The Mexican Wold Newton Universe

In 1952 the Cro-Magnon Triki-Tran is revived and acculturated to the modern day. [184] Inspired by the example of Los Hermanos Numeros, a number of luchadores begin fighting crime and evil, inside the wrestling ring and on the streets of Mexico’s cities. One, known as “El Enmascarado de Plata,” or Silver Mask, fights Kroger, an insane masked scientist. [185] Another, the lounge singer Fernando Jackson, who inside the ring is known as Huracan Ramirez, debuts as a crime-fighter versus a gang of thugs. [186]

In 1953 Los Hermanos Numeros are defeated and all but one are killed by a Mixtec demon. [187] In the Balkans a disfigured, insane scientist, Dr. Ling, resuscitates the dead and practices brain transplants. [188] A Mexican man makes an unfortunate deal with "the devil." [189] A disfigured sculptor in New York opens a wax museum, murdering innocents and using their wax-covered bodies as his displays. [190] In the summer, to the south, in the Amazon River in Brazil, a strange aquatic creature is discovered by a scientific expedition.[191] It matches the description of the Brazilopithecus rlyeh found in Mexico in 1891.[192]

In 1954 an insane surgeon turns an ugly witch beautiful to advance his own evil scheme. [193] A millionaire’s heirs murder each other over his fortune, until Pedro Satan begins stalking the survivors; a detective, Diogenes Holmes, investigates the case. [194] An evil spirit calling himself “the devil” opens a nightclub in Mexico City and transforms an ugly woman into a beautiful one, then uses her as a temptress to inspire further evils. [195] The luchador Sombra Vengadora begins fighting crime outside the ring. [196] Later in the year Sombra Vengadora helps capture a gang of murderers who discover the Mixtec treasure Pancho Villa hid in 1911. [197]

In 1955 the inventor Marciano creates a rocket-car and uses it to attend a costume party. He is mistaken for an alien and is captured by the military and is studied by government scientists. [198]

In 1956 the insane scientist Don Panchito uses the bodies of professional wrestlers to create a super-powerful monster; the result, called “El Vampiro,” goes on a rampage and scales a building before he is killed. [199] Sombra Vengadora protects a group of scientists from the masked criminal mastermind Mano Negra. [200]

In 1957 a Mexican couple is forced by happenstance to spend a night in a dark and forbidding castle in rural Mexico. They are terrified throughout the night by the appearance of a series of strange creatures, including a gorilla, a Brazilopithecus rlyeh [201], a werewolf, a creature very similar to that created by Victor von Frankenstein, a vampire, and an Egyptian mummy. [202] A Mexican surgeon attempts to repeat the hand transplant experiment which so infamously went wrong in France [203], twice, [204]; this attempt goes wrong as well, and the hands, originally taken from a gangster, drive their new owner mad. [205]

Popoca is reawakened when Xochitl’s treasure is stolen by grave-robbers, and Popoca, still cursed and still alive, is  forced to pursue the thieves into Mexico City to retrieve the treasure. [206] A short time later the evil scientist Dr. Krupp leads a gang of thieves in a second attempt to gain Xochitl’s treasure; Popoca and the wrestling vigilante El Angel combine to defeat Krupp. [207] Soon after that Krupp invents a nuclear-powered robot to steal the treasure, but this attempt is a failure as well. [208]

A professor specializing in the study of black magic becomes involved with a witch, who eventually conjures up a demon claiming to be Satan himself. [209] The bumbling pair of do-gooders portrayed by their bibliographers under a number of different guises but who are commonly known as “Viruta” and “Capulina” discover a haunted house and a witch, [210] and later in the year help stop another evil witch. [211] A giant spider, similar to one seen in Spinbronn, Germany, in 1860 [212], terrorizes a Mexican town. [213] The son of a dead policeman helps bring to justice a murderous magician and his monstrous assistant. [214] And a weak man is given a formula, derived by an ingenious scientist from “ants’ milk,” which gives him superhuman strength; the man uses the formula to fight evil inside the wrestling ring and out. [215]

In 1958 the scientist Carlos Lacroix, who is working for the Mexican government developing plans for a missile, defeats the Cobra, a foreign spy intent on stealing the plans. [216] (It has not been confirmed that the Cobra who Lacroix fought and defeated is the same “Cobra” who repeatedly plagued the international vigilante magician Mandrake [217])

