The Mexican Wold Newton Universe

[A] Though presented, on sound commercial grounds, to the American and English book-buying markets as fantasy fiction, The Chronicles of EarthSea are in fact Le Guin’s original translation and expansion of the songs of “Sri-Vijaya,” the legendary king and founder of the Malay Srivijaya empire.

[B] The author of the songs of Sri-Vijaya was referring to the differing basics of magic in Malaysia and Indonesia and in India. The accounts of wizards and their abilities in the songs of Sri-Vijaya are substantially at odds with the accounts of wizards and witches and their abilities in India [434].

It is a curious if undeniable fact that the rules of magic change depending on geographic location. It would be reasonable to assume that the rules of magic, like physics, remain constant throughout the world, but this is clearly not the case. The magic if the Malay Peninsula is clearly different from that of India. The “magic” at work in the ruins of the alien city in the Antarctic Wastes [435] is different from that active in France.[436] The magic of Java, as seen in the persons of the jago [437], is different from that practiced by the Vril-ya [438] of Pellucidar [439]. The magic of the seafarers of the islands of the South Pacific is different from the magic of the Celts, as seen in the brief invasion of Ireland by the Polynesians. [440] Science (and logic) cannot so far explain why magic, a natural force of the universe, should work differently depending on the geographic location of the Earth. Further study on this subject is clearly called for.

[C] 1,000,000 B.C.E. was firmly in the Pleistocene Epoch (1.9 million B.C.E. to 10,000 B.C.E.), a time when modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) evolved from Homo erectus. The Pleistocene Epoch was also the era in which mammals, not dinosaurs, were the dominant Class of animal on the planet. Yet there are numerous recorded examples of humans interacting alongside dinosaurs, both in the historical record and as witnessed by time travelers. In addition to the example given above involving Viruta and Capulina, the historical record includes: two separate incidents involving the “Rock People” (all names for these tribes are the creation of later scientists, of course) and the “Shell People,” one [441] taking place twenty-six years earlier than the other [442]; the conflict between the “Weakhands” and the “Lilywhite” tribe [443]; the killing of a Homo antecessor during a courtship [444]; the prehistoric vision (truthful or not) of climber Jack Holmes [445]; a tribe which sacrificed its members to the dinosaurs [446]; and the wanderings of a band of outcasts [447].

While it is clear from the accounts of visitors to Pellucidar [448] that such creatures still existed beneath the surface of the Earth, the fossil record is clear that dinosaurs died out on the surface long before Homo sapiens sapiens evolved. Therefore, one theory which explains what time travelers like Viruta and Capulina saw is that they traveled in space, to another planet with creatures very similar to dinosaurs, rather than in time, as happened to the “Planet Nova” Expedition in 1955 [449] and Rynning-Manning Expedition in 1973. [450]

[D] While most scholars of the Wold Newton Generations are aware of the wicked lives of notorious European monks, most infamously Father Ambrosio of Madrid [451], the lives of similar corrupt Latin American and Asian monks are less-known. One such figure was the monk known only as “Monje Loco,” or the “Mad Monk.” The details of this individual’s life have become obscured over the centuries, whether through the passage of time or the efforts of the Inquisition to expunge his memory from the historical record, but if the hints modern researchers have discovered about this iniquitous man’s life have any relation to the truth, he must have been quite evil indeed. [452]

[E] Modern researchers have paid insufficient attention to the discrepancies in the accounts of the individual known as the “Cisco Kid.” The first historical account describes him in this way:
He killed for the love of it--because he was quick-tempered-- to avoid arrest--for his own amusement--any reason that came to his mind would suffice. He had escaped capture because he could shoot five-sixths of a second sooner than any sheriff or ranger in the service, and because he rode a speckled roan horse that knew every cow-path in the mesquite and pear thickets from San Antonio to Matamoras.
This is substantially different from the Robin Hood-like figure who, with his obese friend Pancho, won the hearts and minds of Mexicans and Anglos alike with heroic deeds. The most likely answer to this dilemma is that the first Cisco Kid died young, like his apparent role model Billy the Kid, and that a wiser and better man took his place and his name and gained far greater fame in doing so.

