The Mexican Wold Newton Universe

In 1967 Angora, a.k.a. “Agent 00 Sexy” of the F.B.I., busts a group of gangsters operating in Mexico and Columbia. [312]

Jorge Rubio, still working for Interpol, stops an insane scientist and his army of evil clones from using a nuclear power planet for evil ends. [313]

The Blue Demon goes undercover to help the Mexican Intelligence Service defeat a group of enemy spies who are attempt to steal the plans for the “Anti-Mundo” poison gas. [314] Later in the year he captures the insane, disfigured madman and former luchador known as “The Bat.” [315]

The Tigresses, four beautiful female spies for the Mexican government, defeat an attempt by Dr. Klux and his army of green-faced androids to conquer the world. [316]

Dr. Satan is sent back to Earth to destroy the powerful, evil vampire wizard Yei Lin. In doing so Dr. Satan creates female zombies to battle Yei Lin. [317]

A female vampire stalks the beaches of Mexico. [318]

A luchadora calling herself “Bat-Woman” clashes with an insane scientist Dr. Eric Williams who is intent on breeding a colony of Brazilopithecus rlyeh, the aquatic race found in Mexico in 1891 [319] and in the Amazon in 1953 [320]. Williams intends to do this by taking the glands from “perfect” luchadores, but Bat-Woman stops him. [321] It is unclear whether the Mexican Bat-Woman has any relation to the vigilante “Batwoman” who appeared in southern California in 1966. [322]

Alex Dinamo returns to action, fighting the spy organization S.O.S. and an insane scientist who threatens all of Latin America with a deadly virus. [323]

The insane scientist Dr. Favel kidnaps several young women in order to make an insane, disfigured older woman beautiful again. [324]

Superargo, an Italian wrestler, accidentally kills an opponent during a match. The guilt-wracked Superargo, in all likelihood thinking of El Santo and the other vigilante luchadores, agrees to help an old friend who works for the Italian secret service. Superargo is given a bulletproof costume and sent to retrieve a shipment of uranium which has been stolen by the insane scientist Diabolikus. [325]

Mil Mascaras battles a band of Vampire Women and their leader, “Count Dracula.” [326] The “Dracula” killed by Mil Mascaras was clearly another of Dracula’s soul clones [327], although when this particular soul clone first arrived in Mexico is unclear.

Huracan Ramirez fights the insane scientist Professor Landru and the crazed, monstrous half-human luchador he creates. [328]

In 1968 Blue Demon stops an invasion of beautiful, humanoid female aliens. [329] Later in the year he helps Agent Zero of the Mexican Intelligence Service defeat the plans of Professor Marcus and Doctor Bellini to take over the world through the production of superstrong androids. Blue Demon and Agent Zero destroy Marcus’ Panamian base. [330]

The luchador Rayo de Oro defeats a ring of spies led by an insane scientist who plans to use his android and his giant, carnivorous plant to conquer Mexico. [331] It is not known what the connection is, if any, between the plant which devoured one of Rayo de Oro’s friends and a plant of similar appearance and appetite (if far greater intelligence) which appeared in Cleveland earlier in the decade. [332]

Mil Mascaras fights a group of Nazis who are using a circus as their hiding place while they direct a hidden conspiracy. [333] [L]

The insane surgeon Dr. Krallman transplants the heart of gorilla into the body of his ailing son Julio; unfortunately, this turns Julio into a half-gorilla, half-human monster, and he goes on a murderous rampage before luchadora Lucy Ossorio can take him down. [334]

A young girl, Sylvia Ruvalcaba, has a special friend: Hugo, a statue of a boy which comes to life and kills its enemies. [335]

Gloria Venus and Golden Rubi defeat Dr. Orlac, an insane surgeon who uses a superhumanly strong robot to kidnap innocents and perform cruel experiments on them. [336]

An insane surgeon, Dr. Hallbeck, kidnaps innocents and cruelly experiments on them in a search for a serum of eternal youth. [337]

