The Mexican Wold Newton Universe
Pre-History to 1785

65 million years ago a meteorite struck the Yucatan Peninsula. This meteorite was roughly 10 kilometers in diameter and weighed millions of pounds; it left an impact crater over 150 kilometers in diameter, struck the Earth with a force of nearly 200 gigatons of dynamite (4.3x1023 joules of energy), and produced magnitude-10 earthquakes. The material ejected from the crater, known as the Chicxulub (“tail of the devil” in Mayan) crater, covered North America and much of South America. The impact of the meteorite was so powerful that it is held to be largely responsible for the KT Boundary, the period of time in which the dinosaurs, among many other families of creatures, were wiped out.

One obvious side effect of the Chicxulub meteorite was to heavily irradiate Mexico and prepare the soil for the rise of extraordinary creatures.

In 1,000,000 B.C.E. the bumbling do-gooders Viruta and Capulina arrive from the distant future of 1962 to gather a rare element. [4] Although this incident was widely reported in the scientific journals, there is reason to believe that Viruta and Capulina traveled in space rather than in time. [C]

In pre-history, circa 10,000 B.C.E., the fire-worshiping Cro-Magnon Triki-Tran is put to sleep by a magic potion. [5]

Before the fall of the Mixtec (Aztec) Empire, circa 1400 C.E., Popoca, a Mixtec warrior, is buried alive for loving Xochitl, a maiden forbidden to him; he is further cursed to always protect Xochitl’s remains and the bracelet and breastplate buried with her, both of which reveal the location, in the “Great Pyramid of the Yucatan,” of a huge cache of gold. [6]

In 1539, only two years before his death, the alchemist Paracelsus discovers a formula for immortality, due to its high cost. He does not destroy the formula, however, something which Mexicans later regret. [7]

In 1566 the “prophet” Nostradamus reportedly dies. At some point after his death his son or grandson–it is unclear which–is turned into a vampire. [8]

In 1570 Count Dracula sent one of his soul clones [9] to Spanish-ruled Mexico. This soul-clone terrorized the Spanish and the conquered remnants of the Mixtec and Mayan peoples, creating a tribe of Vampire Women from a group of Mixtec and transforming a British explorer and spy, Rex Rufus, into a werewolf.

In 1572 the wizard Cristaldi kills the soul clone of Dracula, though not the Vampire Women.[10] As is seen in the 20th century, the soul clone killed in 1572 was not the only soul clone which Dracula sent to Mexico. [11]

In 1585 the English sailor and adventurer Amyas Leigh traveled across Mexico in search of his friend, Rose Salterne, who Leigh believes has been kidnaped.[12] 

In 1591 the respected nobleman Count Frankenhausen, who has been preying on the villagers around the “Lagoon of Death” on the coast of Mexico, is revealed to be a vampire by the local vampire-hunter Doctor Alvaran. Alvaran kills Frankenhausen, only to have all of Frankenhausen’s victims rise from the grave and attack Alvaran. [13]

Around the year 1600 a poet named Ramon takes on the identity of a masked adventurer, “Zorro,” and encounters the heroic and possibly immortal strongman Maciste. Ramon weds a Spanish noblewoman and becomes the Count of Seville. [14] Although it is not acknowledged in the fictionalization of this encounter, Ramon’s patronym is “de la Torre.”

In 1603 Santo, a Spanish Don in Mexico, wins the love of Isabel de Arango, a beautiful noblewoman. Santo’s rival, embittered, sells his soul to a supernatural being calling itself “the Devil.” The rival, now become the supernaturally-empowered Black Hood, threatens Isabel de Arango with sacrifice to “the Devil,” but Santo, with the help of a friendly monk, undergoes a transformation of his own and is given a supernaturally-empowered costume which uses to defeat the Black Hood. The Hood escapes final justice, but Santo, now calling himself “El Santo,” swears eternal vigilance against the Black Hood and vows that in every generation, one of the family of Santo will put on the costume of “El Santo” and fight evil. [15] The monk says that he has heard of another man who made a similar vow, a clear reference to Kit Walker. [16]

Around the year 1620 the Count of Seville, the son of the first Zorro, travels to France to rescue Isabella, the cousin of the King of Spain. While in France he poses as Zorro and adventures with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. [17]

In 1625 Aramis, Porthos, Athos, and D’Artagnan begin adventuring together as the Four Musketeers. [18]

In 1644 a Mixtec woman has her infant taken from her by a Catholic priest. This drives her mad and leads to her suicide, but after her death her spirit becomes the phantom “La Llorona.” [19]

In 1661 the Vampire Women attack the Spanish Baron Brachial and transform him into a vampire, Barón Brákola, who becomes their leader.[20] Perhaps in response to this, the Inquisition in Mexico go in search of wrongdoers. The Inquisition captures the vampire Baron Vitelius and burns him alive for witchcraft and necromancy. As he burns he swears vengeance against those who killed him. [21]

In 1676 the Spanish Inquisition in Mexico burns at the stake four members of a cult of devil-worshipers. Their leader, the high-priestess Damiana, calls on Satan for help, and is answered with the appearance of the demonic Caballero Azul. The "Caballero Enmascarado de Plata," as the current El Santo is known, defeats Damiana and the Caballero Azul, though not before losing his lover Aurora. [22]

The luchadores Mil Mascaras, Tinieblas, and Fantasma Blanco travel back in time to the year 1680, to help the Inquisition defeat the crazed mestiza witch Luisa, who is murdering Spanish Dons to avenge the death of her mother at the hands of the Inquisition. Luisa’s mother returns from the dead, and she helps Luisa, along with an army of zombie Mixtec warriors, El Monje Loco, [D] and La Llorona. [23]

In 1765 the current El Santo fights Barón Brákola, killing several of his minions but failing to kill the Baron himself. [24]

In 1766 members of the Pietra Santa family use a “Druid Sword” to kill Eloim, the leader of a band of Panther Women. [25]

In 1785 Count Dracula kills the wife of Count Cagliostro and turns her into a vampire in revenge for the death of a servant. [26] This act adds to the Cagliostros’ hatred for vampires and their descendants take pleasure in killing the undead. [27]


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