“Los Tiempos Extraordinarios Dan a Luz a Hombres Extraordinarios”
The Mexican Wold Newton Universe
by Jess Nevins

“Rules change in the Reaches,” is how Ursula Le Guin put it in her expansion of the medieval Indonesian chronicles, The Chronicles of Earth Sea. [1] [A] By this she meant, the rules of magic, and reality itself, changed in the “Reaches,” the land in the “Earth Sea” far away from the island of “Gont.” In the original songs this land likely corresponds to India or Sri Lanka [B], but this principle similarly applies to Mexico. Even a cursory examination of the actions of those unusual individuals known to posterity as “the Wold Newton Generations” who are active south of the Rio Grande River reveals a series of events far more unusual and fantastic than the actions of similar individuals in North America and Europe. Creatures thought in North America to be the product of legend, myth, or fable are known to be real in Mexico and have documented existences.

While science cannot explain the unusual strength of magic and the fantastic in the lands south of the Rio Grande River, one possible theory chooses the same source as that of the extraordinary abilities of many other European adventurers: a meteor strike.

As is by now well established in the literature of the subject, many of the notable heroes and adventurers of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries are descended from the eighteen individuals (and one dog [2]) present at the meteorite strike in Wold Newton, England, on 17 December 1795. This meteorite was roughly 55 pounds (25 kilograms) in weight. A similar meteorite, estimated to be the same size as the Wold Newton meteorite, was the Suwahib meteorite, which affected generations of Jews and Bedouin in Saudi Arabia [3]. It can only be estimated, therefore, what the effect of a meteor 10 kilometers in diameter striking the Earth would be.


Some Unknown Members of the Wold Newton Family Tree.