“Achilles,” a fugitive Nazi scientist, threatens the world with an atomic attack from space. El Santo, again working for Interpol, locates Achilles’ location in the ruins of “Atlantis” [M], and with Blue Demon survives being hypnotized and defeats Achilles. [338]

Using a time machine he claims to have constructed, but whose visual effects are identical to those of a similar machine in the American Project Tic-Toc [N], El Santo sends a young woman, Luisa, back to 1890, where she encounters one of Dracula’s soul-clones [339] and is transformed into a vampire. El Santo brings her back to the present, but “Dracula” is brought back to life in the present, and El Santo is forced to battle “Dracula” and his Vampire Women before saving Luisa and turning her back into a human. [340]

Four beautiful female gang members shake down, extort, and blackmail a variety of victims, including luchadores. [341]

Superargo returns and defeats the world-conquering schemes of Prof. Wendland and his wrestling androids. [342]

The Tigresses defeat another group of enemy agents. [343]

In 1969 the native Mexican Ansine is possessed by a supernatural entity which calls itself “Pombero” and which enjoys killing men. [344]

El Santo and Blue Demon defeat the incarnation of Damiana, who has returned from 1676 to plague the present. [345] Later in the year El Santo, on behalf of Interpol, recovers a stolen emerald [346] and rescues a kidnaped woman from a Jivaro tribe in the jungles of the Amazon [347]. Capping off a very busy year, El Santo and Blue Demon are forced to deal with the return from the dead of their old enemy, the insane scientist Bruno Halder, as well as a group of zombies, an evil duplicate of the Blue Demon, a luchador vampire, a creature very similar to that created by Victor von Frankenstein, a werewolf, and a cyclops. [348]

In 1970 El Santo captures a fugitive Nazi. [349] Later in the year, in response to the experiments of Dr. Marius Zarkoff [O], a.k.a. the Black Hand, who has developed a machine to give his dwarf minions superstrength, El Santo teams up with Blue Demon, Tinieblas, El Medico Asesino, Sombra Vengadora, and the Black Shadow to become the super-team “Los Campeones Justicieros” and defeat Zarkoff’s plans. [350] El Santo, Blue Demon, and Mil Mascaras fight  Satan, whose deal with “the devil” brings him back as a mummy, a century after his earlier defeat at the hands of El Santo. The trio of luchadores defeat other reanimated mummies as well. [351]

El Santo fights a crazed, rampaging group of lepers [352] and fights a criminal posing as a resurrected mummy. [353] El Santo (with the brief help of the Black Shadow) defeats and kills the vampire countess Mayra, who his ancestor defeated over a century before. [354] And, finally, El Santo fights organized crime in Mexico. [355]

A small Mexican town is torn asunder by witchcraft and political corruption. [356]

Capulina, no longer working with Viruta, discovers a horde of Mixtec treasure while trying to elude the soul clone [357] “Count Draca” and his horde of vampires. [358]

Hugo, a Brazilian millionaire playboy, picks up women and then kills them and feeds them to his army of 1,000 flesh-eating cats. [359]

Chanoc defeats an outsider who attempts to plunder ancient Mayan ruins in the jungles of the Yucatan. [360]

In 1971 Chanoc fights a foreigner who is searching for sunken treasure off the coast of the Yucatan. [361]

The Mexican escape artist Profesor Zovek, whose stated background, involving instruction by Tibetan lamas in the psychic arts, hints at the involvement of the agents of Mr. Am, [362] finds and destroys a malicious, supernaturally-empowered Mixtec idol [363] and clashes with Leobardo Druso, Zovek’s equally-powered opposite (and so possibly an agent of the Nine Unknown [364]) who intends to conquer the world with the help of an army of zombies and cannibal dwarfs [365]. At the end of the year Zovek and Blue Demon help defeat an army of flesh-hungry zombies awoken when an alien ship lands in Mexico. During the conflict civilians report sightings of the zombies to the Blue Demon and discuss historical precedents for zombies attacking humans for their brains, including a notorious massacre in the Pennsylvania countryside in 1968. [366] Zovek apparently dies while destroying the alien ship. [367]