[F] As described elsewhere:
It is possible that the “City of the Gorilla Men” was the source of the legendary Six-Gun Gorilla [453]. There is no established link between the "Gorilla Men" which the New Leatherstocking discovered and O'Neil, and the level of sentience of the "Gorilla Men" seems to have been beyond what O'Neil was capable of (although, like so much else regarding Six-Gun Gorilla, this is contradicted by a number of oral anecdotes), and O'Neil's provenance--bought from a wandering merchant--would seem to argue against his having been born to the reclusive "Gorilla Men." But there are no other reliable, documented examples of even partially sentient primates (besides humans, of course) in North America.[454]
[G] The name “Subotai” for a clan of vampires is curious. The only major “Subotai” of note in the historical record is Subotai (?-1248), the strategist for and friend of Genghis Khan. Subotai was Tuvan, a people not noted for legends of vampires. However, the Tcho-Tcho people of nearby Tibet are known for their vampiric tendencies [455], so it may be that the vampire which the Colmans slew was actually the product of a much greater evil than Dracula.

[H] One of the curiosities of the many aliens to visit Earth during the 19th and 20th century is their tendency to claim to be from one of the planets of Earth’s solar system. Dr. Lofficier has thoroughly covered the realities of the planets [456], and the presence (and lack of same) of aliens on Mars and the other planets is well-known today. So why did beings as diverse as Aleriel [457], the “Martialists” [458], and Ell [459] all claim to be from Earth’s solar system? It may have been to put at ease the humans they encountered–19th century humans were hardly ready to confront the reality of the true size of the universe. Or there may have been more sinister reasons for the deception. We may never know the truth.

[I] This is one of a number of recorded incidents of luchadores traveling in time to help heroes of earlier years, but those other heroes recorded their travels across time. Sombra Vengadora did not, and only this one trip is known to scholars. His other trips, including his first encounter with Zorro Escarlata, remain a mystery.

[J] These scientists were clearly in possession of the facts of the childhoods of Nick Carter and Clark Savage, Jr. and decided to replicate their upbringing in an effort to create a similar figure. Given those two individuals’ efforts to keep their personal histories obscured, it must be asked: were Carter and/or Savage involved in this effort? And were any other individuals subjected to a similar regimen?

[K] Such islands were found in the Indian Ocean [460], in the South Pacific [461], southwest of the Cocos Islands [462], and north of Antarctica [463].

[L] It is well-known that a large number of German war criminals escaped to South America thanks to the efforts of the organization ODESSA [464] and the complicity of the Catholic Church. Notable individuals who escaped justice in this fashion included Eduard Roschmann, Dr. Christian Szell [465], Dr. Josef Mengele [466], and, according to rumor, Adolf Hitler himself. [467]

[M] Although there have been a number of Atlantises in recorded history, this one was quite likely the “Atlantis” which rose from the sea in 1936 through the efforts of German adventurers Sun Koh and Jan Mayen. [468] Although the biographers of both men depicted their “Atlantis” as an idyllic city, it is only reasonable to assume that it did not survive the bombing runs of Allied planes during World War Two.

[N] Given El Santo’s high-ranking position in Interpol and the trust he had earned from foreign governments, it should come as no surprise to readers that the United States government would loan El Santo the completed equipment from their own effort, codenamed Project Tic-Toc, to travel through time. [469]

[O] It is well known that a Dr. Hans Zarkoff was intimately involved in the Rogue Planet Crisis of 1933. [470] Nothing is known of Zarkoff’s antecedents or family, and it is possible Hans Zarkoff and Marius Zarkoff were related. However, caution must be taken in supposing relations between two individuals based solely on a similarity of names.

[P] These occurrences include the creation of an anti-gravity substance [471], the artificial enhancement of human memory [472], and the discovery of a chemical formula which endows its user with superhuman strength. [473]


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