Two insane scientists, Dr. Mazali and Dr. Jacinto Aldama, agree that, when either of them dies, the dead man will return to tell the living man what dying is like. Dr. Mazali dies and then tells Aldama, during a seance, that Aldama will soon be killed. Mazali’s zombie then attempts to kill Aldama’s daughter. [218]

In what marks the beginning of a new era in Mexican vigilantism, a well-known luchador, El Santo begins fighting crime outside the ring as well as inside. Other luchadores, such as Los Hermanos Numeros [219], had become adventurers and vigilantes, but none had the fame of El Santo, and it was the example of El Santo which led to so many other prominent luchadores (and eventually luchadoras) waging war on evil and crime, not only in Mexico but around the world. In this year, El Santo, who though a civilian is a deputized and officially-empowered agent of the Mexican police, is hypnotized by the evil Dr. Campos and is made to commit crimes. El Santo is eventually rescued by El Incognito, another luchador, and the pair defeat Dr. Campos. [220] Later in the year El Santo helps the police apprehend a group of drug smugglers. [221]

In 1959 an insane, malign scientist, known only as “El Professor,” steals a mummy from a museum exhibit and returns it to life, only to find that the mummified human was a werewolf. [222] La Llorona strikes again in suburban Mexico. [223] The Mexican scientist Carlos Lacroix defeats the Cobra, a criminal mastermind who uses hypnosis on victims. [224] A failed concert pianist sells his soul to an infernal force posing as the “Devil;” the deal the pianist accepts is that, in exchange for becoming the greatest musician in the world, whenever he plays he turns into a werewolf. [225]

Nostradamus, the vampiric descendant of the human “prophet” Nostradamus, works to create a cult worshipping his father/grandfather; the vampire is opposed by the ghost-breaker Professor Nolan. [226] Dolan later allies with Igor, a vampire-hunter, in an attempt to kill Nostradamus. [227] A second clash with Nostradamus is inconclusive [228], but at length, and with the help of a group of angry villagers, Nostradamus is killed. [229]

In 1960 Viruta and Capulina encounter X7 and X8, two female, humanoid aliens, both claiming to be from Venus, who choose the human pair to be their husbands. [230] Although similar in appearance, X7 and X8 are from all reports different from the two female, humanoid aliens who visited Earth in 1885. [231] A similar encounter, between the bumbling do-gooder known as “Clavillazo” and attractive female humanoid aliens, takes place later in the year. [232]

After four Mexican men steal an idol from a temple deep in the Yucatan jungle, the local priest curses the four and sends a group of “doll men” out to kill them. [233] Count Sergio Subotai, the last survivor of the Subotai clan of vampires, attempts to take vengeance on the descendants of the Colman family which wiped out the Subotais in the 1880s. [234]

The luchador Neutrón begins a long and successful career in fighting crime inside the ring and out. He defeats the insane surgeon and scientist Dr. Caronte, who is armed with the partial plans to a neutron bomb and is assisted by an army of zombies [235]. Later in the year Caronte returns, using his superscience to revive the brains of three dead scientists. Caronte uses their knowledge to finalize the creation of a neutron bomb and kidnaps innocent civilians to feed their blood to the three zombies. Fortunately for the world, Neutrón defeats Caronte before permanent harm can be done. [236]

In 1961 the luchador Blue Demon makes his debut as a vigilante crime fighter. [237] Later in the year he breaks up a crime ring. [238] The inventor/adventurer Marciano defeats a ring of gangsters who brainwash innocents and use them to commit murder. [239] A supposedly haunted house is used as a scheme to bring a crook’s schemes to light. [240] The same house is used for the same scheme later in the year. [241]

In an uncanny replay of a 1948 incident [242], two Mexican bumblers are hired to transport wax figures of Frankenstein’s creature and a vampire. Both figures are accidentally brought to life, and the vampire comes to life and attempts to persuade Dr. Sofia, a corrupt scientist, to transplant the brain of one of the bumblers into a body similar to that of Victor von Frankenstein’s creation. [243]