On behalf of Interpol, El Santo fights a fugitive Nazi, now working for the U.S.S.R., and her spy ring and female commandos in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. [368] El Santo defeats the plans of Dr. Freda Frankenstein, one of the descendants of Victor von Frankenstein, to use El Santo’s blood to produce a formula for eternal youth. [369] El Santo is alerted by the Mexican Intelligence Service to a series of strange murders; El Santo’s investigation leads him to an insane criminal scientist who is using sentient, giant bacteria, grown from a rock taken from the moon, to enrich himself. [370]

The luchador Superzan fights thee superhumanly strong alien midgets. [371]

In 1972 El Santo and the Blue Demon, with the brief help of Mil Mascaras, defeats the perverted scheme of insane scientist Dr. Matthews to create zombie sex slaves. [372]

Capulina encounters a group of reanimated mummies. [373]

Superzan, Blue Angel, and Tinieblas fight an insane scientist, Dr. Tanner, who is an active Satanist and is assisted in his human sacrifices by malign dwarfs and a host of reanimated mummies. [374]

Chanoc fights a group of native vampires. [375]

Huracan Ramirez helps a nun get out of trouble and stay there. [376]

While in Egypt, looking for a link between Pharaonic Egypt and aliens, Kaliman fights a reanimated mummy, a group of malign aliens, and human tomb robbers. [377]

Black Shadow helps a group of ordinary luchadores fight an attempt by organized crime to take over professional wrestling across South America. [378]

Blue Demon fights a Chinese tong and its assassins in Mexico. [379] Later in the year he is framed for bank robbery by a group of hateful thugs and is forced, with the help of Black Shadow, to clear his name. [380]

In one of several extraordinary occurrences to take place at Medfield College [P], brilliant student Dexter Reilly invents a paint which when applied to subjects renders them invisible. [381] This is likely the same paint discovered in 1961 by Viruta and Capulina. [382]

Blue Angel, Mil Mascaras, and El Rayo de Jalisco fight a group of reanimated mummies in a lost mine in rural Mexico. [383]

At the behest of Interpol El Santo captures a ring of kidnapers [384] and then defeats the team of Professor Jordan, a criminal scientist who has invented a new, very powerful high explosive, and Bellamira, a voodoo priestess.[385] El Santo fights a ring of werewolves with the help of two men whose last names appear elsewhere in the chronicles of the Wold Newton Generations: Pons (a policeman) and Harker (from a family of monster fighters). [386] El Santo helps Irma Morales avenge the murder of her brother; in addition to El Santo, Morales makes use of witchcraft and a pet tiger. [387]

El Santo and the Blue Demon defeat a gang of werewolves led by the soul clone [388] of Dracula destroyed in 1572 by Cristaldi. [389]

Superzan encounters a peaceful alien whose shape is that of a benign young boy; the alien has come to Earth to help humans, only to be betrayed by a hostile human scientist and then captured by his alien enemies. [390]

The Black Shadow turns evil and throws in with the insane scientist Black Hand, who creates an army of half-men, half-rat monsters and uses them to terrify Mexico City. The Shadow and the Hand are opposed and defeated by the newest iteration of Los Campeones Justicieros: El Santo, Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras, El Fantasma Blanco, El Rayo de Jalisco, and El Avispon Escarlata. [391] 

Insane geologist Dr. Jack Mandel discovers a living rock beneath a volcano, and in his eagerness to study it and communicate with it he sacrifices women to it in order to keep it alive. [392]

A Turkish man, Tekin Yilmaz, discovers that he is the son of the American costumed vigilante, Copperhead, [393] and that his father was killed by his enemy, Doctor Satan. Yilmaz vows to avenge his father and takes up the role of Copperhead, wearing a mask apparently modeled on El Santo’s. Copperhead discovers that Doctor Satan is still active and is currently creating a machine which would allow him to take control of airplanes via remote control. Copperhead manages to defeat Doctor Satan, although Satan’s death is not confirmed. [394]


Some Unknown Members of the Wold Newton Family Tree.