The Mexican Wold Newton Universe

In 1973 an evil, supernatural spirit terrifies rural Mexico as it possesses animals and men and drives them to violence and murder. [395]

Capulina, working as a magazine and newspaper salesman, encounters an insane scientist who has, using his science, revived a mummy, a dead werewolf, a vampire, and a creature similar to that created by Victor von Frankenstein [396] Later in the year, while he is working as a private detective, Capulina is forced to call on Superzan and Tinieblas for help in fighting a crime syndicate. [397]

A Mexican scientist invents pills which allow him to shrink to only an inch high. He uses it, a red costume, a mallet, and a horn which causes paralysis to fight crime, which he does for over twenty years as El Chapulin Colorado. [398]

The motorcycle-riding luchadores known as Los Jaguares fight the beautiful thief and scientist Karla and her army of almost-indestructible zombies as they attempt to steal all the gold in the Mexican federal reserve. [399]

A harmless caretaker is sent to a house haunted by a werewolf, a demonic toad, and a cyclopean vampire in an attempt to murder her. [400]

Mil Mascaras, Tinieblas, and Fantasma Blanco fight a gang of reanimated mummies. [401] Later in the year Mascaras and Sergio Oliva fight a gang of drug dealers. [402]

Huracan Ramirez attempts to convince street gangs to have pride in their heritage and to stay off drugs. [403]

El Santo fights the insane Doctor Muerte, who murders women through artificially-induced cancer. [404] Later that year he and Blue Demon stop the brain transplants of the insane surgeon Dr. Irving Frankenstein. [405]

An alien invasion of malign midgets is met by the final recorded iteration of Los Campeones Justicieros, this time consisting of Blue Demon, Superzan, El Rayo de Jalisco, and El Fantasmo Blanco. [406]

An insane Turkish criminal mastermind, claiming to be the American vigilante Spider-Man, terrorizes Istanbul, and the Turkish government calls in Captain America and El Santo to stop him. At length they succeed. [407]

Mil Mascaras and Superzan fight Baron Bradock, a vampire, and his horde of vampire midget luchadores. [408]

In 1974 Chanoc travels into the jungles of Guatemala to track down two black jaguars. [409]

Blue Demon and Alma Grande, Jr. fight a blind alien and his sadistic cult of eye-worshipers. [410]

Kaliman, in Rio de Janeiro to attend a convention on parapsychology, is attacked by the members of an evil cult, and Kaliman must defeat them and their master, the insane scientist Humanon, who is creating monsters in the jungles of the Amazon. [411]

El Santo defeats a band of diamond thieves [412], clashes with the agents of a witch who is apparently working for La Llorona [413], and fights a band of Puerto Rican terrorists, their pet inventor, and their murderous androids. [414]

The motorcycle-riding luchadores known as “Los Jaguares” defeat an alien invasion, who intend to use Earth’s resources to make fake diamonds. [415]

In 1975 Chanoc battles a band of cannibals in the jungles of the Amazon. [416]

Blue Demon and Superzan destroy seven mummies which have taken to haunting a remote castle. [417]

In 1977 El Santo, Mil Mascaras, and Blue Demon rescue a Persian princess who has been abducted by aliens in the Bermuda Triangle. [418]

In 1978 Superzan fights a group of reanimated mummies, vampires, and bloodthirsty midgets. [419]

In 1979 Chanoc begins working for a circus and finds himself fighting tigers, criminals, and evil clowns. [420]

El Santo fights Dr. Sombra, an insane surgeon who uses Mexican immigrants to make zombies and to provide organs to rich white Americans. [421]

In 1980 Huracan Ramirez, Matematico, Super X, Scorpio, El Signo, and Lobo Rubio fight a crime syndicate attempting to take over lucha libre in Mexico. [413]

In 1981 El Santo fights Magnus, a masked criminal mastermind specializing in kidnaping actresses. [414] Forced to confront his own mortality, El Santo turns over his special mask to his son, who begins fighting crime as El Hijo del Santo. Later in the year El Hijo del Santo teams up with Chanoc to fight a gang of smugglers who are pretending to be vampires. [415]

In 1982 El Santo and Tinieblas help Kungyan, a beautiful female humanoid alien, recover a “crystal of power” from her twin sister Queria. [416] El Santo then retires from full-time crime-fighting.

In 1983 a native Mexican is killed and comes back as a demonic werewolf and begins killing the inhabitants of a rural town. [417]

El Hijo de Santo and Mil Mascaras fight a murderer preying on Mexican immigrants to the United States. [418]

In 1985 a dead serial murderer is brought back to life by magic and resumes killing as a zombie. [419]

In 1986 Eugenia, a tough Mexico City police detective known as “La Alacrana,” tracks down a serial murderer of prostitutes. [420]

In 1988 Mil Mascaras fights a martial arts expert. [421]

A monstrous, murderous alien attacks a group of friends in a remote hunting lodge. [422]

A teacher avenges the murder of one of her students by becoming a machine-gun-wielding, motorcycle-riding vigilante. [423]

In 1989 Huracan Ramirez, aided by Super X, fights a group of terrorists. [424]

Magico, a masked alien, arrives in Mexico City and begins fighting crime and helping the poor. [425]

In 1990 a rural priest fights a traveling evangelist who is actually an active Satanist encouraging his followers to commit human sacrifices. [426]

In 1992 Octagon and Atlantis, two of the new breed of luchadores, begin fighting crime [427] and defeat a gang of brutal murderers. [428]

Journalist and luchadora Larossa teams up with luchadores Misterioso and El Volador to fight a space vampire. [429]

In 2001 a criminal syndicate is terrorizing Mexico City, and the Mexican Intelligence Service is forced to call in El Hijo de Santo, who discovers that malign aliens are behind the criminals. [430]

El Santo comes out of retirement to help a delusional vampire hunter who believes that he is Jesus fight the insane scientist Dr. Pretorious, who has invented a machine for creating vampires. [431]

In 2003 the vampire vigilante Angel helps the last of Los Hermanos Numeros defeat the Mixtec demon who killed four of Los Hermanos in 1953. [432]

In 2005 Popoca returns, more powerful and malign than ever, and it takes the combined efforts of El Santo, Mil Mascaras, Blue Demon, Neutron, and Huracan Ramirez to stop him. [433]


Some Unknown Members of the Wold Newton Family Tree.