Viruta and Capulina accidentally invent paint which renders anything it is applied to invisible; soon after it is stolen by crooks and used to commit crime. [244] Neutrón investigates a series of murders in a sanitarium.[245] El Santo takes on a town in western Mexico which is run by organized crime.[246] Later in the year, El Santo breaks up another organized crime syndicate.[247] El Santo and the luchador Black Shadow defeat a Haitian zombie master [248] and then together fight Professor Corberra, an insane scientist searching for a Mixtec treasure. [249]

Three hundred years after the forces of the Inquisition kill the vampire Baron Vitelius of Astara, a meteorite awakens him as a brain-eating zombie, in which form he terrorizes the descendants of the Inquisitors who killed him. [250]

In 1962 Viruta and Capulina are sent back a million years by the scientist Dr. Atom to retrieve a rare element. [251] Neutrón again clashes with Dr. Caronte and his army of zombies. [252] A gang of thieves attempt to take over the wrestling ring owned by Huracan Ramirez; when that fails, they attempt to murder him, only to be foiled when Ramirez’s father and son, luchadores both, join Ramirez in the fight. [253]

The female wrestlers Gloria Venus and Golden Rubi begin a career of crime fighting when Venus’ sister is killed by the insane surgeon Armando Campos, who is victimizing young women by having his ape-like assistant Gomar kidnap the women and then subjecting them to brain transplant experiments, as a way to create the perfect woman. Venus and Rubi put an end to Campos and his experiments. [254]

A yeti-like creature, superhumanly strong, superhumanly-intelligent, and capable of hypnotizing humans, terrorizes the villagers in the mountains of rural Mexico, but he reveals his true colors when he helps capture two criminals. [255]

Hundreds of years after Paracelsus invents and then discards a formula for immortality, it is discovered by Count Brankovan, who is willing to kill other scientists and drain the energy from their brains–the cost of immortality–in order to live for ever. [256]

El Santo battles a gang of Vampire Women who are intent on marrying a woman to a demonic spirit calling itself “the devil.” [257]

In rural Mexico, La Llorona strikes again. [258] Doctor Eduardo Ramos kills his first wife, only to discover that his mother-in-law, Sara, is a witch; Sara carries out a gruesome revenge on Ramos and his second wife. [259]

In 1963 El Santo helps stop Goudini, a strangler. [260] When Goudini returns later in the year, imitating the tactics of Erik [261], El Santo stops him a second time. [262] At the end of the year El Santo clashes with the insane scientist Dr. Karol, who is kidnaping civilians and turning them into monsters and living wax statues. [263] Perhaps inspired by El Santo, another luchador, Sombra Blanca, breaks up a gang of thieves. [264]

An insane sculptor repeats the horrific “wax museum murders” of 1953 [265], this time in Mexico. [266]

The child adopted by Abdul Pasha in 1942 leaves Agartha [267], where he has been training for several years, and makes his debut as the crime-fighting vigilante and adventurer Kaliman, the fifth man to bear that name [268]. His career lasts for decades and is filled with a variety of triumphs and a range of friends, acquaintances, and enemies to match any of the other heroes of the Wold Newton Generations; among many others, Kaliman encounters the Comte de Saint-Germain.

In 1964 the luchador Enmascarado de Oro fights a murderer who has stolen a machine which grants him invisibility. [269] El Santo combats Mayra, the leader of a coven of witches. [270]

After a pair of lovers discover an entrance into a subterranean world, a team of scientists explore it and discover a world of dinosaurs, winged bat-men, and cyclops. [271] It seems clear that this was one of the Mexican entrances into the subterranean world of Pellucidar. [272]

The Blue Demon has a busy year of crimefighting, taking on human criminals, werewolves [273], and (with the help of El Santo) the return of Gustavo.[274] The luchadors Angel and Satan defeat a group of gangsters [275] and then a criminal mastermind who steals a new ray weapon recently invented by Professor Reznick. [276]

The Black Hood returns to take revenge on El Santos by murdering his girlfriend; El Santos retailiates by sending the Black Hood straight to hell. [277]

Clarisa Fernandez, a rich Mexican woman, is cursed to kill at night as a werewolf. [278]

