Centaur)

Citizen Smith. Jakeoster contributes this: "The son of the Unknown Soldier ran around in rumpled slacks and shirt, righting wrongs."
First appearance: Captain Fearless #1 (Holyoke)

Citizen V. Lieutenant John Watkins, a British soldier thought killed during the Dunkirk retreat, is appointed by his superior to go into the occupied countries and "rally the conquered peoples to strike back at the aggressors!" He puts on the short-shorts costume of Citizen V and carries on a guerrilla war. He has no powers.
First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #8 (Timely)

Click Rush. This is the comic book version of the pulp character, for more on whom see the Gadget Man entry on my Pulp Heroes site.
First Appearance: Doc Savage Comics #1 (Street and Smith)

Cliff Cornwall. Cornwall is a special agent for the FBI. He takes on various tasks, most of them counter-espionage- and sabotage-related.  He is helped by Lys Valliere, his girlfriend and a good pilot and fighter. Cliff has no superpowers but is a good all-around agent, pilot, and fighter.
First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 (DC)

Cliff Crosby. Cliff is a famous explorer and adventurer who travels around the world fighting evil, finding strange new places, and in general having fun. He is assisted by his older friend Dr. Broussard. He has no superpowers but is very tough.
First Appearance: Detective Comics #37 (DC)

"Clip" Carson. Clip is a tough, two-fisted "soldier of fortune" and adventurer. He travels the world with his archaeologist friend, Jim Blake, fighting native tribesmen and having the usual sort of freebooter adventures. He has no superpowers but is a hardy, tough fighter.
First Appearance: Action Comics #14 (DC)

Clipper Kirk. Clipper Kirk is a heroic Canadian who pilots a destroyer escort against the Nazis.
First Appearance: Wings Comics #1 (Fiction House)

The Cloak. Jeff Cardiff, a spy for the U.S., has no origin. He fights foreign spies and saboteurs. He has no powers, but uses guns.
First Appearance: Big Shot #1 (Columbia)

Clock. Brian O'Brien, a former All-American fullback and champion polo player, is outraged at the widespread crime in the city, so he retires from his job as District Attorney and devotes his time to crime fighting, making criminals' time run out as the Clock. He is helped by a young woman named Butch and a former boxer named Pug. He has no superpowers but is in great shape and is an excellent fighter.
First Appearance: Funny Pages #6 (Quality).

Cloud Curtis. Cloud is a flyer and adventurer. He has no superpowers, but his plane, the Golden Bullet, is the "fastest thing that flies" (it puts the propellor in the middle of the plane, rather than the front). He assists Daredevil on at least one occasion.
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #6 (Lev Gleason)

The Clown. Nick Nolan fights crime disguised as a clown. He has no powers.
First Appearance: Spitfire Comics #1 (Harvey)

The Comet. John Dickering, a chemist, is working at his research lab in Manhattan when he discovers a special gas. He injects the gas in his blood and finds that he can make great leaps through the air. He gives himself many more injections until he finds that he can emit beams from his eyes; when the beams cross, he has "dissolvo-vision," which disintegrates whatever he looks at. However, he can't control his vision except through the use of special goggles, which he wears with his costume. He is a killer vigilante. The Comet is helped by his girlfriend, the reporter Thelma Gordon. He can fly and has dissolvo-vision. He ends up getting killed saving his brother, Bob who to avenge John becomes The Hangman.
First Appearance: Pep Comics #1 (Archie)

Comet Pierce. Comet Pierce, a Kirby two-fisted adventurer, "mans a flaming metal meteor called a rocket" in the year "2150 A.D." The story is about "a race to the stars, a cosmic traitor and an alien love, all in the space of a mere 7 pages."
First Appearance: Red Raven Comics#1 (Timely)

Commando Cubs. The Cubs are a Boy Commando-like group of kids who can’t wait to grow up to bust German heads, and so do it as children. They are: Ace Browning, Pokey Jones, Horace Cosgrove II, Whizzer Malarkey, and Spud O'Shea.
First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #36 (Better)

Commando Yank. Chase Yale, a war correspondent in both Europe and the South Pacific, joins Naval Intelligence. He then puts on the costume of Commando Yank and begins fighting the enemies of freedom both as a reporter and as a costumed hero. He has no powers but uses guns, knives, and various fighting forms.
First Appearance: Wow Comics #6 (Fawcett)

Congo Bill. Congo Bill is an explorer, hunter and tracker who forges his away across Africa. He has no superpowers.
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #56 (DC)

Congo Lancers. The Congo Lancers are Kerrigan, Doyle, and Red, (and a few other men), a group of rough-and-tumble British Army soldiers serving at the “Yambezi” outpost “deep in the African jungles.” They are good-hearted, though, and follow Captain Thunder against all sorts of bad guys. They have no powers but are good in a fight.
First Appearance: Jungle Comics #1 (Fiction House)

Conqueror. This unnamed adventurer fought the Axis during WW2. He had no superpowers, but did use guns.
First Appearance: Victory Comics #1 (Centaur)

Copper Slugg. Copper is a two-fisted cop.
First Appearance: Wham Comics #1 (Centaur)