Gloria Venus and Golden Rubi have an eventful year, as they first fight the evil Chinese criminal mastermind Prince Fujitaya and the reanimated Mixtec mummy Tezomoc [279] and then the criminals behind a crooked, vicious luchadoras tournament. [280]

Neutrón fights a serial murderer who likes to film his killings [281] and then a gang of martial arts assassins wanted for murders in Europe and Mexico. [282]

A bumbling comedian, falsely accused of robbery, escapes on a ship and is wrecked on a remote island inhabited by beautiful women and frequented by a mermaid. [283]

In 1965 El Santo fights the resurrected Barón Brákola. [284] Later in the year he fights Doctor Toicher, an insane scientist whose inventions include lethal household appliances. [285]

Viruta and Capulina somehow defeat the schemes of an evil magician [286] and then discover, in the Black Mountains, a haunted house. [287]

Two beautiful, humanoid aliens kidnap several humans and bring them back to their home planet. [288]

The son of Huracan Ramirez clears his father’s name after his father is framed for a robbery. [289]

The stage magician known as “Hindu” begins fighting crime as the costumed vigilante Rocambole. In one year he defeats the world-conquering plans of the Sect of the Scorpion [290] and a pair of insane scientists and their army of superstrong female monsters. [291] There is no solid evidence linking the vigilante Rocambole to the French adventurer of the same name [292], nor is there any confirmed link between the Sect of the Scorpion and the nemesis of American adventurer Don Winslow. [293]

In 1966 the Blue Demon defeats an invasion of brain-sucking spider aliens [294], an insane scientist and his army of telepathic disembodied brains [295], and a criminal organization of evil women and the supernatural opposite of the Blue Demon himself. [296]

The ghost of Canuto Perez, looking for final rest, must outwit a supernatural being calling itself “the Devil,” an insane scientist, and a female robot, and make a human female fall in love with him. Perez succeeds. [297]

Chanoc, a human raised in the jungles of the Yucatan and given all the skills of the animals who raised him, including a monkey sidekick, battles foreign spies who are trying to steal uranium from Mexico’s government. [298]

The occultist Dr. Satan terrorizes Mexico, using an evil and possibly supernatural winged creature as a minion. [299]

Two supernatural beings, once claiming to be an angel and one claiming to be the “Devil,” fight for the soul of an an alcoholic man. [300]

A dying mother sends her son, Luis Brener, to “Castle Draculstein” to avenge the death of Luis’ father, who was killed by “Baron Draculstein.” Brener makes his way past a group of Vampire Women and kills “Draculstein.” [301] Although Brener’s biographers altered the names of the Castle and the Baron, it is clear from their portrayal that Brener actually traveled to Castle Dracula and killed a soul clone [302] of Dracula himself.

A Mexican team of scientists and explorers stumble across an island on which dinosaurs and Neanderthals still live.[303] It is unclear what relationship this island had with other, similar islands discovered in the 19th and 20th centuries.[K]

The child adopted by a group of scientists in 1945 and given intensive training is deemed ready, and he is sent out into the world to make it a better place and to help downtrodden people everywhere. He does this by putting on a mask and becoming Mil Mascaras, one of the most prominent of the luchador vigilantes. In his first outing he defeats a gang of thieves led by an evil luchador [304], and in his second outing he defeats a criminal motorcycle gang which is also a fanatical religious cult. [305]

Gloria Venus and Golden Rubi, assisted by El Angel, defeat the Panther Women, who seek revenge for the death of their leader, Eloim, by an ancestor of Venus. [306]

El Santos and his friend Jorge Rubio begin working for Interpol and crush a Chinese-based international counterfeiting ring run by the sinister female spies Ruth Taylor and Sadomi Suki.[307]

Alex Dinamo, bon vivant and agent of the Mexican Intelligence Service, defeats the schemes of a number of ill-inclined agents of foreign powers. [308]

El Santo defeats a group of aliens, claiming to be “Martians,” who attempt to invade the Earth, beginning with Mexican wrestling rings [309]; El Santo defeats a crooked swami and his inheritance fraud scheme [310]; and El Santo teams up with Jorge Rubio to defeat Sadomi Suki and the remnants of Ruth Taylor’s spy ring. [311]


Some Unknown Members of the Wold Newton Family Tree.