Corporal Collins. Corporal Collins is an infantryman who fights the Axis with the help of his friend Slapsie.
First Appearance: Blue Ribbon Comics #1 (Archie)

Cosmic Carson. A science fictional hero similar to Buck Rogers, Cosmic Carson is the "ace rocket pilot of the Interplanetary Patrol."
First Appearance: Science Comics #1 (Fox)

Cosmo, the Phantom of Disguise. Cosmo is a gentleman adventurer, crimefighter, and a master of disguise.
First Appearance: Detective Comics #1 (DC)

Cosmo Mann. Cosmo Mann is a scientist who discovers the "G Ray," which he uses to power his Sun Ray Gun. Cosmo is assisted by Archy, his lab boy, and fights against the enemies of America. Mann has no powers, but his Sun Ray Gun can dissolve anything and paralyze anyone, and Mann has a suit, powered by G Rays, which enables him to fly.
First Appearance: Bang Up #1 (Progressive)

Cotton Carver. Carver is a world-famous adventurer and explorer who goes around the globe in search of adventure and treasure; he even goes into the kingdoms beneath the Earth's surface, such as Mikishawm (see Mark Lansing and Steve Conrad), and helps settle a war between two of those kingdoms. He has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #35 (DC)

Craig Carter. Craig Carter is an archaeologist who tires of his trade and decides to give it up to be a crime fighter. Luckily for him Say-Aben Touman, an Egyptian whose life Craig saved, sends Craig a magic ring. The ring summons up the Greek gods, who are willing to do any favor for Craig. (He wears the ring, see)
First Appearance: Wham Comics #1 (Centaur)

Crash Kid. Rusty Adams works by day as a copy boy for the Daily Herald. When danger threatens, however, he puts on a costume and becomes "Crash Kid, boy nemesis to gangdom." He has no superpowers.
First Appearance: Cannonball Comics #1 (Rural Home)

Crash Davis. Crash is the "ace of the Navy Air Corps," a young pilot who fights for the United States and against the Germans. He does convoy patrol, among other things.
First Appearance: Air Fighters Comics #1 (Hillman)

Crash Parker. Parker is a two-fisted adventurer--"foremost American stunt flyer and racing driver"--who fights against the Martians and other evil members of the planets of our solar system. His first appearance clearly takes place in the modern day (i.e., 1940); later episodes take place in the future.
First Appearance: Planet Comics #6 (Fiction House)

Crimebuster. Chuck Chandler, a military school cadet, is outraged by the deaths of his parents at the hands of the Nazis and the villainous Ironjaw. Wearing his hockey uniform plus a cape, Chuck attacks first Ironjaw and then the Axis forces and crime. His partner is Squeeks, his pet monkey.
First Appearance: Boy Comics #3 (Lev Gleason)

Crime Crusaders Club. Fawcett's intriguing and regrettably short-lived response to the Justice Society of America, the Crime Crusaders Club met only the once and consisted of Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Captain Marvel Jr., and the Minute-Man.
First Appearance: Master Comics #41 (Fawcett)

Crime Smasher. See Spy Smasher.

Crimson Avenger. Lee Travis, a newspaper reporter, puts on the costume of the Crimson to fight crime outside of the law's strictures. He is partnered with Wing, his valet and sidekick. He is also a member of the 7 Soldiers of Victory. He has no powers but is a strong fighter and uses a gas gun.
First Appearance: Detective Comics #20 (DC)

Criss Cross. Criss Cross is a master locksmith and lock-picker. Surprisingly these talents land him in hot water, forcing him to scheme and punch his way out.
First Appearance: Jeep Comics #1 (R.B. Leffingwell)

Crusader. This nameless and originless man fought against the Germans.
First Appearance: Victory Comics #1 (Hillman)

Cub. Larry Davis is the cousin of George Davis, the Black Lion. Larry ends up serving as his sidekick and ward when Larry’s father and George’s brother Jon is killed.
First Appearance: Wonderworld Comics #21 (Fox)

Cyclone (I). To quote D.R. Black:

His adventures take place in the year 3000 AD. Cyclone is a space aviator, and upon the discovery of a tenth planet in Earth’s solar system, the Grand Solar Council decides to grant this new planet to the planet whose champion aviator can reach it first. Cyclone is chosen to represent Earth, and the other planet’s (apparently all being colonized sometime ago) choose their own representatives. The space race begins, and Cyclone learns that Joy Daye, a young woman who wants to be a planetary pioneer, has sneaked aboard his rocket ship. After refueling on an asteroid, Cyclone’s ship is attacked by King Murdo, the pilot of Mars’ ship. The other contestants help Cyclone defeat not only Murdo’s ship, but a fleet of Martian destroyers called in to help. The first to land on the new planet, Cyclone names it “Vito” (really!), and radios the Solar Council to stake his claim. A fleet of rockets full of pioneers from Earth soon departs for Vito, and upon seeing her new planet/home, Joy remarks “Oh, Cyclone, it’s going to be perfect here with you!”
First Appearance: National Comics #1 (Quality)

Cyclone (II).  Ed Love contributes this: "Peter Blake trained for years 'in jiu-jitsu, athletics, and acrobatics in order to fight crime with the fury of a hurricane and force of a tornado.'"
First Appearance: Whirlwind #1 (Nita Publications)